Senior Finance and Administration Manager

International Lifeline Fund, Lira, Uganda

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
12th June, 2020

Job Description

Key Responsibilities: In close collaboration with the Country Director and Director of Finance at the Global Office, the Senior Finance and Administration Manager will be responsible for International Lifeline Fund’s (Lifeline’s) day-to-day financial tracking of the country office including but not limited to reporting, forecasting, detailed analysis, and budget management.


  •  Day to day management of Lifeline’s Finance Department in accordance with existing financial procedures.
  •  Ensure that the appropriate approvals and signatures are present on the appropriate documentation before any payment is issued.
  •  Strictly follow the finance management procedures’ cycle and report any observed anomalies to the CD and DOF immediately.
  •  Constantly review banking arrangements and ensure timely transfer of funds and minimize exchange loses and bank charges.**
  •  Supervise entries of receivables and expenditures into cashbooks using QuickBooks.
  •  Use and verify Lifeline (or any other codes assigned for projects) budget codes on hard and soft copies, in the books of original entries and in QuickBooks.
  •  Monthly management of the bank accounts -- Maintain accurately and up to date. records in QuickBooks of all bank transactions, including those made from Kampala.
  •  Organize requisitions, receipts, invoices, and any other payment proof made by checks in the monthly accountancy folders and separate them per donor.
  •  Monthly management and reconciliation of all accounts and bank statements in QuickBooks.
  •  Generate timely accurate donor reports as required.
  •  Ensure compliance with all banking, financial registration, and auditing protocols within Uganda and/or as required by partners’ agreements and procedures.
  •  Budget management and reporting -- Create regular budget versus actual reports for program staff in collaboration with Program Managers and Country Director (especially important for donor budgets).
  •  Provide a consolidated monthly finance report to the CD and Director of Finance on budget spending, including monthly budget follow-ups.
  •  Build capacity with existing finance staff and train new staff members on financial matters.


  •  Strategically plan and manage Lifeline’s Logistics Department in accordance with existing procedures.
  •  Direct, optimize and coordinate full order cycles
  •  Liaise and negotiate with suppliers
  •  Supervise inventory tracking and efficiencies
  •  Meet cost, productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets
  •  Make sure that the currency rate set by HQ is used comprehensively.
  •  Brief new staff members on finance matters.


  •  Work closely with Senior Management to successfully separate social enterprise section
  •  Review and certify documentation is in place


  •  Stay abreast of any deadlines connected to Human Resources and Administration or Programs.
  •  Establish and maintain a well-organized files/record-keeping system (separate accountability documents per project) making sure all files are in order and prepared for both internal and external audits.
  •  Ensure original documents are available for color pdf copy if needed by HQ, donor, or auditors.
  •  Keep the status of statutory deductions up to date and maintain a separate file for monthly NSSF payments and URA payments.
  •  Train/advise Program Managers/Senior Officers in project financial management.
  •  Draft documents as requested by the Program Managers or CD.
  •  Participate in team meetings as needed.
  •  Be service-minded while dealing with colleagues and always keep a professional and friendly attitude while dealing with colleagues.
  •  Be attentive to others’ suggestions; manage, evaluate, and report daily activities to the CD and ensure information flow.
  •  Report immediately to CD any financial procedure breach.
  •  Review and revise all financial procedures together with the CD and the Finance Department at Head Quarters. This may include revising/correcting older QuickBooks files.
  •  Continuously recommend improved financial procedures for ILF.

Qualifications and Experience

  •  Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in accounting or finance or business administration and additional ACCA / CPA qualifications.
  •  Must have at least 5 years’ experience in financial management for large and complex projects in medium and large institutions (both NGO and private sectors).
  •  Ability and flexibility to handle high levels of pressure to meet very strict deadlines and critical decision making.
  •  High integrity, unquestionable character, and openness coupled with a commitment to good governance.
  •  Conversant with computer-based finance management software skills and experience preferably with QuickBooks.


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