Senior Evaluation Officer

The Adaptation Fund is recruiting a Senior Evaluation Officer (Coordinator of AF-TERG Secretariat) to support the AF-TERG in effectively implementing its work programme and budget.  The post holder will be required to work, with a range of internal and external stakeholders and vendor partners, and manage relations, sometimes including complex arrangements, with them.  S/he will take responsible roles in engaging in and supporting aspects of evaluative work under the guidance and supervision of the Chair of the AF-TERG. It is expected that the post holder will be a seasoned task manager, with experience of similar organizations and with extensive experience on how to work within the World Bank business environment.  S/he should be able to make decisions and advise the AF-TERG Chair and the AFB secretariat Manager on how to best operationalize the AF-TERG strategy and multi-year work programme. 

S/he will be report operationally (on technical issues related to the AF-TERG work program) to the AF-TERG Chair, and administratively to the Manager of the AFB Secretariat.

The post holder will be responsible for managing the implementation of the AF-TERG budget, identifying best solutions for the effective implementation of the work programme and making business decisions to deliver high quality products, in consultation with the AF-TERG Chair, the AFB secretariat Manager and relevant senior operational staff of the World Bank. The candidate will have the required delegated level and qualifications (or equivalent) in the World Bank system to be able to undertake the first level of approval and due diligence before the AFB secretariat Manager makes the final approval. The candidate will supervise the work of the administrative staff and data analysts within a lean AF-TERG Secretariat. Technical oversight will be provided by the AF-TERG member focal point.

S/he will help ensure the good coordination between the AF-TERG and the AFB secretariat.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The post holder will perform the following three core functions:

Secretariat Coordinator function:

  • Financial management:  Lead on all aspects of budget, financial and expenditure management, under the supervision of the AF-TERG Chair and the AFB secretariat Manager and in consultation with relevant senior operational staff at the World Bank, to ensure that the TERG delivers high quality work programme and processes in a cost-effective way. 
  • Strategic programme management:  A critical aspect of the post holder’s responsibility will be to lead on strengthening operational efficiency of the AF-TERG.  This will include efficiently managing all workflow planning, coordination, and management across an increasingly growing and complex portfolio of evaluation work.  The post holder will put in place and employ appropriate tools, systems and processes to support the AF-TERG in smoothly planning, tracking, delivering and adjusting its ambitious three-year work programme, identify potential risks to delivery, and propose potential solutions. These processes and tools will be aligned with the AF-TERG principles.
  • Procurement management:  The AF-TERG conducts a major part of its work through a substantial and growing number of contracts – which are currently for individual Short-Term Consultants (STCs).  As contracts officer (TTL), the post holder will lead on all aspects of recruitment, procurement and contract management in line with established World Bank policies and procedures.  This is a critical function for the AF-TERG, and the post holder will be expected to develop approaches and solutions to streamline processes and strengthen procurement efficiencies so that the AF-TERG can deliver at pace. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: drafting Terms of Reference, leading contracting and sourcing processes, negotiating fee rates, exploring alternative contracting models with firms, expanding expert databases and company rosters, etc.  The post holder will also be required to manage the practical aspects of contracts, including by monitoring the work products of contracted personnel, providing advice as required to ensure that deliverables are produced to quality standards and in a timely manner.  S/he should review work provided by consultants to ensure responsiveness to and consistency with the TORs, and accordingly, liaise with AF-TERG focal points on all issues related to technical quality and delivery.  The post holder will also be expected to play a strong role in onboarding consultants.
  • Stakeholder management:  Maintain relationships with key internal and external stakeholders who can influentially participate in developing immediate and future AF-TERG business opportunities.  Use networks to enhance AF-TERG work processes and collaborate with key stakeholders for collaboration, ownership and operational efficiency.
  • Operational Effectiveness:  Implement other required change management methodologies to improve the operational effectiveness of the AF-TERG.
  • Liaise closely with the AFB Secretariat on all administrative matters related to the AF-TERG’s work.  The post-holder will be expected to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with the AFB secretariat, keeping abreast of key events and initiatives within the Fund and other emerging information of relevance to the AF-TERG.  The post holder will also be expected to update and strengthen the protocol on ways of working co-developed with the AFB secretariat, the GEF (as the administrative host of the AF-TERG, and the World Bank Group).

