Project Manager

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Yaounde, Cameroon

The project manager will be placed under the direct supervision of the Cameroon Program Officer based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He/she will be responsible on the one hand for the technical, financial and administrative implementation of the project and on the other hand for promoting the achievements of the project and ensuring its consistency with related initiatives.

Project planning and implementation

  • Supervise and coordinate the development and implementation of all project activities in the project area of ​​intervention according to the annual work plans in connection with the agreement signed between the IUCN and MINEPDED;
  • Work in close collaboration with the competent services of the sectoral ministries involved in the project;
  • Work in close collaboration with other administrations and those responsible for other projects in development in the area of ​​intervention;
  • Maintain good relations with the administrative authorities and the actors who can influence the results of the project in order to ensure the success of its implementation;
  • Ensure regular contact with other conservation partners in the region and, if possible, ensure the development of joint activities.
  • Ensure the regular exchange of information with the Cameroon Program Officer
  • Develop an appropriate mechanism for involving all stakeholders in project activities;
  • Prepare the ToRs and coordinate the work of the consultants
  • Perform any other useful task entrusted to him by the Program Officer of IUCN Cameroon Program for the smooth running of activities and the achievement of the objectives of IUCN Cameroon Program;
  • Ensure the local representation of IUCN and the development of strategic partnerships;
  • Any other task entrusted to him by the Program Officer of IUCN Cameroon.

Project Management

  • Coordinate activities, schedules, resources, equipment and information associated with the project;
  • Plan quarterly and annual activities and the related budget in collaboration with other partners and ensure its implementation;
  • Ensure the technical and financial preparation of project reports on time;
  • Coordinate the internal monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the project and the project support staff;
  • Ensure the technical and financial implementation of the project, under the supervision of the Cameroon Program Manager.

Qualifications And Skills Required

  • Hold a graduate degree (Bac + 5 at least) in the fields of environmental sciences, agricultural sciences or related field;
  • Have at least ten (10) years of proven professional experience in climate change adaptation, natural resource management, conservation or protected areas, in the management of development projects, environmental protection , sustainable land management, etc.;
  • Have proven experience in technical, administrative and financial management;
  • Have implemented or held a key position in the implementation of at least two (02) development projects;
  • Have a good knowledge of the project implementation area;
  • Have a good knowledge of donor procedures;
  • Have practical experience in taking into account gender and GBV and donor policies on these issues as well as on sexual abuse;
  • Have an excellent level of spoken and written language in French and a good practice of English;


Mastery of geomatics/cartography/GIS tools

  • Have a usual practice of office IT tools and software and electronic communication
  • Have additional training in project management, monitoring – evaluation, social and environmental safeguards;
  • Have a great capacity for organization, synthesis and report writing
  • Know how to speak a local language of the area, in particular Fulfulde.


  • Adhere to the values ​​of IUCN and respect the labor code;
  • Ability to take initiatives and bring innovative ideas;
  • Sense of communications and advocacy;
  • Sense of discretion and responsibility;
  • Ability to adapt to conditions and tasks that may change with realities;
  • Ability to work in a pressured environment;
  • Professional attitude and behavior: ability to work in a team but also autonomy in the performance of one's duties, dynamism, honesty, sense of organization;
  • Being subject to authority;
  • Organizational sense.