Project Manager

World Vision , Mali

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
13th November, 2019

Job Description


Ensure the implementation of the project "Protection and promotion of peace for the beneficiary population and especially the most vulnerable children in the circles of Koro, Bankass, Bandiagara and Mopti".

The project manager will be responsible for planning and monitoring the implementation of project activities in accordance with WV Mali's and the donor's policies and procedures. He must also ensure the proper management of the budget in alignment with the planned activities and also submit the narrative and financial reports of the project to the lessor in the agreed time.


  • Establish or strengthen collaborative and partnership relationships with all project stakeholders including children's and youth clubs, children's monitors, religious leaders, churches, religious organizations and families.
  • Monitor the implementation of the project through the involvement of all stakeholders in the community and project staff and the support of the Office Administration according to the internal procedures of World Vision and those of the donor.
  • Contribute to the spiritual edification of children through the establishment of children's clubs and the family celebration approach
  • Ensure that the staff is well oriented on the project for efficient and effective management
  • Ensure the proper management of material and financial resources in accordance with World Vision's policies and procedures
  • Make sure that the WVI Mali's policy of safeguarding is known by the partners and the staffs and follow the respect of this plan and its implementation
  • Ensure that the complaint process is established and known to partners and staff and that incidents on children are reported and followed correctly in compliance with standards.
  • Work closely with the technical specialists in protection, gender and livelihoods as well as the Manager of other technical programs, the DM & E coordinator, to maximize the efficiency, impact of the project
  • Contribute to identifying issues requiring the development of new projects in the field of child protection and peacebuilding in connection with the RAM team, national specialists in gender protection and livelihoods for the acquisition of complementary resources (PNS, Gift Catalog, GIK and Grants)
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports and end of quality project and with impact stories and photos according to the requirements of the donor and answer the questions of the lessor

Qualifications: Training / Knowledge / Technical Knowledge and Experiences:

The elements can be obtained through a combination of formal training, self-training, experiences, etc.

Minimum qualification required:

  • Bac +4 Social Sciences or related disciplines with experience in the field of communication for behavior change,
  • Strong technical experience in the field of gender and child protection (eg psycho-social support support mechanism).
  • 3 to 5 years of project management experience,
  • Experience with international donors in managing projects at a level of responsibility.
  • Experience in partnership development with churches and basic religious organizations
  • Knowledge of approaches like celebrating family, Do No Harm, setting up and monitoring of children's clubs.
  • Strong ability to coordinate and network.
  • Strong ability to produce high quality reports.
  • Computer / Office Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,)
  • English (reading, writing and speaking) will be an advantage)


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