Risk Analyst Business Integrity

IFC’s Business Risk and Compliance Department (CBR) is responsible for setting business standards and providing advice and guidance to the IFC Board, Management, and business teams in relation to certain non-financial business risks that may arise in IFC investments, advisory work, and in IFC’s corporate functions.  One of these is “integrity risk” – corruption, fraud, economic sanctions, litigation, criminal activity/history, politically exposed persons, opaque ownership structures, money laundering, terrorist financing  – any of which can affect the integrity of an IFC project, or adversely impact IFC’s reputation as the preeminent international organization operating in the private sector. 

To this end, IFC business teams in Washington, DC and in the field conduct integrity due diligence (IDD) to identify integrity risks in IFC projects, platforms and other new products and initiatives, and CBR supports that effort by providing advice to business teams on managing and mitigating those risks and lessening their impact when they arise. 

Integrity risks are increasing in complexity and require careful investigation, as IFC is exposed to increased risk arising from a strategic shift to riskier markets.  

This position is ideal for someone early in their career who has an interest in international business, a desire to learn more about business risk issues in the integrity space, and who wants to learn about emerging markets and development work. 

What You'll Be:

  • A risk analyst focusing on integrity risk matters
  • A strategic partner to business teams (investment and advisory)
  • A visible, vocal and influential champion for the proper management of integrity issues

What You’ll Do:

You’ll work hand-in-hand with other CBR specialists to advise business teams on all core aspects of integrity risks as they impact IFC’s clients, partners, transactions and new products/initiatives in the above region, to include: 

  • Conducting IDD research using open sources and various risk and compliance databases.
  • Support Integrity Risk Officers (IROs) and Integrity Counsels (IC) in evaluating integrity and reputational risks, making recommendations, and providing mitigation solutions.  
  • Reviewing integrity compliance programs of potential and existing IFC clients. 
  • Contributing to IDD training and knowledge management projects and initiatives.
  • Handling administrative management processes related to integrity matters, including procurement and IT project management.
  • Provide project management for IDD-related initiatives.

You’ll also support ICs and IROs in the provision of advice to business teams and management on integrity-related matters, to include:

  • Researching and analyzing integrity matters to include anti-corruption, criminal laws, beneficial ownership, etc.
  • Researching and advising on economic sanctions regimes (such as the UN, EU, UK and US regimes). 
  • Advising on impact of WBG debarments to IFC’s clients and counterparties.
  • Assisting in updating and developing policies and procedures on integrity related matters.
  • Keeping abreast of and sharing knowledge on development of risk management and compliance standards.

Selection Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in finance, economics, law, risk management or similar field
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience, which includes researching and analyzing technical topics connected with integrity.
  • Knowledge of international business transactions and project finance supported by either coursework or working experience, a plus.
  • Familiarity and fluency with data analytics and reporting.
  • Experience developing and presenting engaging workshops and trainings.
  • Fluency in one major language other than English is a plus. 

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