Project District Coordinator

Food and Agriculture Organization

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Upon request from the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka; the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will provide technical assistance for the improvement of livelihood of farmers of selected districts through increasing productivity of paddy while diversifying a sizable quantity of paddy lands with legumes and other field crops (OFC) using Climate Smart Good Agriculture Practices (CSGAP) with increased cropping intensity, efficient water and fertilizer management systems which leads to increase overall land productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the system.  
The incumbent will work under the overall supervision of the Assistant FAO Representative (Programme). The District Coordinator will  with the Project Management Specialist and consultants in the project and is required to coordinate with Administrative Section of the FAO Representation as required. He/she will work in close collaboration with other Government counterparts, the Lead Technical Officer (LTO), and Lead Technical Unit in FAO HQ.
Agriculture and Management
Planning, implementation, and management of project activities:
  • Assist the PMU to identify, plan, design, implement and monitor the progress of project activities as per the results-based work plan.  
  • Provide day-to-day administrative and management inputs to the project team assuring smooth implementation of the project in the district.  
  • Ensure that the project outputs and targets are met as per the project indicator framework and that activities are carried out as planned in line with the budget and project timeline using a results-based approach.  
  • Assist in planning project activities such as meetings and trainings with relevant government institutions.  
  • Coordinate with all government and nongovernmental stakeholders in the district and ensure the high stakeholder ownership and participation. 
  • Facilitate inputs from partner institutions and agencies, while considering national and international best practices.  
  • Assist to network with external stakeholders in the area including private sector players to create strategic partnerships in taking forward the project.
  • Collaborate with and support the national consultants with implementation of all the activities in the district.
  • Coordinate the field level activities while closely working with the field technical officer.
  • Assist the PMU to coordinate with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the joint implementation modalities are conducted in an effective manner.
  • Ensure timely implementation of all the project activities in the district. 
  • Ensure sustainability by identifying and setting up relevant exit strategies.  
Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting:
  • Assist the project management in the preparation and implementation of project M&E plan, project communication and knowledge management plan as per project requirements.
  • Assist the project management to hold periodic project review meetings with stakeholders and undertake field visits to monitor activities to ensure that implementation is on track, report on deviations, request formal approval from FAO and donor on modifications and comply with procedural requirements.
  • Provide administrative and coordination support to monitoring missions, donor missions and project evaluators. 
  • Provide support to prepare communication material and promote the project, its outputs, and findings as per donor and project requirements at national and/or regional level.
  • Submit a monthly report of project implementation reviews, progress reports (narrative and financial) and other project reports, against the project budget and results/M&E framework.
  • Facilitate and support the project evaluations and audits.
  • Facilitate effective communication of project progress at meetings. 
Specific tasks:
  • Coordinate the identification of the 25 tracts (per district) for crop diversification.
  • Coordinate the surveying and mapping of the land suitability classes in the selected tracts with the service provider.
  • Support the preparation of 25 (one per tract) seasonal cropping calendars for each tract.
  • Coordinate the field implementation of the cropping calendar.
  • Coordinate identification of farmers and establish 25 Producer Groups (PGs) (one per tract) in collaboration with Farmer Organizations (FOs) and relevant government agencies and registration of PGs as Public Unlisted Companies (PUCs).
  • Coordinate and establish the diversification demonstration site at a government location.
  • Coordinate the TOTs on climate smart OFC and paddy farming with advanced technologies to train 30 (per district) technical officers.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the list of items including specifications and quantity required to include in the location specific production packages for diversified crops (e.g. fertilizer, seeds, solar pump, sprinkler system, etc.). 
  • Coordinate the construction of up to 4 agro-wells in each tract.
  • Coordinate all the activities required for productivity improvement of paddy and OFC.
  • Coordinate the selection of 25 (per district) youth and women entrepreneurs to carry out primary level value additional. 
  • Coordinate the identification of the best performance in crop diversification to select minimum of 4 field extension officers for training on advanced rice production at IRRI, Philippines or at a suitable location.  
  • Coordinate the identification of the best performing farmers (10 from each district) for overseas exposure visits in India.
  • Coordinate organizing 25 (per district) Farmer Field Schools (FFS) on climate smart OFC and paddy farming with advanced technologies.
  • Coordinate the selection of the farmers who will be supported with seed paddy or seedlings from the project during 2024 Yala and 2024/25 Maha.
  • Support the preparation of the technical specifications of the machinery, equipment and tools and quantities required to establish farm machinery implement hiring and input supply centers. 
  • Establish 5 (per district) farm machinery / implement hiring and input supply centers. 
  • Coordinate the preparation of the technical specifications and quantities of seed paddy and seedling trays to establish seed and seedling production entrepreneurs at village level. 
  • Establish 10 (per district) of seed and seedling production entrepreneurs at village level with the involvement of PGs with relevant partnership agreements.
Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:
Minimum Requirements :   
  • Advanced university degree in Agriculture or related fields. 
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in project coordination in the agriculture sector.
  • Working knowledge of English and Sinhala/Tamil.
  • National of Sri Lanka.
Technical/Functional Skills:
  • Familiarity with Crop Diversification and Climate Smart Good Agriculture Practices
  • Field experience in scientific farming paddy and upland crops