Pulse Lab Kampala

United Nations Development Programme, Bamako, Mali

Skill Required:, Education Advising
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
20th January, 2020

Job Description


UN Global Pulse  is an innovation initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Big Data. Its vision is a future in which big data is harnessed safely and responsibly as a public good. Its mission is to accelerate discovery, development and scaled adoption of big data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action. UN Global Pulse is building a catalytic network of in-country innovation centers, which will test new tools, data and analysis, share what lessons with the global community, mainstream successful approaches for real-time impact monitoring into policymaking. The first Lab has been established in New York (Pulse Lab New York) followed by Jakarta, Indonesia and Kampala, Uganda.

Pulse Lab Kampala is an inter-agency initiative of the United Nations in Uganda. The first of its kind in Africa, it brings together researchers from Government, the UN, non-governmental organizations and private sector to explore the utility of new sources of digital “Big Data” (such as social media, mobile data, online information) and real-time analysis techniques for social development monitoring and program planning.

A data revolution is underway in Uganda and in Africa. There is more data now than ever. New technologies are leading to an exponential increase in the volume and types of data available, creating unprecedented possibilities for informing and transforming society and protecting the environment. There is more data produced in the last 2 years than in all of human history. There is a tremendous potential in new technology; indeed, this is the forefront of the data revolution already well underway in in the private sector. The new SDGs agenda will have increased demands – and opportunities- for the use of data. Pulse Lab Kampala supports the UN Country team to tap into the revolution obtaining more and better data to support development work and humanitarian action supporting:

Enhance Early Warning: Detection of anomalous trends and patterns of events enables early warning of emerging crises and earlier responses to prevent long-term harm;
Real-Time Awareness: An up-to-date picture of trends, hotspots and dynamic changes in population behavior enhances programme planning and monitoring of implementation and;
Rapid Impact Monitoring and Evaluation: Timely feedback on the impact of programmes and policies allows for adaptive course correction and accelerated achievement of results.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the leadership of UN Global Pulse, Pulse Lab Kampala will develop experimental technology packages for different African languages. Under the guidance of the Data Innovation Specialist at Pulse Lab Kampala, the role of the Translator for Fulani is to support developing language tools.


  • The consultant is expected to work in close consultation with the team at Pulse Lab Kampala, UN Global Pulse and partners.
  • The consultant will attend consultations and workshops with partners in to produce the expected deliverables.
  • Copyright and ownership - all materials produced and other intellectual property will be solely owned by Pulse Lab Kampala. Any material provided to the expert will remain the property of Pulse Lab Kampala.

Expected deliverables: Content in Fulani translated and language inputs provided to build technology tools for 6 months.


  • Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals;
  • Generates innovative, practical solutions to challenging situations;
  • Demonstrates substantive and technical knowledge to meet responsibilities and post requirements with excellence;
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities;
  • Responds positively to critical feedback and differing points of view;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Produces timely, quality outputs.

Required Skills and Experience


  • Secondary education;
  • Fulani on a university level is an advantage;
  • Bachelor degree is desirable.

Experience: 1 year in translation, linguistics, social works.

Language Requirements:

  • Fulani as mother tongue;
  • Working knowledge of English;
  • Knowledge of Dogon languages is an advantage.


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