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United Nations Development Program, Port-au-prince, Haiti

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th December, 2020

Job Description

This project aims to promote the integration of young women, in particular the most vulnerable, in the dynamics of economic and social development, thus contributing to poverty reduction, by providing them with the means, tools and space necessary to achieve their potential goals. It will also involve supporting the creation of wealth and businesses by providing young people from precarious neighborhoods with a support structure to strengthen their employability and support for business ideas initiated by them.

This project aligns with objectives 1 and 2 of Haiti's strategic development plan (PSDH) which proposes development orientations and strategies, and details the content of major projects for the recovery and development of Haiti described in the action plan for the recovery and development of Haiti (PARDH) to make it an emerging country in 2030. It is part of a direct partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor at the central and departmental level, particularly in the department of North and West.

The project is based on three main results:

  •  The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MAST) is supported in high impact social protection and promotion actions.
  •  Improving access to employment opportunities and job creation for young men and women and small and medium enterprises
  •  Improved opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are assured.


Under the authority of the program specialist, the project manager will perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure the planning and management of field activities;
  • Development of specifications and the realization of a provisional schedule.
  • Manage the team;
  • Identify any difficulties or risks;
  • Contribute to institutional cooperation in the project area;
  • Support partners to understand the project.
  • Facilitate the field work of the firms, experts and / or consultants in charge of the project and ensure to put them in touch with local actors.
  • Report on the progress of the project.

Main tasks and responsibilities

 In relation to the overall planning of the UNDP contribution, the Project Officer will:

  • Prepare the annual and / or quarterly work plans of the management unit and ensure their follow-up in its implementation;
  • Ensure the quality of the methodological tools prepared by the axis experts and sector experts;
  • Prepare all meetings and meetings relating to the monitoring and development of support activities provided by the Project;
  • Ensure the distribution of tasks within the management team and ensure its implementation;
  • Support the planning of activities under the responsibility of the various axis experts and sectoral experts operating within the Unit;
  • Ensure the planning of activities relating to the links between the different axes of the UNDP component of the Program.

As part of the general orientation of the Project, he / she will be responsible for:

  • Monitor the implementation of the overall Project strategy with technical support from the various UNDP program managers and sector experts;
  • Ensure the coordination of all work programs from structures and organizations involved in Project activities;
  • Integrate the Project's gender equality strategy in the preparation and implementation of activities and ensure the monitoring and evaluation of results on gender equality
  • Develop initiatives contributing to the appropriation of the orientation of the Project by all the partners;
  • Ensure that Project interventions are consistent with the strategic objectives of Haiti's strategic development plan (PSDH);

 As regards the coordination, reporting and evaluation of activities, he / she will be responsible for :

  • Contribute to the production of the various quarterly and annual reports of the axes of the Project; as well as the consolidated report of the overall results of these areas within the required deadlines;
  • Organize / animate periodic working sessions to better ensure the progress of planned activities;
  • Prepare and support the performance of periodic evaluations and the monitoring of the implementation of the related recommendations;
  • Monitor the implementation of the work plans communicated by sector experts and technical support units;
  • Organize periodic field missions to ensure that the progress of activities respects the overall strategy, general orientation and results framework;
  • Organize discussion and sharing meetings on the constraints related to the implementation of the Project intervention strategy.
  • Organize the holding of tripartite meetings to monitor the management of the Project.

 As part of the capitalization of achievements, the partnership and the mobilization of resources the Project Manager will:

  • Promote partnership support initiatives;
  • Develop and support resource mobilization initiatives around the objectives of the Project;
  • Organize the capitalization of achievements, good practices and lessons from the Project;
  • Develop advocacy initiatives with partners and donors potentially willing to support the Project's efforts.

 In order to ensure the correct administrative and financial management of the Project, he / she must:

  • Ensure the daily management of the Project management team;
  • Monitor compliance with the various consultancy terms of reference (national, international) and services offered
  • Prepare the terms of reference for the provision of support services for project activities;
  • Ensure the distribution and appropriate sharing of information within the Unit;
  • Actively participate in the preparation of project audits and ensure the strict implementation of recommendations.



  • Hold a bachelor's degree (BAC + 4) in one of the following disciplines: Economics, Project Management, Sociology and Development Science or any other related studies


  • Relevant experience of at least 2 years in Women Empowerment, Gender Equality projects.
  • Experience in the United Nations system is an asset
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in project management, monitoring and evaluation and practical experience in the field
  • Experience in project management within UNDP and other United Nations agencies (mastery of administrative and financial procedures and other management and monitoring mechanisms) is an asset.
  • Have a good command of computer tools (Excel, Word, Power point, Internet, etc.);


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