Project Coordinator

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Castries, Saint Lucia

The Project Coordinator will be supervised and will report to IUCN-ORMACC’s Regional Project Portfolio Coordinator, based in San José, Costa Rica, and the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) within the Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Science, Technology and Vocational Training of the Government of Saint Lucia.

The Project Coordinator will be in charge of the timely and proper execution of the “Strengthening access and benefit-sharing (ABS) policies and institutional frameworks through demonstrable models in Saint Lucia” Project.

The position will also liaise with the DSD, the IUCN ORMACC, international research institutions and stakeholders from government, civil society, academia, local communities, and the private sector; all in order to articulate, complement and monitor the project’s proper implementation.

Duties And Responsibilities:

Guarantee compliance with the objectives of the Project, ensuring efficient planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation in coordination with key stakeholders in Saint Lucia:

  • Control the efficient use of resources and be accountable for their technical and financial management, including implementation and impacts.
  • Guide and ensure timely and quality design and use of the Project’s reporting system with its various formats and feedback mechanisms in accordance with the guidelines defined by the donor and the IUCN.
  • Prepare, together with the Project’s National Coordinating Committee (NCC), the annual operational plans (POA) and its respective budget.
  • Contribute to the preparation and ensure the timely delivery of the project reports with the support of technical and financial staff.
  • Contribute to the preparation of dissemination materials and technical publications in accordance with the donor’s and the IUCN ORMACC’s communication guidelines.
  • Keep the Project’s information updated on the IUCN Portal and provide inputs for the different indicators of the IUCN ScoreCard that are relevant to it.
  • Coordinate, promote and follow up with the IUCN ORMACC, the Department of Sustainable Development, and the NCC in the implementation of the planned activities.
  • Synthesize and provide specific information related to the Project for periodic reports, plans and budgets that are institutionally required.
  • Assist IUCN, the UNEP-GEF Task Manager, and independent evaluators with the conduct of the project Mid-Term Review and the Final Evaluation in accordance with the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Ensure the effective implementation of the Project in compliance with national laws and administrative-financial procedures of the IUCN and the donor:

  • Support project implementation agencies at start-up, including ensuring that execution arrangements are adequate to ensure success; all key stakeholders are adequately briefed on planned results and their roles; and the project team has all the skills and tools needed for a results-focused approach to execution.
  • Implement, coordinate, and perform quality control of technical and administrative activities.
  • Identify, guide, and budget the acquisition of goods and services during the life cycle of the project.
  • Formulate the Terms of Reference for consultancies and service providers, according to needs identified, and coordinate with the relevant parties (IUCN Human Resources and relevant technical parties) the corresponding recruitment processes.
  • Follow up on the processes of formulating / updating policies for operationalisation of the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit sharing (ABS).
  • Organise the relevant actions of the Project on issues related to access and benefit sharing (ABS) policy and legislative institutional frameworks, permitting and monitoring frameworks, enhancement of capacities, commodity piloting, and knowledge management.
  • In coordination with the Department of Gender Affairs, ensure that gender sensitivity is mainstreamed in all project activities.
  • Guarantee the integration, harmony, and teamwork of the personnel, both IUCN staff and external stakeholders, involved in the Project’s implementation.
  • In accordance to UNEP’s Environmental, Social, and Sustainability Framework (ESSF) and IUCNʼs Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), ensure that all social and environmental safeguards are observed and implemented in all Project activities and interventions.
  • Contribute to the development of a project Environmental and Social Management Plan (safeguards assurance) (ESMP).
  • Coordinate committed in-kind contributions for the Project.

Promote the integration of inter-institutional and multisectoral efforts to leverage funds, synergies, and joint activities with other IUCN projects in Saint Lucia:

  • Manage the coordination between IUCN members and national / regional institutions that are relevant to the Project’s objectives.
  • Represent the Project in specific events and activities carried out by the DSD and other relevant agencies, the IUCN and the donor.
  • Identify cooperation opportunities and promote the leverage of other funds and resources to strengthen the impact of the Project.
  • Support the search for opportunities and the development of new technical proposals to scale up the results of the Project.
  • Promote and implement work synergies with other IUCN initiatives, IUCN members, members of IUCN commissions and other partners that are executing actions in Saint Lucia.

Guarantee compliance with IUCN and donor regulations throughout the implementation of the project:

  • Comply with and enforce the provisions set out in the Donor Agreement between the IUCN and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • With support of the ORMACC Administrative and Finance Hub, timely plan for the financial audits that are stipulated in the donor contract and others that are required by IUCN.
  • Through IUCN’s system and in close coordination with the administrative and financial staff, guarantee compliance with the IUCN procurement and financial guidelines in administrative matters, travel reports and field trips.
  • Ensure the integration of IUCN’s gender approach and related institutional policies.
  • Ensure adequate communication, dissemination of activities and results of the Project in accordance with the policies, regulations and documents provided for this purpose.


  • University Degree (or equivalent) in project management, sustainable development, natural resource management, or related field.
  • At least five years of general project management experience and at least two years of specific work experience in sustainable development planning and the implementation of initiatives related to the Convention of Biological Diversity, specifically the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Knowledge of public administration is necessary, work experience in public offices is considered a plus.
  • Ability to provide strategic direction and decision making.
  • Experience managing international cooperation projects, public investment projects and budget planning.
  • Experience in supervising and managing personnel.
  • Experience in facilitating stakeholder meetings or discussions and in working with regional and international partners.
  • Ability to engage with multidisciplinary teams, regional entities, and government organisations.
  • Experience working with senior government officials, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local communities, and the private sector.
  • Management of computer tools (online administrative systems, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Drives, Dropbox, Wetransfer).
  • Ability and excellence in English written and oral expression. Candidates who are selected for an interview will be required a written test to assess their comprehension skills and written communication.
  • Reside in Saint Lucia (preferable).
  • Willingness to travel within and outside the country covered by the project, as required.