Registration Quality Assurance Initiative (QAI) Consultant

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, San José, Costa Rica

Skill Required:, IT and ICTMonitoring and EvaluationProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
15th December, 2020

Job Description

The consultant is expected to support the governmental asylum bodies in the implementation of the 2020 QAI report, which provided recommendations for strengthening and streamlining RSD at both first and second instance and reinforcing the asylum bodies, as well as any other relevant aspects of the work plans. Thus, the assignment will continue from the initial QAI Expert¿s inputs, utilizing the initial reports and work plans to be defined.

The consultant will also have to support the Government and UNHCR to address the concerns and complications that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and policy measures, mainly relating to border closures and the necessary broadening of the diagnostic process and recommendations stage of the QAI consultancy. One of the main elements of the consultancy will be the capacity building, and the strengthening and streamlining of Registration for the backlog cases, and supporting considerations for registration related to new arrivals as needed. If it is decided to move toward a new registration and data management system for asylum claims, some aspects of this initiative will need to be supported by the QAI Consultant.

Finally, considerations related to the complementary protection resolution, newly announced in November 2020, will need to be incorporated into the support provided to the asylum system bodies as relevant.

General activities include:

Under the functional supervision of the UNHCR Senior Protection Officer in UNHCR San José, and in collaboration with UNHCR's Registration teams in the Operation and the Bureau (DIMA), the consultant is expected to:

  •  In coordination with the RSD QAI Consultant and with the support of UNHCR Protection staff, the consultant will design and develop differentiated Registration processing schemes. These schemes should at least consider a merged Registration-RSD procedure with a group-based approach, as a significant priority in the context of the backlog reduction plan.
  •  The consultant will support the Refugee Unit (RU) and CVRR in designing and implementing the backlog plan reduction in line with the agreed work plans based upon the 2020 QAI Report and complementary documents.
  •  The consultant will review and formulate improvement modifications to the application forms, and work with the RSD QAI Consultant, UNHCR Protection & Registration teams & Government bodies, in the implementation of differentiated case processing, including merged procedures.
  •  The consultant will support with required capacity building, through the national training strategy and through ad-hoc training provisions.
  •  The consultant may also be asked to collaborate with the ongoing diagnostic of the SINEX (DGME) and SIGE (TAM) databases, the development of observations and recommendations, and eventually support any respective implementation.
  • The consultant will support RU and TAM in the reorganization of the Registration Units and the strengthening of the management systems, internal controls, monitoring, and verification mechanisms.
  •  The consultant will address the concerns and complications that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses, mainly related to border closures and the necessary broadening of the diagnostic and recommendations stage of the QAI consultancy. Thus, the QAI Consultant may have to develop additional specific diagnostics as new challenges arise.
  •  The consultant's assignment will be distributed between the RU, the CVRR and the TAM in San José, and any other governmental or UNHCR office or locations elsewhere in Costa Rica, for periods that should be jointly defined with RU, CVRR, TAM, and UNCHR.
  • Meet regularly with UNHCR to update on progress, make adjustments, and to consider any improved use of resources to support the system strengthening.
  • Other activities as necessary.

Project Timeline:

  • The calendar and time frame will be discussed and agreed upon with the consultant, and they will rely on the work plans and capacity development plans to be defined between UNHCR and the Government.

Monitoring and Progress Controls:

Deliverable 1:

Brief inception report detailing the consultant's understanding of the tasks and methodology to be employed, due after the first month of the contract ¿ along with deliverables 2 and 3.

Deliverable 2:

Creation of organigram of the asylum entities related to registration

Deliverable 3:

Creation of work- and data-flow of the current Registration and RSD process outlining the gaps and high-level business requirements for an enhanced registration system

Deliverable 4:

The final product will ideally be full implementation of a new database and registration procedures, but is dependent upon other external factors. In all cases, a final report shall be submitted to specify/explain the work done, the continuous challenges and concrete recommendations for next steps after the consultation¿s completion.

Monthly Report:

The QAI Consultant will also send a brief report to UNHCR by the end of the first week of each month to report on the prior month, including an overview of the work carried out, challenges, recommendations, and any questions for discussion.

Potential Additional Deliverables:

will be defined once work plans are finalized, including Registration-RSD merged procedure tools, backlog implementation plan, and others.

Delivery Periodicity, as applicable:

Apart from the monthly reports, the general calendar and time frame will be discussed and agreed upon with the consultant.

 As this is a project with and for the Government asylum institutions, it is possible that their prioritization of needs may shift during the period of this consultancy; in which case, alternative reports/documents may be requested in lieu of one of the aforementioned, but only in consultation with and advanced agreement of UNHCR and the Government entities involved.

Qualifications and Experience:


  • Degree in Law, Social Sciences, International Relations, Statistics, Information Technology, or other related field.

 Work Experience

  •  Relevant work experience of 4 years.
  •  Understanding of the principles and concepts of international protection and UNHCR, including UNHCR's registration and identity management guidance and the Policy and Guidance on the Protection of Personal Data of Persons of Concern.
  •  Technical expertise in registration, digital identity or biometric management systems is essential.
  •  Experience providing guidance or recommendations to Government entities on registration strongly preferred.
  •  Experience working within Governmental entities would be a significant asset.
  • Understanding of civil registration, national identity management or digital identification systems (including population registries) and digital identity technical standards preferred.
  • Prior experience in organizing and facilitating training strongly preferred.
  •  Prior experience in data collection systems development and analysis, and/or data migrations is strongly preferred.


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