USAID, Nairobi, Kenya

Skill Required:, Project Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th August, 2020

Job Description

The USAID Project Management Specialist (Tuberculosis) provides technical expertise in the implementation of programs/projects/activities designed to increase the detection, prevention, and treatment of TB in line with overall USG TB strategy and host country TB National Strategic Plan. The work includes serving as a technical expert and activity manager for USAID supported programs, providing technical assistance to the appropriate host-country Ministry in the development of host country policies, and the design and management of in-country programs/projects/activities, reflecting best practices in TB prevention and treatment. The Specialist works with the host government and other technical partners to ensure a well-coordinated approach to the TB control program, and ensures information flows on best practices related to improving TB detection, prevention, and treatment in order to inform decision making by USAID and the USG.

The Specialist works in a complex and rapidly evolving country context. The position requires regular contact and collaboration with counterparts and technical members in the host government, the private sector, other donor organizations, and international organizations, and with other USG entities at all technical levels.

The Specialist exercises extensive judgment in planning and carrying out tasks to resolve problems and conflicts and implementing steps necessary to meet deadlines. The Specialist serves as an Activity Manager with responsibility for activity in the US$10-50M range.



Program/Project/Activity Management                             50%

The USAID Project Management Specialist (TB) serves as a technical expert, with full responsibility for technically guiding the implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of assigned aspects of the TB detection, prevention, and treatment portfolio. The Specialist has activity manager responsibility for USAID-funded TB projects. The Specialist works closely with and liaises with other Health Office Specialists and Implementing Partners (IPs) conducting tuberculosis activities. The Specialist advises the supervisor, Office Chief, Mission Director, Deputy Mission Director, and others on local matters of importance to the TB Accelerator program. The Specialist provides critical inputs to the achievement of overall results and Mission/USG goals and objectives. This requires that the Specialist to remain current on the economic, political, and social trends of the host government, the host country, and the region, and analyzes trends in relation to their impact on the overall TB Accelerator program. The Specialist also collaborates with technical experts within other donor organizations to assure synergy and complementarity.

Provides Technical Assistance in Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis                                                                              20%

The Specialist coordinates with other USG agencies to ensure the delivery of systematic and consistent technical assistance to the host government and to NGO partners and IPs in all areas of the TB program, and other health-related issues involving TB detection, prevention, and treatment. The Specialist works the host government to ensure that TB control activities are set up to reach country’s UNHLM and National Strategic Plan targets. In addition, the Specialist provides strategic input on all TB Accelerator programs or other tuberculosis-related components; identifies short-, mid-, and long-range achievable and sustainable strategies for improving tuberculosis detection, prevention, and treatment; and, represents USAID, the USG, and the broader USAID health program at TB technical meetings, seminars, and conferences. The Specialist keeps informed of and collaborates with technical experts in other donor agencies on tuberculosis-related activities; works with the host government to develop technical strategies and approaches that result in improved TB detection, prevention, and treatment; works with other colleagues to harmonize Health Office, USAID, and USG TB Accelerator activities to ensure consistency with host government policy. The Specialist also ensures that programs/projects/activities are consistent with internationally accepted best practices, and that they are relevant in the host-country context.

Data Collection and Analysis                                              15%

To ensure the ongoing quality of implemented activities, the Specialist monitors and reports on developments in the TB Accelerator and other health sectors, especially as they relate to successful implementation of tuberculosis-related activities; and, monitors, analyzes, and reports on relevant aspects of host government policy, regulation, and programming, and on tuberculosis-related and other health and development issues, based on an in-depth understanding of USAID and USG policy and program objectives and priorities. The Specialist prepares technical analyses, evaluates sectoral issues, and provides input to Mission activities with respect to the TB Accelerator and related sectors; summarizes information and conclusions in written and oral form for presentation to senior USG and other decision makers, and for incorporating into other activity documents as appropriate; organizes field trips, conferences, and seminars to ensure maximum exposure to emerging trends and various points of view, and for monitoring assigned tuberculosis-related activities, providing translation as needed; and, prepares written reports that reflect a sound understanding of assigned areas of responsibility, and that clearly document that a wide variety of sources and points of view have been consulted in undertaking analyses to draw final conclusions. The Specialist prepares oral and written briefings for the supervisor, the Office Chief, the Mission Director and/or Deputy Mission Director, Embassy staff, and others, on request.

