Senior Advisor Communications and External Relations

World Health Organization

Beijing, China

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The objective of WHO China Country Office communications work is to accelerate the achievement of public health objectives and communicate WHO's mission and work so as to build trust in the organization.  It includes increasing awareness in China of public health issues and the role and applicability of WHO's policies, guidance and normative standards to address public health needs in China, and gain public support for WHO's mission and work, through the implementation of a WHO China Communications for Health Strategy.  The programme also supports and aligns with WHO Regional Communications 4 Health Action Framework and Global communications strategies in communicating WHO's regional and global priorities to stakeholders in China.


The post holder will be responsible for:

  • Leading the development and delivery of WHO China Country Office communications for health strategy, including strategic advocacy activities, to support delivery of WHO China Country Cooperation Strategy and Health China 2030 Vision;
  • Leading the execution of the Country Office communications for health strategy, working with a range of traditional and social media and other mediums through which WHO engages with the Chinese and international policy makers, professionals and public on public health issues; 
  • Advising and supporting the WHO Representative in their communications role, and act as a spokesperson for WHO in the national and international media and social media when required;
  • Supporting the WR in the identification of strategic communications opportunities for the implementation of the WHO China Country Cooperation Strategy and the Healthy China 2030 vision;
  • Working with the technical teams in the WHO China Country Office on (including health systems, health security, communicable and non communicable disease, global health) to develop and deliver communications strategies to achieve their public health objectives including preparation of speeches for external events;
  • Participating and contributing to the UN Communications Group in support of the UN Country Team and liaising as needed on communications strategies with other UN agencies;
  • As a member of the WCO leadership group, supporting the WR in the development and execution of WHO’s strategy and high-level objectives for its work in China, including through working closely with the Team Coordinators to manage and monitor the progress of the WCO’s overall work program, promote cross-team work and collaboration, and leverage the technical capacity of the technical teams;
  • Advising and supporting the WR in the management of WHO’s relationship with Government of China counterparts, as well as management and oversight of WHO’s relationships with other external partners and stakeholders, including UN agencies, other member states delegations in China, international and national NGOs, and academic institutions;
  • Advising and supporting the WR in internal communications with Country and Regional Office and Headquarters staff;
  • Managing communications and external relations staff, consultants and vendors
  • Perform other duties as required.

Required Qualifications:



  • Master's degree (or higher) in public health, science, communications, journalism, social science, law or economics from a recognized university.



  • Minimum of 10 years work experience in public health, at national and international levels, with at least 5 years’ experience at senior level on public health communications.


  • High level of expertise in public health communications;  
  • Ability to establish harmonious working relationships as part of a team, adapt to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and maintain a high standard of personal conduct; 
  • Ability to demonstrate gender equity and cultural appropriateness in the delivery of services and working with colleagues and partners;
  • Experience and proficiency in stakeholder management and networking with nongovernmentorganizations, multi-sectorial groups and civil society partners;
  • Communications skills / experience – including media strategy, media liaison, and work insocial media, writing, and multimedia content creation;
  • Demonstrated high level organizational, strategic and management skills; 
  • Knowledge of a broad range of health policy issues

Language Skills:


  • Expert knowledge of written and spoken English.