Rehabilitation Project Manager

Handicap International, Jordan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
31st January, 2018

Job Description

As the Syrian crisis enters its sixth year, and due to very limited resettlement options, the number of Syrian refugees who have sought refuge and registered in Jordan reached 657,000 in March 2017. This influx of refugees represents an increase of at least 10% of the total population living in Jordan, which has inevitably been a burden on Jordanian public services and resources. This led to the decision by the Government of Jordan in November 2014 to apply non-insured Jordanians rates to Syrian refugees for health services, further aggravating their vulnerability. With basic needs such as food and rent representing the largest portion of households’ expenditures, very little is left to tend to specific needs of persons with disabilities including access to specialized services.

Late 2015, HI decided a strategy of intervention to progressively move from direct service provision and transfer rehabilitation response to national providers. However, until this transition is effective, the coexistence of direct rehabilitation services in camps and host communities in a humanitarian approach with the strengthening of local rehabilitation services with a development lens puts a high pressure on HI Jordan and the program teams, who need to deal with two-speed highly complex environment with numerous partners and counterparts.

Handicap International’s Middle East Regional Programme is now broad and ambitious, with projects and missions in 4 different countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine). The programme is now engaged in a phase of stabilization with new challenges, based on the recent finalization of our RPF 2015/2019, the transition engaged with Syrian crisis teams in 2 countries, Jordan and Lebanon and the functional relation with Iraq mission.

The current Jordan mission strategy is ambitious and focusses on large components of post-humanitarian Syrian Crisis and scale up to sustainable interventions. The main aspects of the mission include:

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation with a transversal psychosocial aspect in camps and host communities
  • Local rehabilitation actors straightening and support, in collaboration with Ministry of Health
  • Early Detection-Early Intervention component targeting children under 8 years-old
  • Inclusion of disability at field, institution and strategic levels
  • Large external referral systems for other basic services,
  • Development of a National Rehabilitation Platform (advocacy/policy change) component.
  • Dedicated Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) department providing support to all projects


The planned nationalization of the position (to take place at the end of 2018) will require capacity building, through training, coaching and mentoring to the local replacement.

As part of HI ambition to develop the Rehabilitation sector in the country, in addition to the operational implementation, a highly strategic national multi-stakeholder National Rehabilitation Platform is being facilitated by HI. Bringing together key actor such as the MoH, physical rehabilitation services providers, local societies (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and prosthetic & orthotics), and humanitarian actors (national and international non-governmental organizations), the platform aims at analysing the status of the rehabilitation sector, identifying actions and recommendations to contribute to sustainable physical rehabilitation sector.

The rehabilitation project manager is therefore in charge of multiple formal partnerships (LNGO and institutional), at high level and also requiring close linkage at field level, include the planning of partner’s technical capacity assessment, and capacity building and supervision of the development of key tools and processes adapted to the partner based on HI expertise.


Qualification(s): Master’s degree in development studies or management


  • At least 5 years experience in development field, among which at least 3 years’ experience as a Project Manager.
  • Experience in working with partners, civil society organizations or public authorities
  • Experience in providing coaching and mentoring on project management
  • Experience in managing capacity building programs

Competencies: Knowledge of PCM

Personal qualities:

  • Proactive, solution maker, positive, constructive and dynamic personality
  • Excellent communication skills essential to ensure cohesion with the other project staff, national and international actors
  • Adaptability, flexibility, Willingness to be often on the field


  • The current mission context is largely still being shaped and consolidated. With a new structure (new departments, new breakdown), absorbing the recent continuum, the mission in its current form exists since July 17, and requires sufficient flexibility to put in place process and mechanisms, brings permanent new questions, new partners and new challenges.
  • Consequently, the rehabilitation project will see, during the coming months (until May 2018) a coexistence of two aspects of service delivery – direct and indirect:
  • Direct service provision (under another project manager):
  • Post-humanitarian interventions to address remaining humanitarian needs in camps and host communities, in the form of existing and new fix points with mobile clinics. In addition to deliver rehabilitation services until May 2018, the project will implement the already decided exit strategy by handing-over the activities to an already identified local partner and the necessary capacity building.
  • Indirect service provision:
  • Developing via a range of capacity building approaches, partnerships set up and strong institutional coordination sustainable actions to insure the full access to long term services for Jordanian and Syrian populations – including management of financial support to NHF and technical follow up.

While direct services will exit, the transition will increase the indirect service provision scope with large, multi-skilled team.


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