Radio Operator

Norwegian Refugee Council, Herat, Afghanistan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
16th December, 2019

Job Description

Purpose of the Job:

Radio Operator role will assist to operate and monitor UHF, HF radio systems, vehicle and personnel tracking systems, CCTV, e-mail, vehicle booking systems, satellite telephones, mobile telephone and internal phone systems, in English and local languages.
The Radio Operator will send message through bulk SMS system to all staff when there is an incident, also he/she will conduct headcount if necessary. Radio Room will be a connection with staff, and staff could get in touch if necessary.
Radio operator will report to security officer, and the main responsibility will be to transmit and receive communication. A radio operator will work a traditional per week 40-hour work schedule, and will work nights and weekends to address and cover all missions. Radio room in Kabul will work as a communication bridge and will be operational 24/7. Also, as soon as visitors arrive, Radio Operator will issue a call sigh, adding expat’s name to the international tracking board, and will add all national/internDuties and responsibilities

Generic Responsibilities:

  • Ensure adherence with NRC and donor policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines
  • Implement delegated CC project portfolio according to plan of action
  • Prepare and develop status reports as required by management
  • Ensure proper filing of documents
  • Use initiative in day to day problem solving in line with agreed procedures, priorities and standards for the area of work
  • Promote and share ideas for technical improvement
  • Assist with the implementation of the support function portfolio according to plan of action
  • Promote and share ideas for improvement of the support function
  • Development of holistic and needs based programmes, including cash-based interventions and marked based programmes

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to check the Radio Room’s emails at least every ten minutes.
  • Responsible for conducting an accurate and complete handover briefing, including all information that occurred during their duty or will impact the other's duties. The handover note should be passed on to person replacing you and your immediate supervisor. Refer to Operator SOP for details.
  • Responsible to communicate any problem they face to their immediate supervisor.
  • Monitor EM-NET and TV stations and communicate any announcement or incident to the security department.
  • Responsible for drafting and distributing SMS announcements to all staff at the request of a member of the security department, and announce the same information to all the drivers via VHF/UHF, and HF/Cell phone if VHF/UHF is out of range. SMS's should follow this format: “Security Alert: 0000hrs; Date; Incident; Advisory.”
  • Operate Motorola VHF, UHF and Codan HF radio systems, GPS/GSM tracking and associated web platform, email, Thuraya, mobile phone and internal phone systems; in English and local languages,
  • Log all communications neatly and accurately,
  • Maintain location boards tracking NRC staff and vehicles,
  • Alert security focal point/s of important events, by monitoring internet, TV and radio news in English and Persian, as well as via security alert systems.
  • Control keys to all office spaces in off duty hours.
  • Ensure that all radios and other communication equipment in the Radio Room are working properly and regular maintenance are done. Report the faults as they arise and get them fixed.
  • Coordinate with transport section for facilitating the transport for staff and visitors.
  • Ensure the inclusion of cash-based interventions and marked based programmes in country and area-based strategies and their implementation across and within NRC’s core competencies
  • Provide an enabling environment for the implementation of cash-based interventions, including multi-purpose cash assistance, emergency cash responses.
  • Any other work that would be necessary to support the security, assigned by the management


  • High School degree, University degree is an advantage
  • A minimum of 3 years of non-profit or NGO work experience within international humanitarian assistance programs.
  • Advanced knowledge in communications technology, including, satellite communications, cell phone, etc.
  • Good knowledge of city and general area in assigned location, and the provinces of Afghanistan, ability to read and interpret maps and operate Google maps or similar.
  • Able to structure his or her thoughts and make an accurate and complete summary of a situation, under time pressure, at any time of day or night.
  • Proven communication, interpersonal, representation, negotiation and skills.
  • Computer skills – database knowledge essential, wireless networking.
  • Trouble shooting’ skill with electrical, radio and computer systems.
  • Must display intelligent ability to arrange vehicle moves to make best use of available assets and time.
  • High attention to detail and ability to neatly complete assigned paper work.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Well presented, confident, and sensible.
  • Knowledge of cash-based interventions and market based programmes
  • No other employment is allowed, operator may be required to work at any time of day or night and on any day of the week, at short notice.
  • Written and verbal English essential.
  • Fluent of the local language.

Personal qualities

  • Handling insecure environments
  • Initiating action and change
  • Empowering and building trust
  • Influencingational staffs’ number to the security alert SMS list.


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