Performance Monitoring                                               15%

The Specialist ensures that performance monitoring systems are in place, and that periodic, reliable measures and indicators of portfolio impact are established; and, collects and monitors performance data on an ongoing basis, and prepares reports of program/project/activity progress for use within the Office, the Mission, the USG at post, USAID/Washington and other partners/stakeholders. The Specialist assesses progress in achieving results for tuberculosis-related activities, and evaluates and assesses activities as needed; and, continually strives to enhance the achievement of results by periodically reviewing the development context, results indicators, and activity implementation progress, identifying problem areas and suggesting solutions.

Education: The work requires a Master’s in Public Health (MPH), with a concentration in epidemiology or infectious diseases; or a Master’s in Nursing degree; or, a degree as a Public Health Physician in a field related to clinical and/or field work in education, prevention, and treatment related to tuberculosis.

Post Entry Training: On-the-job familiarization training in USAID and TB-specific procedures, regulations, and methods, and orientation to working from a donor-Agency perspective, etc., will be provided. Formal COR/AOR certification is required for successful performance and will be provided. Other courses, training to maintain professional capability in the field, and courses offered for professional USAID staff as appropriate; and, courses, seminars, conferences, and other activities in fields related to the function and needed to maintain and update professional qualifications as appropriate, will be provided as they become available, and subject to availability of funds.

Language Proficiency: Level 4 (advanced professional proficiency) English and local language proficiency (Kiswahili), both oral and written, is required.

More Details on Experience
 Prior Work Experience: A minimum of five to seven years of progressively responsible experience in the field of public health, with a focus on clinical and/or field work in education, prevention, and treatment related to tuberculosis and/or infectious diseases is required. This experience must demonstrate that the Specialist has strong medical/clinical skills in the field. The Specialist must have demonstrated technical leadership in TB Accelerator-related education, prevention and treatment, program management, strategic planning, policy experience, and problem-solving skills while working on complex programs/projects/activities in a highly sensitive environment.

Job Knowledge: The Specialist must have in-depth professional-level knowledge of development principles, concepts, and practices, especially as they relate to tuberculosis-related education, prevention, and treatment activities in the host country and/or region, and the problems and policies in the host country from the business, political, civil society, and social perspectives. The Specialist must have knowledge and understanding of the economic, political, social, and cultural characteristics of the host country; development problems in the health sector in the host country and the region; an understanding of the resources, resource constraints, and overall development prospects and priorities of the host country and the region; and, knowledge of, or the potential to quickly acquire knowledge of, USG legislation, policy, and practice relating to tuberculosis prevention and treatment assistance, of USAID programming policies, regulations, procedures, and documentation, and of the objectives, methodology, and status of assigned activities. The Specialist must have knowledge and understanding of the organization and respective roles of the different levels of the host government, in order to enhance effective communication, and to develop consensus on program/project/activity strategy and implementation.

More Details on Skills

Skills and Abilities: The Specialist must have a good knowledge and demonstrated experience in the programming of tuberculosis -related education, prevention, and treatment programs/projects/activities; and, the role of tuberculosis prevention and treatment with other health areas such as health systems strengthening, PEPFAR, maternal and child health, and family planning. The Specialist should be able to facilitate and link culturally appropriate assessments, counseling, treatment deficits, and related issues and facilitation of linkages to food security programs, including water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion; and, be able to use this data for decision making. The Specialist must be able to provide technical leadership in TB Accelerator-related planning; and, apply this knowledge to advanced programming in the host country and the region.


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