Resource Mobilization Associate

World Food Program, Colombia

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
19th November, 2019

Job Description


The World Food Program (WFP) in Colombia supports the National Government through the Strategic Country Plan (CSP), in order to achieve the goals defined in the National Development Plan, particularly to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 17, while contributing to other Goals aimed at achieving a more inclusive peace so as not to leave anyone behind. Additionally, it aligns with humanitarian, recovery, development and technical assistance priorities as necessary, and contributes to social inclusion and reintegration. Specifically, WFP supports the Government's peace-building priorities, working to achieve sustainable solutions for the victims of the conflict and to achieve development in rural areas.

On the other hand, it contributes to the Government's commitment to eradicate chronic malnutrition. That is why the WFP serves the population with food insecurity and malnutrition in dispersed communities, especially those that have been marginalized for years. Special attention is given to victims of violence, women, girls and boys. Transformation and gender protection actions are emphasized in all activities.

In this context, under the supervision of the Head of the Unit, the Mobilization Associate of

Resources must be able to support management with resource donors in order to

develop strategic WFP issues in the country and capacity to strengthen alliances with which

generate negotiation possibilities in the areas of interest of WFP, in particular those related to the strategic objectives of the Strategic Country Plan (CSP).


  • Provide specialized support to Management for the design of the resource mobilization strategy for the WFP in Colombia, in coordination with personnel from the different Units and Field Offices, guaranteeing the inclusion of the topics of interest of the Program and the priorities of job.
  • Provide technical support and assistance in developing technical and financial project proposals to present to donors and other actors in accordance with the Strategic Country Plan (CSP) and with the priorities and guidelines defined in the WFP resource mobilization strategy .
  • Develop market intelligence to identify potential global, regional and local donors and the feasibility of multi-year and thematic financing.
  • Contribute to the preparation of reports through the collection and analysis of donor data, programs and the implementation of resources, so that high-level stakeholders can make decisions and plan evidence-based measures to maintain and increase Sources of funding.
  • Maintain contact with donors and other national and international key actors of the WFP, coordinating missions in order to advocate and position the work of the organization, seeking new opportunities for relationship, negotiation and project financing.
  • Exercise coordination and communication with partners and donors to inform about the strategy, design, relevance and impact of WFP programs in order to advocate and position the work of the organization, keeping due reserve on sensitive information.
  • Support the monitoring of the work plan (PPP) and the development of national and international program evaluations, as well as possible audits of the WFP operation.
  • To serve as a point of contact for the resolution of a series of consultations and operational problems within the framework of its technical area of ​​responsibility.
  • Contribute to the communication and exchange of knowledge with internal and external staff to support the effective collaboration, implementation and monitoring of the activities of ongoing projects and the development of key messages and good practices to give visibility to the activities and results of the WFP and identify new financing opportunities for joint projects.
  • Follow up on WFP alliances with external actors, ensuring agreement with the implementation of projects, identification of operational and financial problems and development of timely solutions.
  • Perform other functions that are required, relevant to the position.


  • Specific capacity: Description of expected behavior for the level of competence
  • Purpose: Understand and communicate

Strategic Objectives:

  • Teach the team the most effective way to raise awareness of the Strategic Objectives to WFP teams and partners on the ground.
  • Be a positive change engine
  • It implements new methods or tools to improve work processes and team productivity.
  • Make WFP's mission a source of inspiration for your team
  • It links the activities and tasks of the team with good concrete results obtained in the beneficiary communities to show the positive impact of the work done.
  • Make WFP's role visible in everyday work
  • He explains to his teammates how each unit contributes to the overall role of WFP.


  • Find ways to
  • reinforce individual skills
  • Look for opportunities to improve skills, such as training modules or work experiences, for yourself / your colleagues and your direct reports.
  • Create a culture of inclusion
  • It promotes team spirit consolidation activities to favor the interrelation within the agency itself.
  • Provide guidance
  • customized and facilitate constructive feedback
  • It puts your less experienced colleagues in contact with instructors within the team itself.
  • Create and foster a willing spirit
  • Proactively anticipate potential challenges and develop mitigation plans to ensure that the team achieves the established objectives and goals.


  • Encourage innovation and creative solutions
  • Look for opportunities to be creative / creative in their own work and to help the other team members to be more innovative and careful in their respective tasks and work spheres.
  • Focus on obtaining results
  • It tracks the results of the equipment and provides feedback to ensure that the expected results are achieved systematically and accurately.
  • Adopt commitments and respect them
  • It gives precise guidance to the team about the responsibilities and expected tasks, while maintaining its own commitment to the team.
  • Be decisive
  • He sets an example and gives guidance to less experienced team members on when to refer issues to higher levels when facing difficult problems in the workplace or on the ground.


  • Connect and make WFP units work together
  • Facilitates partnership with other WFP units to carry out field missions.
  • Establish strong partnerships with external actors
  • Set an example and guide the team on how to foster relationships with external partners.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability at the political level
  • Clearly explain to your colleagues or direct subordinates the importance of contributing to other WFP teams and partnerships with other agencies to achieve the goals and objectives of the Program.
  • Clearly explain the value that WFP brings to partnerships
  • Organize, supervise and prioritize your own activities and those of your team to ensure that the needs of internal and external partners are met.


Specific capacity: Description of expected behavior for the level of competence

Program cycle and food assistance

It demonstrates the ability to determine the most important variables and contextual factors that influence projects and assistance programs throughout their execution, in order to support a design or redesign of quality programs.

Transfer modalities (food, cash, coupons)

It demonstrates the ability to implement, following the guidance received, food assistance programs in which the full range of transfer modalities is deployed, thanks to a good knowledge of the basic principles that govern the selection and implementation of the different modalities.

Extensive knowledge of the fields of specialization: It includes data and basic technical concepts, and their relevance to food assistance programs.

Emergency programming

It deploys capacity to contribute to the development, implementation and realignment of high quality emergency programs.

Strategic policy collaboration with the

government: Understand and apply the basic principles of collaboration with government partners at national or local level.


Training and Experience Required:

  • Professional in economic sciences, business administration, social sciences or health sciences. Desirable postgraduate studies in areas of development, health sciences, economic sciences, project management or food and nutrition security.
  • At least five (5) years of professional experience with emphasis on the formulation of proposals or projects and resource mobilization.
  • Desirable work experience with vulnerable populations.

Languages : Fluency in Spanish and English languages ​​(level C).


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