Senior Evaluation Officer function, including, in the immediate future:

  • Evaluation support function:  Manage elements of AF-TERG work programme as agreed with the AF-TERG Chair: 
  • Coordinate the workflow processes for the development of the Evaluation Policy Guidance Notes.  Ensure that the Evaluation Policy Guidance, once developed, are implemented and creating the necessary capacity within key stakeholders.
  • Lead on organizing, together with the AFB secretariat, evaluation-related capacity building events for Adaptation Fund stakeholders. 
  • Coordinate the workflow processes for the Overall Evaluation of the Fund 
  • Liaise with the AFB secretariat on data and information required for evaluations.  
  • Business Partner with AF-TERG Members: working together, as partners, with AF-TERG members in their role of focal points for different, providing technical support when necessary and identifying solutions to technical problems arising in their work programme.  
  • Strategic work programming:  Contribute to the development and drafting of the next work programme and budget of the AF-TERG (FY25-27).  Support the AF-TERG in responding to guidance by the EFC and Board.
  • Knowledge management:  Lead on evaluation knowledge management, liaising closely with the AFB secretariat as required to identify best practice, codify lessons, and identify strategies to disseminate these.  This will also require some business intelligence gathering on relevant work of other climate funds, especially where there is scope for alignment. 
  • Communications and Outreach:  Lead on communications and outreach, which includes overseeing the development of a strategy, putting in place protocols for intellectual property, providing guidance and support to the AF-TERG members on its implementation and ensuring that these approaches remain in line with the AFB practice.  Develop key networks and proactively identify opportunities for AF-TERG to engage with AF stakeholders and peers on relevant CCA and MEL.  Build rapport and communicate with senior stakeholders within the AF. 
  • Representational:  As agreed in advance with the Chair of the AF-TERG, represent the AF-TERG in external forums.  This may also require occasional travel, as agreed with the Chair of the AF-TERG and the AFB SEC Manager.

Other administrative functions:

  • Contribute to the preparation of documents for the EFC and Board meetings (twice-yearly)
  • Develop briefing notes, coordinate AF-TERG responses to requests for information, lead on onboarding processes for new recruits
  • Administrative support to the AF-TERG members in taking forward the work programme elements
  • Lead on organizing AF-TERG meetings, including drafting the agenda in consultation with the AF-TERG Chair, and ensure that meeting minutes are provided in a timely manner.  
  • Supervise the AF-TERG Secretariat admin staff in providing travel and other logistical support to the AF-TERG
  • Perform any other tasks as reasonably assigned by the AFB secretariat Manager and/or the AF-TERG Chair.

Selection Criteria:

  • Advanced degree in a relevant discipline and substantial relevant professional experience (typically the successful candidate will have at least 10 years of experience in positions of increasing complexity and responsibility. Proven experience with Bank processes and management of complex workflow processes is a significant plus.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, diplomatic and communication skills required to interact with diverse stakeholders while working in a global collaborative team environment.
  • Experience in innovating, translating ideas into action plans and delivering results
  • Management of people (consultants and staff)
  • Work in similar evaluation offices or functions, and a good understanding of evaluations of sustainable development, preferably climate change adaptation would be an advantage, but is not a requirement
  • High professional and personal integrity
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a team
  • Organizational skills and the ability to concurrently handle multiple assignments, working under pressure and through the spectrum of activities from strategic level to implementation level issues.
  • Excellent oral and written communications and editing skills; strong command of English; knowledge of other languages would be desirable, especially French and Spanish. 
  • Ability to deal sensitively in multi-cultural environments and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues.