Regional Program Manager

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Nepal

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
28th November, 2018

Job Description

CIMMYT is a not-for-profit research organization working on the world’s most important field crops, with partners in over 100 countries. As staple foods, maize and wheat provide vital nutrients and health benefits, making up nearly two-thirds of the world’s food energy intake, and contributing 55-70 percent of the total calories in the diets of people living in developing countries. CIMMYT project leaders and scientists tackle food insecurity through improved nutrient-rich, high-yielding varieties and sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring that those who most depend on agriculture make a fair living and feed their families. The U.N. projects that the global population will increase to more than 9 billion people by 2050, which means that the successes and failures of wheat and maize farmers will continue to have a crucial impact on food security globally.

CIMMYT seeks a dynamic, self-motivated, entrepreneurial spirited and service-oriented professional for this position, which is an ideal role for a person interested in building his or her own job in an international institution with day-to-day business and project leader interactions across global locations. Because the institute’s mission is focused on food security, the selected candidate will enjoy the job satisfaction of a personal involvement in improving outcomes for smallholder farmers in the critical South Asia region.

This position is a newly created role that has been built into CIMMYT’s South Asia infrastructure because there are opportunities with SIP growth to support a team of project managers as well as current and future projects in South Asia. This job could be located in either the CIMMYT Nepal office or in the Delhi office, at the option of the selected candidate.

This role will ensure that all projects are on track for successful completion based on their scope, budget, and risk management profiles. In order to help drive completion of these many SIP projects, the Regional Program Manager must have:

  • Strong analysis and problem solving skills,
  • Extensive project finance and budget management skills,
  • A successful track record in partner management and working with research organizations on a broad multi-national level,
  • Strong English-language communication skills and collaboration skills (working in a global organization involving multiple stakeholders), as well as
  • Team influence skills with a demonstrated ability to build capacity for research or development programs in this region.

The Regional Program Manager will also:

  • Coordinate the development of realistic program work plans, to make sure they are aligned based on resources, budget and research priorities, and ensure impact-oriented focus as donors request.
  • Provide leadership by influence, including project management mentorship and support to project leaders on selected projects.
  • Ensure that project managers provide a timely processing of donor financial reports and other budget management tasks required by stakeholders, done in collaboration with the program finance manager and CIMMYT headquarters support services.
  • Become the in-house problem solver, a person who ensures order and smooth sailing for administrative and logistical matters in order to de-bug project cycle(s).
  • Support proposal development including development and review of initial budgets.

Support, Communication, and Team Collaborations:

  • Maintain close contact across many functions within CIMMYT headquarters, including SIP administration, Human Resources, Finance, Project Management, IT, Communications, Legal, and Knowledge Assessment.
  • As an in-house expert, supervise and support all SIP project managers in the region on issues related to budgets, subgrants, communication products, M&E, and other management tasks.
  • Support project leaders in discussions and negotiations with donors and partners.
  • Advance development and execution of annual project implementation plans.
  • Assist project managers with Human Resources activities including recruitment and annual performance evaluations following CIMMYT procedures, coordinating these activities through CIMMYT headquarters and HR representations in regional offices.
  • Communicate effectively with project teams in collaboration with CIMMYT’s Communication Unit to produce as much quality content as possible about the region, including making decisions and generating content for communicating products meant for a diverse set of local and global audiences.

Project Tracking, Budget, and Performance Monitoring:

  • Keep a solid, easily trackable record of ongoing partner subgrants and follow up on implementation, reporting, payment schedules, and with project managers on budget management.
  • Review and assist in proposals, initial budgets, M&E and donor reporting.
  • Perform asset procurement and asset inventories as required.
  • Perform quality check of written material and project documentation/proposals.
  • Anticipate and perform risk mitigation on project activities spanning financial, logistic, political, and environmental factors.
  • Allocate internationally recruited staff salaries for Asia-based SIP on a monthly basis.
  • Create and maintain a tracking system for Asia-based CIMMYT travel for SIP.

Experience & Educational Requirements:

  • Master’s degree with 10+ years of experience in program and/or project management
  • Relevant experience across the development world and an intense passion for his or her work


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