Project Coordination Unit Team Leader

UNOPS, Kathmandu, Nepal

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
24th September, 2018

Job Description

Background Information - Job-specific

DFID will contract UNOPS to carry out a “Project Coordination Units (PCU)” Project in close cooperation with DFID leadership. The DFID through UNOPS will work closely with the new provincial and local Government to coordinate programmes in the province and provide technical assistance through existing programmes, as appropriate.

The position of Project Coordination Unit Team Leader will be integral to the structure and performance of the Project Coordination Unit. The individual contractor will lead the Project Coordination Unit, managing the three sub-teams at province level to allow DFID Nepal to understand, coordinate and support the new provincial and local Governments by:

  • Building a strong relationship with DFID Nepal to understand their needs and objectives for the Project Coordination Unit.
  • Providing leadership and overall management of the three sub-teams based at province level.
  • Coordinating and collating the political and social trends analysis and reporting from the provincial level, recognising and reporting on the trends and differences across the provinces.
  • Developing a good understanding of DFID-funded programmes in Nepal and ensuring the sub-teams understand and follow the progress of all DFID-funded projects in their province.
  • Supporting the teams at provincial level to understand the needs of the newly formed Governments, liaise with existing DFID-funded programmes to address those needs and provide technical assistance as appropriate.
  • Overseeing risk management reporting from the Risk Management analyst and Provincial Offices, covering the whole of Nepal,
  • Providing learning and training events for DFID staff on political and cultural context.

Functional Responsibilities

The Provincial Coordination Unit Team Leader will:

  • Establish positive and productive work relationships with DFID Nepal.
  • Ensure appropriate recruitment of team members regarding skills, diversity and networks.
  • Lead, manage and monitor the work of the sub-teams at provincial level.
  • Provide methodological guidance and standardization tools to sub-teams for specific tasks (stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement strategy, gender action plan, political analysis, government capacity needs analysis, DFID-funded activity mapping).
  • Understand and remain up to date on the progress of DFID-funded programmes, and ensure the sub-teams are up-to-date on programmes relevant at the provincial level,
  • Coordinate and collate reporting on the political and social trends from the provincial teams.
  • Be an active and open recipient of feedback on image and acceptance of DFID and DFID-funded projects and report to / advise DFID Leadership accordingly.
  • Inform DFID Nepal on the overall condition of the new Governments across the provinces and gain an understanding of any support required or requested utilising needs assessments developed by provincial offices.
  • Coordinate and support sub-teams to facilitate DFID meetings and field trips in the provinces.
  • Develop and consolidate a network of contacts among civil society, community, and political parties in Kathmandu who can support the work at provincial level.
  • Represent the positions of DFID Nepal appropriately to a wide range of stakeholders as required.
  • Ensure quarterly reporting on the projects’ activities, deliverables, finances, risks and issues.
  • Providing regular information about the risk landscape in Nepal to DFID.

Monitoring and Progress Controls

The Project Coordination Unit Team Leader is expected to ensure that the project produces the required output within the specified timeframe, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits (key performance indicators). Progress will be monitored through:

  • Relevant and up-to-date logs and registers (risk register, issue log, lessons log, contact lists).
  • Quarterly reporting and quarterly assurance meetings.
  • Regular visits in the provinces covered by the project.
  • UNOPS annual peer review, internal and external audits.

Education/Experience/Language requirements


  • Master's Degree in political science, sociology, governance, development studies, conflict resolution and peace building, management or another relevant field is required;
  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree and two additional years of experience will be considered in lieu of the Master's Degree requirement.
  • Management or leadership qualification would be desirable (PRINCE2©, PMBOK© etc.).

Work Experience

  • At least 7 years of work experience in development, governance, peace building, management, journalism or a related field is required;
  • At least 3 years' experience of working with elected representatives or government officials at the local level is required;
  • 3 years' experience of managing teams is required;
  • Experience working in Nepal is highly desirable;
  • Previous experience of providing or coordinating technical assistance to Government institutions desirable.
  • Previous experience with DFID or DFID-funded projects desirable.


  • Proficiency in English is required;
  • Nepali language skill is highly desirable.
  • Knowledge of local/ethnic language like Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Awadhi is highly desirable.


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