United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Brussels, Belgium

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme ManagementResearch and AnalysisTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
16th March, 2015

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

Finalize Design and implement MM4P’s results measurement framework (RM) in the context of DCED Standard for private sector development (PSD)/Key Result:  To the extent practical, MM4P has a DCED standards compliant approach to measuring results  in the development of the digital financial services ecosystem in the countries in which it works:       

  • With expert consultant, analyzes the proposed RM framework within the context of the programme mission, objectives, Annual Work Plan (AWP), partner agreements, as well as with programme evaluation findings in order to set up a comprehensive RM framework utilizing the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development Standards (DCED) for measuring achievements in private sector development;
  • Based on implementation in the first six months, refines and improves the MM4P results chain and develop results chains for different work streams that may be used by programme units when designing interventions;
  • With the MM4P team, revises overall programme targets to reflect new RM framework;
  • Develop all required systems, tools, reports and indicators, required for efficient, effective implementation of RM framework and activities;
  • Designs, develops and presents monitoring reports to the MM4P Investment Committee (IC) and relevant external stakeholders;
  • Regularly analyzes RM activity finding and reports in order to provide the Programme Manager and IC with timely, accurate information for decision-making.

Build UNCDF´s capacity (including MM4P, BTCA, PFIP programmes and its partners) in the area of RM in order to improve overall programme effectiveness, enhance reporting/Key Result:  UNCDF DF programmes across countries understands and are able to implement required activities in RM increase the likelihood of effecting positive outcomes in the lives of users of expanded financial services:

  • Trains MM4P team and country teams on proper use of RM systems, tools, reports and indicators to allow for timely and accurate monitoring and reporting at the programme level;
  • Develops and implements plan to assist MM4P country teams to develop and implement the measurement framework and monitoring activities in their country Annual Work Plans;
  • Provides support to country teams to train partners to gather and provide data to support the RM Framework;
  • Assists DF programmes in developing results chains for their country strategies and utilize results chains, indicators and reporting requirements when designing specific interventions;
  • As needed, assists key partners (e.g. contractors, partners with agreements) in fulfilling reporting requirements, including to the Mix Market as required;
  • Makes regular visits to MM4P country posts and partner operations in order to monitor progress in project implementation and achievement of results;
  • Identifies capacity weaknesses and design appropriate activities and tools to improve RM within the programme and partners.

Develop results tracking and analysis methods and tools and reports that enable MM4P team to provide meaningful feedback to partners, stakeholders and funders with a key focus on measuring its objectives to reach out to women and rural customers/Key Result:  MM4P team has the data and tools to accurately and meaningfully track progress at the programme, country and partner level and make adjustments to achieve the greatest results:

  • Tracks RM reporting to ensure timely and accurate submission of quarterly and annual monitoring reports, assisting Programme Manager and MM4P Team to ensure partner reporting;
  • Develops systems for the flow of knowledge down to the DF programmes in the field, keeping them informed of overall performance related to targets;
  • Regularly monitors partner reports and conduct report and indicator audits to maintain quality control of internal and external reporting;
  • Develops accessible report tools at the partner, country and programme level that can be standardized across MM4P;
  • At the programme level, measuring programme targets and the progress of project activities, including social and gender dimensions and the delivery of outputs against established schedules and indicators of progress on a semi-annual basis;
  • At the country level, analyse reports and indicators against agreements, MM4P country strategies and relevant benchmarks in order to recommend improvements and interventions to increase programme effectiveness and ability to achieve lasting positive impact on a semi-annual basis;
  • At the partners level, monitor against quantifiable targets and other relevant benchmarks  per partner agreements – including the validation of partner progress reports on a quarterly basis;
  • Prepares regular progress reports for the purpose of reporting to the Investment Committee by project management.

