Review of Blended Product and Service Contract Modality, Monitoring, Strategic Data and Evidence Unit

UN Children's Fund, Denmark

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
1st December, 2019

Job Description

UNICEF Supply Division - SD has increasingly engaged in contracts that involve procurement of equipment and require the provision of related services such as installation and maintenance. They are called blended contracts. SD is learning about the best way to manage this contract modality, which has potential technical and reputational risks related to implementation, alignment of expectations, capacity to deliver, contractual and financial liabilities, quality assurance.

UNICEF has several experiences with the blended contract modality, such as DRC Hospital Project, CCEOP in various countries, Cold Chain project in DRC, Ethiopia Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Ethiopia Solar Drive Direct (SDD) Project, Tajikistan Hospital Project. Despite being in the same overarching modality, these projects have adopted different approaches and all can offer lessons on the pros and cons of different implementation models, as well as how and why challenges arise.

UNICEF is interested in documenting and learning from these experiences to better inform how the organization should engage in similar complex projects to minimize risks and strengthen quality assurance mechanisms. One of the outputs of this review will include a matrix with different options of existing models of blended contracts, so as to facilitate understanding and decision-making within SD for future contracts.


Considering the level of risk and complexity of blended contracts, there is an opportunity to build on existing efforts to document lessons and better understand the implications and challenges of this procurement modality, also considering other experiences that may involve the same kinds of risks. This review, therefore, has the potential to inform future decisions on how to engage in blended contracts, what requirements and criteria for approval and engagement should be in place, and the necessary quality assurance mechanisms at SD and country level.

The specific objectives of the review are:

  • To provide a high-level overview of UNICEF Supply Division’s use of blended contract modalities;
  • To document the key challenges and lessons emerging in the implementation of a blended contract modality, and the factors that contributed to minimize or aggravate them;
  • To assess how risk has been managed, what mitigation measures have been agreed and the extent to which such measures have been implemented (including implications of not doing so);
  • To make recommendations on criteria, processes, requirements and guidance that needs to be in place to start up and manage blended modality projects, based on good practices mapped within UNICEF and outside.


  • The review will take a mixed methods approach that includes quantitative analysis of supply and service data, document review, key stakeholder interviews, country mission and group discussions. Quantitative data collection will include, to the extent possible, several examples of blended contracts and projects managed by Supply Division, with different degrees of complexity, implementation challenges and pain points that can offer a critical and realistic perspective on the modality.
  • The review will be undertaken by an independent consultant, managed by the Evidence Team/ UNICEF Supply Division Monitoring, Strategic Data and Evidence Unit, in close collaboration with other relevant centers in Supply Division, particularly HTC and PSC. The other following stakeholders will be engaged during the process:


Education: Advanced university degree in management, social sciences, contractual law, supply and procurement, or another relevant discipline or first university degree with relevant experience

Work Experience: At least seven years of experience in leading evaluations, reviews or institutional assessments, of similar scale and level. In addition to the following:

  • Relevant and progressive professional work experience with supply and procurement, contracting of goods and services and supply chain management is highly desirable
  • Strong skills in quantitative and qualitative research and approaches, including the facilitation of participatory workshops
  • Working knowledge of the UN, UNICEF experience is preferred

Language: Fluency in written and spoken English is essential. Candidates with additional fluency in written and spoken French will be given preference in the recruitment process.


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