Research and Learning Monitoring Evaluation Director (MERL Manager)

Plan International, Lome, Togo

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
18th January, 2021

Job Description

Purpose of the post

The “Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning” (MERL) function is essential to assess the quality of our programmatic and influencing interventions in view of this objective, and to gather the necessary evidence to testify, among other things, to their relevance and their relevance. efficiency.

The MERL Director is responsible for all components related to MERL within the framework of the organization's policy and standards at the global level in terms of monitoring, evaluation and research but also at the country level. This position is of crucial importance for the quality and effectiveness of the program and the influence at the time of the deployment of the new PMERL system of the YODA project.

Key results and specific responsibilities

Expected results

  • Plan International Togo provides evidence of the results and effectiveness of its interventions
  • Lead the development of the CS MERL framework
  • Lead the development of the terms of reference, help identify the main external evaluator, manage the CS evaluation process, then review and distribute the CSP evaluation report.
  • High-quality, evidence-based programs and projects through excellence in situation analysis practices, monitoring, evaluation and research practices, and knowledge management
  • Take the lead in the development of the terms of reference for the Situation Analysis of the Rights of the Child (ASDE) and gender equality according to the guidelines of the Program Quality Policy and Influence (PIQP) )
  • Support the dissemination of the results of evaluations, studies, research and learning
  • Identify research opportunities and consequent research initiatives
  • Ensure that all research and evaluation initiatives comply with global ethical and quality standards
  • Finalize and submit a management response for MERL initiatives
  • Support the HPDI in the preparation of quarterly and annual reports
  • Set up a mechanism for collecting good practices and lessons learned from the implementation of the program
  • Collaborate with other organizations and manage partnerships for purposes related to MERL.
  • Plan Togo staff and program partners improved their capacity in MERL
  • Define clear objectives and develop a strategy for MERL functions with budget
  • Ensure the lead at the country level in the deployment of the PMERL and the consequent upgrading of the country's capacities in M&E;
  • Ensure the implementation and monitoring of progress of the country M&E action plan
  • Develop and organize the implementation of a capacity building plan for program staff and those with MERL positions in particular
  • Assess the skills required for MERL functions at country level
  • Support the recruitment of SER function holders at the OC and PIIA level
  • Ensure that Plan International's global policies for the safeguarding of children and youth and those on gender equality and inclusion are fully integrated in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy, including the standards and guidelines of implementation applicable to their area of ​​responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that staff and associates know and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International's Code of Conduct, their relevance to their area of ​​work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  • Knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience required to achieve the objectives of the position

Qualifications and experiences  :

  • Hold a BAC + 4 diploma at least in project management and evaluation, demography, statistics, economics, social sciences or any related field;
  • Justify a professional experience of at least 3 years in monitoring and evaluation; demonstrated experience in the evaluation of development projects, including design, implementation and writing of reports and in database management;
  • Have experience working in the area of ​​children's rights, participation and protection in general and with girls in particular.


  • Major trends and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) models applicable to the sector
  • Mechanisms and methodologies for handling feedback and complaints
  • M&E of social norms and mechanisms of influence
  • M&E in fragile or humanitarian emergency contexts
  • Appropriate methodologies and statistical analysis systems
  • External research environment and possible partners
  • Research methodologies on social norms and perceptions as well as on the legislative and political environment.


  • Develop and present a clear and compelling MERL ambition
  • Support the development of country strategies and programs (from situation analysis to design and planning)
  • Develop and implement strategic (country strategy) and operational (projects) M&E frameworks
  • Develop, disseminate and implement M&E plans
  • Adapt and adjust M&E methodologies, processes and tools according to target groups and contexts
  • Write / critically analyze M&E reports
  • Implement developmental processes and reviews at the project and strategy level
  • Write research reports and other knowledge products, from initial draft to final version meeting publication standards


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