Regional GIS Assistant

Food and Agriculture Organization

Kabul, Afghanistan

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The incumbent will work under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative (FAOR) in Afghanistan. S/he will work under the direct supervision of the Head of the Regional Office, who will be responsible for all day-to-day supervision and under the technical guidance of the Team Leader, Water Resource and Irrigation Team. The performance evaluation will be done by the Team Leader, Water Resource and Irrigation Team.
The GIS Assistant will provide relevant technical assistance for the efficient implementation of Water a/nd Resilience Services.03
Tasks and responsibilities:
  • Collect GPS Points of all the important points viz proposed structures, edges of the command area, etc.
  • Delineate the catchment area under the contour trenches, check dams, erosion control structures, etc. 
  • Delineate the command area of the irrigation schemes, Karezes, etc. 
  • Prepare location map (Indicator map), Mine Risk map, etc.
  • Prepare attribution and construction of features and symbolization etc.
  • Carry out geo-referencing, editing, Digitizing, and preparation of layout showing GPS points on the map with the use of ESRI software (Arc GIS 10.x)
  • Carry out scanning and digitizing the mapping information to update and maintain map layers and compile the textual and graphic products of geographic data (vector, raster, aerial photograph, satellite imagery) as well as other sources of data.
  • Extract geographic data from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery.
  • Prepare Indexed Satellite Imagery and provide hard copies of the same for the purpose of field annotations.
  • Produce thematic maps and disseminate geographic information.
  • Executes all other tasks related to the Geographic Information System as required and provides GIS training for staff, where necessary.
  • Process and clean incoming field data for delivery to the Cartographic Officer.
  • Assess geospatial data available for selected provinces at national and international levels. 
  • Provide input data to accomplish land cover and land use compilation or, when data are available through national sources, quality assurance/ quality control (QA/QC) analysis.
  • Work closely with the FAO Regional Office and Kabul-based management staff to report on indicators.
  • Assist the WRI/EFSP in managing project staff and consultants working at field sites and ensure that their reports and results are delivered on time.
  • Provide any other necessary support to the FAO/WRI/EFSP in field implementation of the project.
  • Any other relevant tasks assigned by the Projects Manager and Head of WRI Team FAOAF, specialists, and FAOR.
Minimum Requirements:    
  • University degree (Bachelor’s) in GIS and remote sensing, forestry, NRM, Engineering Background, Water and Watershed Management, or other related areas.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of professional experience in GIS and remote sensing, water resource and irrigation engineering with UN and I/NGOs. 
  • Working knowledge (level B/C) of English and the local languages (Pashto and/or Dari).  
  • National of Afghanistan. 
Technical/Functional Skills:
  • Proven skill in technical survey and other data collection (maps, benchmark levels, etc.) for the design and preparation of drawings of irrigation works and riverbank protection works.
  • Have the skill to ensure all technical inputs and cost estimates related to the construction components are accurate,
  • Sound knowledge of finalizing the scope of work with the timeline needed for the implementation.
  • Have experience in GIS map design of irrigation, riverbank protection works, watershed management works, Karezes and conservation ponds, etc.
  • Proven skill in coordinating with the implementing partner NGO to get the desired outputs.
  • Proven skill in coordinating with the relevant institutions and the communities.
  • Having the skill to contribute towards the preparation of various reports on the status of implementation/progress with irrigation works.
  • Good knowledge of AutoCAD, MS Office package, Internet, etc. 
  • A competent team player. 
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills and apply them in the working environment. 
  • Must have worked in hardship areas. 
  • Experience with the UN will be an added advantage. 
  • Proficient in the use of standard office applications (e.g., Microsoft Office) and other productivity engineering tools.