Project Coordinator - Community Engagement & Sponsorship

World Vision, Tunyo, Kenya

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
17th February, 2019

Job Description

Purpose of the position:

To provide specialized support for the implementation of Sponsorship operations within the Area Program and coordinates other projects within the Area Development Program. The position supports the Area Program Manager in ensuring Sponsorship and other projects are well integrated within the area Program including assuring the accurate and timely processing of correspondence and monitoring of child well-being outcomes.

Major Responsibilities:

Area Development Program Accountability 15%

  • Coordinate achievement of programmatic objectives; planning, implementation and review of progress/DIPs, budget Utilization and ensure managers approval and endorsement of all plans
  • Coordinate regular planning, accountability and follow up of key performance indicators and overall quality assurance matters
  • Coordinate and follow up external engagement, collaborations and advocacy matters
  • Represent the Area Manager in County engagement forum as may be delegated
  • Participate in County sector specific forum and at sub county and ward levels as will be appropriate.
  • Coordinate resource acquisition matters as agreed upon with the manager.
  • Coordinate capacity building as per approved (by Manager) plan
  • Coordinate Integrated Sponsorship planning and monitoring
  • Coordinating ADP office managements & logistics

Sponsorship Management 30%

  • Coordinate the successful roll out of all sponsorship System
  • Ensure establishment of community led care and protection of children committees within the ADP.
  • Ensure Children participation and voices are integrated in all ADP activities.
  • Coordinate staff and children in program spiritual nurture activities within the ADP area.
  • Ensure all child data collected in the field are keyed into Single STEP and reports generated to inform ADP programming.
  • Manage the implementation & utilization of SingleSTEP application System in the ADP.
  • Ensure that SingleSTEP is maintained as per the sponsorship standard
  • Ensure the successful roll out and correct use of sponsorship software (Single Step, Horizon Smart Phones and rich media technology etc and any other new software introduced by the Global centre from time to time) in the ADP
  • Ensure use of current versions of Single step and support upgrading processes when they are released by the Global Centre in the ADP.
  • Coordinate training / capacity building/refresher of other ADP staff, Local Partners and conduct regular monitoring to ensure that Community led child protection and participation sponsorship standards and business processes are adhered to in the ADP and that they achieve or surpass Sponsorship SOI.
  • Establish active Community led RC monitoring system in the ADP and follow up to ensure timely responses of sponsorship correspondences.
  • Ensure a quality assurance system for the Single Step processes in the ADP.
  • Coordinate documentation and sharing of best practices in the ADP to enable staff to achieve and/or surpass established SOI.
  • Impart appropriate coaching to ADP sponsorship staff in order to equip, motivate and empower them to meet or surpass the established SOI.
  • In consultation with ICT department, trouble shoots any Sponsorship system related problems in the ADP.
  • Ensure the use of current version of all software and equipment in Sponsorship.
  • Ensure all child protection issues are reported timely and followed through.
  • Provides subject matter expertise for integration of sponsorship requirements with development process and child participation.
  • Coordinates Integrated Activity Plan to link sponsorship requirements with technical projects and other Area Program activities.
  • Perform quality checks on plans and budgets, interpretation of

Quality Assurance – Monitoring, Reporting and documentation 20%

  • Engage relevant sectorial department’s community leaders, government administrators and partners in planning and monitoring activities.
  • Ensure alignment of all Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and protection DME activities with the stipulated DME standards
  • Guide community leaders and other partners in monitoring Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and protection progress on a scheduled basis
  • Analyze, share and appropriately utilize Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and protection information gathered in all ADP monitoring activities
  • Facilitate regular reflection meetings to ensure action on all issues from the monitoring reports.
  • Develop quality Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and protection reports whether Annual, Semi-annul or monthly management reports in line with WV reporting guidelines.
  • Identify best practices in Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and child protection in at the ADP for documentation.
  • Facilitate the community in identification and responding to quality Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and Child protection needs
  • Ensure effective integration of Sponsorship, Christian Commitment and protection interventions with other projects in the program.

Enhanced Empowerment & Capacity building 10%

  • Mobilize community members and facilitate empowerment programs for ownership and sustainability of projects implemented in the ADP area
  • Build capacity of communities and partners on integration for synergy & community based monitoring for sustainability of program interventions
  • Establish specific capacity building mechanisms for effective delivery & sustainability of project interventions
  • Build the protection partners (e.g School BoMs, CBOs, AACs, churches, FBOs) to enable them effectively intervene in Child Protection.
  • Take a lead in building ADP staff and community capacities in sponsorship, Child protection and Spiritual nurture through trainings and other information sharing avenues to handle project activities effectively
  • Together with partners, conduct regular reflection and learning events

Advocacy, Engagement, Networking & Partnerships 10%

  • Gather and provide quality feedback and data to be used to develop technical papers and recommendations on key issues for external engagement with decision makers
  • Establish and sustain working relationships with Government Departments and Agencies relevant to the Program’s focus area at the Ward, Sub County and County levels
  • Participate in the Annual County Government’s Planning and Budgeting process and influence resource allocation to the priority needs of the most vulnerable groups within the Program Area
  • Ensure that Program participants and partners are kept informed of all the Government laws and policies in respect to the Technical Program being implemented and any changes to government laws, policies and budgets
  • Work with partners and coalitions to engage in advocacy activities with the government structures at the County level, to address the needs of local communities and inform national level advocacy initiatives
  • Work with community groups to utilize advocacy approaches such as Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) and Child Protection Advocacy (CPA) to enable service users and local partners to engage directly with local government service providers to improve the quality of government services for children and to generate information and evidence for use in national level advocacy work.
  • Ensure effective mobilization of community groups, youth and children, empowering them to hold their governments to account
  • Support communities groups, youth and children to engage constructively with duty bearers and service providers to improve access to, and quality of, essential services

Integration 10%: Ensuring Integrated Sponsorship, Protection and Spiritual nurture monitoring with other program activities

Others 5%: Any other duties as assigned by Supervisor or designee

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Bachelor degree in social sciences or any other related field.
  • At least four years working experience of which two should be in sponsorship operations
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and ability to lead and work in a team
  • Capability and willingness to take responsibility and highly developed sense of rectitude
  • Must have outstanding oral and written communications and relationship skills
  • Ability to take initiatives and work with minimum supervision
  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts.
  • Commitment to World Vision Core Values and Mission Statement.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, database applications and other related applications in children in ministry
  • Good relational skills
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Proposal/concept paper writing skills for fund raising


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