Project Coordinator

International Labour Organization

New Delhi, India

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: HR and Admin

The ILO therefore will implement a 32-month pilot project in Tamil Nadu to support constituents, enterprises, and other stakeholders to prevent and resolve conflict through social dialogue and effective labour dispute resolution systems, with workplace-level focus on the electronics sector. The project will build state-level constituents’ capacity with respect to their roles and responsibilities in effective dispute resolution.  With a complementary focus on the workplace level, the project will include direct outreach to Employer and Business Membership Organisations (EBMOs), trade unions, management, workers and other key stakeholders, such as brands, to assess their needs and enhance their capacities for effective participation in and promotion of dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms.

Through this pilot project, the ILO aims to provide technical support to the ILO’s constituents to develop and implement transformative actions toward strengthened industrial relations in the electronics manufacturing sector in Tamil Nadu. 

The project will comprise the following key outcomes:

  • Enhance effectiveness of the labour dispute resolution system of the Tamil Nadu Department of Labour and its labour judiciary. 
  • Improved plant-level industrial relations through the implementation of dialogue and dispute prevention mechanisms. 
  • Enhanced capacities of employers’ and workers’ organizations to engage in dialogue about various issues, including those related to gender, and to prevent and resolve grievances:
  • Establishment of a mechanism for sectoral stakeholders to engage in dialogue.  


  • Assist the Project Manager in carrying out project activities.  
  • Draft terms of reference and concept notes through discussion and consultation with the Project Manager, relevant colleagues and Decent Work Team-Delhi Specialists.
  • Provide support in procurement process, support and provide guidance to national and international consultants.
  • Ensure effective coordination with relevant stakeholders.
  • Assist in the programming and control of resources of the project, prepare budget estimates and expenditure forecasts and making recommendations for remedial action. Identify problems, propose solutions and actions. 
  • Oversee and ensure the effective functioning of project activities assigned to her/him, so as to meet the targets of the project.
  • Undertake the preparation and conduct of conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions, and consultative meetings. 
  • Represent the project in Chennai and speak on behalf of the Project in the absence of the Project Manager.
  • Serve as the primary day-to-day interlocutors for the Project with constituents in Chennai.
  • Draft, edit, or translate into local language official correspondence, statements and speeches and other public information materials. 
  • Provide programming and administrative support to the project in areas of responsibility.

Required qualifications:

  • University degree in labour relations, public administration, public policy development, social sciences, industrial engineering or related qualification.


  • At least two years of national level project experience. Ability to build relationships with and navigate different priorities of relevant stakeholders. Proven experience in working effectively with the tripartite constituents is required. ILO experience in the relevant field will be an advantage. Experience in training, capacity building, research and decent work in the electronics manufacturing supply chains will be an advantage.  


  • Excellent command of English and Tamil.