Manage MM4P’s research activities related to measurement, working with MM4P team members globally to develop and execute research activities that support MM4P’s learning agenda/Key Results: MM4P is fulfilling its learning agenda and sharing results on how DF can be supported and successful serve low income customers in challenging markets:

  • Works with MM4P team to refine its learning agenda and proposed set of activities at the global and country level;
  • Ensures that the RM framework includes tracking information linked to each of the key learning questions;
  • Develops TORs and procurement of contractors to implement research and data gathering related to both RM and the learning agenda and manage the quality and timeliness of their work;
  • Manages all centralized data tracking efforts at the country effort, act as  primary manager for global market research firms (Intermedia, etc.) and manage their work for UNCDF;
  • Manages partnerships and collaborations for data collections with the Mix Market, GSMA and partner central banks;
  • Carries out or oversee research and studies, independently or as a counterpart to consultant(s) hired by MM4P, on various issues and undertakings relating to financial inclusion in the region;
  • Contributes to MM4P publications (focus note, research papers, blogs, etc.) highlighting programme challenges, opportunities and successes;
  • Works closely with Knowledge Manager  to ensure the regular communication of results to stakeholders;
  • Contributes, as appropriate, to Global knowledge sharing efforts to share information on MM4P and partner experience in financial inclusion.

Work across UNCDF and other DF programmes engaged in digital financial services to harmonize UNCDF’s RM and Research activities in regard to DF:

  • Works closely with the BTCA research and knowledge specialist and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) and other UNCDF programmes engaged in DF to develop harmonized approaches and tools to RM, providing and seeking support as necessary;
  • Acts as primary representative for MM4P with other DF support programmes (e.g. GSMA Mobile Money for the Unbanked, CGAP, BMGF Financial Service for the Poor) in regard to RM, Research and Data Gathering, maintaining regular contact to keep MM4P engaged in the global development of standards;
  • Works with global data gathering organizations (e.g. the Mix Market, Intermedia) and others to ensure that MM4P is contributing to the development of global information services related to DF.

Manage external evaluation teams for MM4P and liaise with the Evaluation Unit in NY /Key Result: MM4P is prepared and responsive to all evaluation requirements, maximizing the opportunity to utilize them to improve its effectiveness:

  • Acts as focal point of the UNCDF Evaluation Unit and coordinated all aspects of external evaluation and programme reviews in the region as may be required from UNCDF, MCF, BMGF, Sida, DFAT, MasterCard Foundation, etc;
  • Coordinates the conducting of internal and external evaluations of the programme by internal or independent evaluators;
  • Prepares annual planning for Evaluations and Reviews in the region, based on the UNCDF commitment and in consultation with the practice areas and the Evaluation Unit;
  • Manages the project evaluation process, using the SPIRE (corporate) approach. This involves developing the ToRs, conducting the selection process of the consultants, ensuring appropriate backstopping arrangements for evaluation missions, ensuring the completion of Management Responses and tracking and reporting on the implementation of evaluation recommendations.

Provide corporate support under the direction of the Programme Manager, including fulfilling reporting requirements, assisting with fundraising, managing staff and consultants and representing MM4P, UNCDF and UNDP at internal and external meetings, workshops and conferences/Key Result: MM4P is fully funded with resources to be a strong partner within UNCDF and with other DF providers:

  • As needed supports MM4P team in fulfilling planning and reporting requirement to the IC, UNCDF and its other funders;
  • Assists in preparation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports as well as annual work plans;
  • Assists in providing data for project appraisal documents for presentation to the IC, donors and partners;
  • Assists in preparing and grant and performance based agreement documentation for approved partners, particularly related to indicators and reporting;
  • As directed, manages MM4P relationships with funders in absence of Programme Manager;
  • Participates in the Annual FIPA retreat.


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent in Business Administration, Public Administration, Law, Finance, Economics or related field.


  • Two years of relevant and professional experience at the national or international level focusing on: Analysis and RM methods in the development context; Project monitoring and evaluation; Implementation of RM systems, particularly systems based on participatory approaches and Training in RM development and implementation;
  • Experience monitoring market development project with financial component, conducting basic financial analysis, establishing and monitoring performance based indicators, and investigating impact;
  • Experience drafting technical TORs for market research, both quantitative and qualitative, and managing implementation;
  • Working experience and knowledge of socio-economic issues which excludes various vulnerable groups, in particular women, from the financial sector and the strategies employed to address these;
  • Proven ability to manage projects;
  • Strong IT skills, including software relating to RM and project management;
  • Proven cross-cultural communication.  The candidate(s) should be able to function effectively in an international, multicultural environment;
  • Experience in Africa, Asia or the Pacific is preferred;
  • Knowledge of UNDP/UNCDF field level organization.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English;
  • Proficiency in French strongly preferred but not required.


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