Senior Advisor

World Health Organization , Copenhagen, Denmark

Skill Required:, Research and AnalysisTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
26th February, 2020

Job Description


All Member States of WHO in the European Region share the common value of the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental human right.All of WHO's actions are based on this and rooted in the underlying value of equity as described in the General Programme of Work.

The 13th General Programme of Work defines the mission of WHO as one to promote health, to keep the world safe, and to protect the vulnerable. The GPW calls for heightened accountability, prioritizing impact and outcome at country level, and to improve the lives of three billion people, through universal health coverage, through addressing health emergencies, and promoting healthier populations.

WHO's mandate revolves around six core functions: (i) providing leadership on global health matters; (ii) shaping the health research agenda; (iii) setting norms and standards; (iv) articulating evidence-based policy options; (v) providing technical support to countries; and (vi) monitoring and assessing health trends.

The European Region (EURO) of WHO is made up of 53 countries, with over 880 million people. The diversity of people and health situations requires, on the demand side, a solid understanding of the emerging socio-economic, epidemiologic and demographic patterns and trends at both aggregate as well as national and sub-national levels, with due sensitivity to disadvantaged populations and vulnerable segments of the society. On the supply side, it is equally crucial to have a solid understanding of the commonalities and divergences of the health systems, the circumstances and political economy under which they have evolved and operate and, more specifically, how these bear upon the way the health system stewardship function of health ministries is carried out.

The objective of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health (DSP) is to develop in the WHO European Region the strategic capacity to assist Member States to design, establish and promote comprehensive health and health systems policies; to enable countries to benefit from international experience in reforming their health systems and public health services stressing quality, accessibility and efficient use of resources. The Division contributes to the development and promotion of the European Health Policy and National Health Policies, Plans and Strategies, and the knowledge base in the broad thematic areas of health systems governance, financing, organization, service delivery and resource generation, in collaboration with other relevant international, regional, national and non-governmental partners.

The Human Resources for Health Programme supports Member States to ensure availability of a skilled, motivated, responsive and productive health workforce for people-centred health systems and improved health outcomes of populations. This requires a focus on health workforce strategy, transformative education, labour market analysis and human resources for health management.


The purpose of the post is to provide Member States with expertise, policy advice and technical support in the area of human resources for health and the health workforce, with a particular focus on labour market framework policy approaches and responses, including in relation to education, training, attraction, recruitment and retention policies, and to promote research and evidence based interventions to address human resources for health issues within the domain of health systems strengthening and transforming health services towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC).

Under the guidance of the Programme Manager, HRH, the incumbent will assume the following responsibilities and achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide policy advice and technical support to European Member States, at both country and inter-country levels, to support building sustainable health workforces using labour market framework approaches across the domains of the regional framework for action and associated toolkit.
  • To provide policy advice and technical support to European Member States, at both country and inter-country levels, to strengthen their knowledge base on the health workforce, including in relation to education, training, attraction, recruitment and retention policies.
  • To support national capacity building on health workforce development and management, within the domain of health systems strengthening and transforming health services towards people-centredness towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC).
  • To provide technical/evidence informed advice to policy makers on comprehensive health workforce policies and strategic planning approaches which contribute to and support national health policy developments that lead to strengthened health systems and provision of people-centered integrated health services, which are responsive to current and future population health needs.
  • To advise, promote and support the development of technical strategies, policy options, guidelines and tools to improve the institutional capacity for cooperation between countries and relevant stakeholders.
  • To provide technical cooperation and deliver capacity building activities to Member States to develop core competencies in strategic HRH policy, planning, health labour market analysis, forecasting and management, and alignment with the strategic priorities in health systems strengthening, including moving towards universal health coverage and transforming services towards people-centeredness.
  • To provide policy advice and technical guidance to Member States to strengthen the governance capacity in the health sector in the area of human resources for health, including the ability to coordinate with other sectors such as education, labor and finance.
  • Technically support the development of regional policy initiatives and projects in collaboration with international partners to address health worker migration concerns in countries and at international, inter-country level.
  • To liaise with policy makers and policy researchers in support of evidence building on Human Resources for Health (HRH) issues.
  • To represent the Organization in technical cooperation activities with Member States, international partners and relevant stakeholders in the production, synthesis, utilization and dissemination of available evidence in human resources for health to support policy and decision making within the context of health systems strengthening and improving health outcomes.
  • To guide the collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge on health workforce migration and retention. 12. To lead writing of scientific publications, technical documents and reports related to health workforce matters.
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned.



  • Essential: University degree (Master-s level) in a health, social or management science relevant to the position, such as, but not limited to, public health, health systems, health economics, health administration, public management or relevant field.
  • Desirable: Additional post graduate degree in one of the above-mentioned areas, or diploma or other professional qualification in Human Resources Management - or doctorate in health systems Management.


  • Essential: At least 10 years of combined national and international experience in the following areas:
  • Health workforce analysis and planning
  • Policy development in the area of human resources for health / health workforce management;
  • Work with or advise ministries of health in relation to the human resources for health dimensions in the context of health systems reform;
  • Operational experience in the development and implementation of sectoral and multi-sectoral health workforce policies or governance mechanisms and approaches to improve population health and well-being.
  • Development/organization of capacity building activities in the area of health systems or human resources for health.


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