Protection (GBV) Assistant

Danish Refugee Council

Dnipro, Ukraine

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: HR and Admin

Implement measures to prevent and respond to GBV and raise awareness of GBV and available services, as well as promote prevention strategies in target communities in safe and appropriate locations. Mobilize and build strong connections with communities, following dignified, culturally sensitive approaches.

Your main responsibilities will be:
  • To organize mobile activities for GBV in coverage conditions in coordination with key stakeholders Work closely with service providers to ensure the provision of high quality services to GBV survivors and women at risk (including medical care, mental health support and financial/security assistance). Disseminate action-oriented, specific, inclusive and supportive messages about available services for GBV survivors.
  • To be a focal point for the management of women's and girls' affairs identified through the GBV related activities, including the planning and implementation of group activities (life skills classes, recreational activities, etc.). Provide case management services in accordance with SOPs and procedures, including interdepartmental instructions of the GBV case management. Effectively use and adhere to all tools, forms and standard operating procedures related to case management.
  • Provide for women and girls with age-appropriate and survivors-oriented GBV case management services, including women’s needs assessment; basic counseling; support in the development and implementation of a care plan; support for the development and implementation of the security plan; and supporting access to additional services in accordance with the wishes of customers.
  • To ensure proper documentation of data and information about cases in accordance with the guiding principles of conducting cases about GBV, observing the principle of confidentiality.
  • Work closely with interagency-agreed referrals to medical, legal, psychological and other services as needed and accompany services when required. Ensure compliance with all applicable information exchange protocols.
  • Provide emotional counseling and psychological support to GBV survivors and individual protection assistance/financial support for protection to meet the immediate needs of GBV survivors.
  • Carry out continuous monitoring to understand the needs of women and girls, as necessary, including conducting consultations with women and girls and conducting interviews with stakeholders.
  • If necessary, participate in case review meetings.
  • Prepare high-quality and accurate reports and supporting documentation on case management activities and ensure their timely submission to the Team Leader for review and internal information sharing.
  • To this end ensure that both hard and electronic copies of all activity reports and case management files are securely archived. In general, effectively use tools and adhere to processes related to monitoring and reporting, including through shared media and dedicated information management platforms such as GBV IMS.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by the team leader and/or manager related to the achievement of safeguarding objectives.
About you:
  • Experience of 2 years preferably in INGOs.
  • University degree.
  • Languages: Ukrainian fluent, English (А1).
  • Computer literacy: confident user in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.