Senior Associate- Advocacy

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, Bangalore, India

Skill Required:, Media and CommunicationPolicy/ Advocacy and CampaignResearch and Analysis
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13th February, 2015

Job Description

Senior Associate – Advocacy

Basic job information Job

title: Senior Associate – Advocacy

Unit: ARC

Reports to: Sr Manager – Advocacy Location: Bangalore

Purpose of role

The main purpose of this job is to provide support to the Manager in engaging with external stake holders including government, media, citizens, civil society organisations etc. He/she will also assist in organsing events such as workshops ,conferences aimed at stakeholders with the aim of furthering Janaagraha’s advocacy goals.

Main duties

 Regular dissemination of policy updates, briefs, information related to ASICS through mainstream and social media.

 Ensure renewal of existing partnerships with government, citizens, and other stakeholders through sustained and strategic engagement

 Create a calendar of activities related to ASICS and advocacy of Janaagrahas agenda

 Be main point of contact with other programs within Janaagraha as well as with media, government, citizen groups, etc.

 Ensure regular and relevant communication with stakeholders working in the area of Urban governance Knowledge and experience

 Formal qualifications in communications coupled with experience in media is desirable.

 The ideal candidate will have 2 to 3 years of relevant work experience in managing communication, engaging with external stake holders / partners, organising events.

 Skill required in Excel to generate basic management information reports

 Must have proven ability to communicate verbally and electronically with very senior professionals Organization Skills Planning and organizing:

 Must be able to plan annual engagement calendar and subsequently create annual strategies and tactics which can support the engagement calendar.

 Must be able to regularly engage with major media orgnaisations local and national to disseminate research and policy output of the team

 Must strive to create ASICS as a major brand in policy circles evoking instant recall among stakeholders in the urban policy space as well as the government, corporate citizens and the general public. Initiative and innovation:

 Is expected to find ways of improving communication and deliver Janaagraha’s message through all forms of media and through events, etc. Working with others:

 Tact, diplomacy and the ability to be passionate about impact are required as Janaagraha is a very driven organization and this requires a constant optimization of existing resources which the job holder is expected to resolve. The job-holder is also required to manage relationships with very senior stakeholders in very large organizations to ensure that existing partnerships are renewed with regularity to help create urban transformation.

Other essential requirements

 The job involves some travel to major metros of India and also contributing towards organisation building activities by participating in cross functional team led projects

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