Senior Information Management Associate

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Haiti, Haiti

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: IT and ICT

All UNHCR staff and affiliates are accountable to perform their duties as reflected in their terms of reference. They do so within their delegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR which includes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks. In addition, staff are required to discharge their responsibilities in a manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerial competencies and UNHCR’s core values of professionalism, integrity and respect for diversity.


  • Undertake a complete mapping of existing tools/systems and technologies for AAP activities used by UNHCR and its project partners in the Haiti and, to the extent possible, include also systems used by other agencies and partners. This includes the “Call/Contact Centers” and messaging tools and their use in the field as well as others referenced in the AAP Operational Guidance,  focusing on safe and secure digital communication channels, risk management and integrity related to digital identification.
  • In coordination with the HQs-led Common Good data Initiative workstreams #3 on qualitative protection data, and support of Regional in the Americas, develop and implement systems to capture, record and convey data and information collected through:
  • participatory assessments, 
  • report and feedback mechanisms, 
  • bidirectional communication channels, and 
  • other participatory means 
  • allowing UNHCR to ensure perspective of individuals and communities is properly integrated to the operational management cycle and to decision making. 
  • Design and implement Information Management strategies and work plan bringing together AAP efforts and initiatives.
  • Develop inter-agency dashboards to visualize evidence based on data coming from social research, community feedback, perception surveys, and rumor tracking.
  • Collaborate with other IMOs or M&E working groups to ensure data feeds into the wider AME for the response.
  • Manage platforms and tools that support data collection and analysis.
  • Implement presence mapping tools (e.g., 5Ws) and associated visualization and insights products (this includes GIS analysis of media, internet, cell phone and agency-level CFMs coverages and gaps).
  • Coordinate the deployment of collective CFMs (product owner from the vendors’ perspective), and associated visualization and insights products.
  • Ensure Data Responsibility is applied across the AAP IM tools in collaboration and coordination with data protection focal points.
  • Support the definition of performance indicators (and its methodology of measurement)
  • Support the development of inter-agency information sharing protocols /data-sharing agreements.
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of agreed upon collective AAP performance indicators, and associated visualization and insights products.
  • Support data analysis to improve situational awareness and support evidence-based planning and operations.
  • Support the AAP working group internal knowledge management, and associated platforms.
  • Participate and support interagency working group.
  • Provide recommendations for scale-up of existing initiatives.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Qualifications and Experience:

Education and Work Experience:

  • 4-years relevant experience with High School Diploma; or 2 years relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher. 


  • Minimum 4 years information management, data or statistical field, and progressively responsible experience in humanitarian or development situation. Experience with data sharing, data management and data analysis to support policy formulation and implementation. 

Language :

  • Fluent command of the English.
  • The use of French and Haitian Creole are essential.