Project Officer

World Vision, Kenya

Skill Required:, Policy/ Advocacy and CampaignProject Management
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Closing Date for Applications: 
18th July, 2019

Job Description

Purpose of Position

The purpose of this position is to ensure the successful implementation and monitoring of the education and protection project ensuring gender and disability integration for improved learning outcomes and wellbeing of children.

Project design, planning and Implementation, 30%

Provide programmatic and technical support

Enhanced effectiveness, innovativeness in the education & protection project management

  • Improved collaboration with relevant line ministries to implement education, gender, child protection and disability interventions within the ADP
  • Contextualize and adopt the national education, gender, child protection, and disability technical guidelines /designs at the ADP level
  • appropriate strategies (specific sector interventions) that prioritize needy areas with a focus on the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) from the ADP community
  • effective and sustained communication with communities and stakeholders during baselines ,evaluations and other relevant education and protection (gender, child protection and disability)programming activities
  • Effective integration of peace building and environment themes including appropriate linkage with other sector priorities
  • gender responsiveness in all interventions including anti FGM campaigns, Alternative Rights Passage and End Violence Against Children
  • enhanced literacy skills for the targeted girls and boys including development of locally made reading materials

Manage quality assurance in project Implementation through Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation, 25%

  • to ensure community leaders and partners are engaged in planning and monitoring activities of education, gender, child protection and disability
  • to ensure education and protection are aligned with the stipulated DME standards
  • Guide the education, gender, child protection, disability, community leaders and other partners in monitoring education progress on a scheduled basis
  • To utilize the education and protection ( gender, child protection, disability) information gathered in all ADP monitoring activities to analyze, share and appropriately to inform program improvement
  • To ensure strengthened feedback mechanisms through reflection meetings to ensure action on all issues from the monitoring reports.
  • Provide timely and quality education and protection (gender, child protection, disability) reports whether Annual, Semi-annul or Monthly Management Reports in line with WV reporting guidelines.
  • share best practices as a result of the project implementation in education and protection at the ADP for documentation
  • strengthened community engagement in identification and responding to quality education and protection (gender, child protection, disability) needs
  • ensure effective integration of education and protection (gender, child protection, disability) interventions with other projects in the program

Coordinate to Strengthen the capacity of communities and partners on integration of community based monitoring for synergy & for sustainability of education and protection interventions, 10%

  • Enhanced ownership and sustainability of the education and protection( gender, child protection, disability) project activities by community members
  • Strengthened coordination feedback mechanisms among stakeholders, communities and partners for effective delivery & sustainability of project interventions
  • Enhanced effectiveness in education and protection partners (e.g. PTAs, BoMs, CBOs, AACs) in implementation of in education & Child Protection activities
  • Ensure continued support to rescued girls through mentorship, life skills and peer programme for boys and girls
  • Empowered girls, and women in the focus AP to break the cycle of poverty and discrimination.
  • Enhanced spiritual nurture of children and youth through effective engagement by staff community and faith leaders
  • Empowered church leaders and other faith groups to implement Channels of Hope on Child Protection & gender.

Engage with the government structures at the County level, Advocacy, Networking and Partnerships to address the needs of local communities and advice national level advocacy initiatives, 10%

  • Ensure sustainable working relationships with Government Departments and Agencies relevant to the programme’s focus area at the Ward, Sub County and County levels
  • ensure resource allocation to the priority needs of the most vulnerable groups within the Programme Area by supporting communities to participate and influence decision making and budget allocation in the Annual County Government’s Planning and Budgeting process and
  • Ensure that program participants and partners are kept informed and benefit from relevant Government laws and policies in respect
  • provide quality feedback and data to be used to develop technical papers and recommendations on key issues for external engagement with decision makers
  • Ensure community groups can utilize advocacy approaches such as Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) and Child Protection Advocacy (CPA) to enable service users and local partners to engage directly with local government service providers to improve the quality of government services for children and to generate information and evidence for use in national level advocacy work.
  • Ensure communities groups, youth and children to engage constructively with duty bearers and service providers to improve access to, and quality of, essential services

Support Resource Acquisition, 10%

  • Provide information to inform fund raising initiatives for education, gender, child protection and disability at all levels
  • Develop timely and accurate funding proposals in line with donor requirements and WVK standards in collaboration with ADP Manager and other sector specialists
  • Mobilize the community for community contribution for project interventions

Support Sponsorship Management, 10%

  • Ensuring Integrated Sponsorship monitoring
  • Participate in Child Sponsorship Management
  • Ensure appropriate programming for child wellbeing issues reflected in Single STEP

Any other 5%:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in education, early childhood development, and special needs education or their equivalent.
  • Minimum of two years working experience in education sector initiatives at community level
  • Experience in Advocacy, Child Rights and/or Community Development with strong partnership with GoK ministries and Churches
  • Ability to take initiatives, team player who is able to work with minimum supervision
  • Good computer skills in MS office (Excel, word, PowerPoint etc.)
  • Familiar with current education and protection sector programming
  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English and Kiswahili.
  • Certificate of good conduct

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in Advocacy, Child Rights and/or Community Development with strong partnership with GoK ministries and Churches
  • Experience in gender equality integration and mainstreaming
  • Ability to take initiative, a team player who is able to work with minimum supervision
  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English


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