Safety Assistant

Danish Refugee Council

Tripoli, Libya

In close collaboration with the Safety Manager and Area Manager, the Safety Assistant will support in the in the safe and effective operation of DRCs programming in Eastern Ukraine through a range of administrative functions focused on safety and security. As a learning position, the successful candidate will be expected to take on additional responsibilities on a progressive basis, under the support and supervision of the rest of the safety team once they have been sufficiently trained to do so.

Geographic scope:
  • This role will be based in the Kharkiv Office with some travel to Kharkivska, Donetska, Dnipropetrovska and potentially Zaporizka oblasts

Primary responsibilities:
  • Support the program teams to ensure that project activities are implemented in a secure, safe, and effective manner, primarily through the procurement of safety items under the direction of technical specialists
  • Implement improvements to the Minimum Operating Safety Standards (MOSS) under the direction of technical specialists
  • Attend regular briefings and context updates
  • Monitor staff movements and report irregularities to the appropriate focal point
  • Ensure that appropriate access controls are in place for all DRC facilities
  • Proofread translated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Contingency Plans (CP), threat assessments, and other documents to ensure translations have been completed to the required standard
  • Update security phone trees and maintain staff contact information
  • Assist in implementing DRC safety policies, protocols, and procedures under technical supervision
  • Oversea the procurement / issuing of safety and protective equipment under technical instruction
  • Track the location of DRC safety assets including, but not limited to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), communications equipment, first aid kits, and so on
  • Monitor risks including, but not limited to, the DRC traffic light system and alert relevant parties in case of an emergency with relevant, compassionate, and clear advice
  • Maintain relevant safety documentation, data, and records for the areas of concern under technical guidance
  • Any other duties related to the nature of the job as directed by the supervisor
  • Responsibilities following training period
  • Assists in the implementation of DRC safety risk management systems (SRMS) under technical supervision
  • Monitor news and social media and inform Safety Manager of changes in the conflict
  • Monitor information networks and update the ‘Traffic Light System’ accordingly
  • Proactively monitor the MOSS and recommend improvements/implement basic changes
  • Deliver briefings and context updates to the Safety Team
  • Communicate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Contingency Plans (CP), threat assessments, and other safety policies to staff whose first language is not English with the support of technical specialists
  • Assess potential impacts of the evolving context on DRCs programmatic activities
  • Establish a network of local contacts to develop a nuanced understanding of the context
  • Support in site safety assessments and identify new office spaces, guesthouses, warehouses, and other sites as required. This can include regular safety audits, such as checking fire extinguishers, safe room supplies, first aid kits, emergency communication equipment, and physical security elements (MOSS), and so on.
  • Support in the completion of Safety Risk Assessments (SRAs)
  • Deliver Pre/Post Arrival Briefs to incoming staff (national and international)
  • Support incident response – particularly IMT and CMT
  • Support in the management of the DRC safety information portal (SharePoint) ensuring that it is up to date, relevant and accessible to a range of users
  • Any other duties related to the nature of the job as directed by the supervisor
Experience and competencies:
  • 2 - 4 years professional experience
  • An interest in politics and a keen understanding of the current situation in Ukraine
  • Fluent in English (both written and spoken) and proficient Ukrainian language skills
  • Willing to learn
  • Team player
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Collaborative but with the ability to work independently
  • An ability to communicate information to a range of audiences
  • An understanding of personal limitations and areas for personal development
  • Driven, dedicated and proactive
  • Excellent skills in MS Office
  • An interest in NGO operations and a desire to progress in the field of NGO safety
  • Good sense of humor