Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist

IFG is a dynamic team of infrastructure finance specialists who provide specific expertise for private capital solutions in support of infrastructure investment across all sectors and regions of the Bank. IFG supports the development, structuring and implementation of project pipelines and transactions employing a range of Bank products, loans and guarantees and other global Trust Fund products designed to attract commercial financing and/or private sector investment at competitive terms and conditions for the benefit of World Bank clients. IFG houses the World Bank’s guarantee program which has to date supported 69 projects through innovative solutions to mobilize commercial financing for development. $11.5 billion of WB commitments supported mobilization of US38.4 billion of Private Capital at project level and total financing of US$63 billion.

The Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist within IFG plays an important role in advancing IFG’s and the IPG Group’s overall agenda, focusing primarily on the midstream and downstream activities He/She will be expected to have a good understanding of infrastructure financial markets, knowledge of different types of project sponsors and investors including commercial banks, ESG investors and institutional investors and experience with the full spectrum of debt instruments (such as corporate loans and bonds, leveraged loans, project finance, structured credit products, securitization, EM bonds, green bonds and loans, sustainability-linked loans, etc.) as they may relate to financing needs of the clients. He/She will report to the Practice Manager of IFG.

Specific responsibilities and duties include:

  • Work with Bank’s regional teams and country management units (CMUs) to lead the design of complex infrastructure finance interventions that intend to mobilize private capital for climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience projects – including for key energy transitions and transport decarbonization.
  • Support the expansion of Bank’s project pipeline that is targeted to mobilize commercial and private sector financing. This includes (i) identification of opportunities and candidates, (ii) relationship building and management with both internal clients (Regions, CMUs, IFC & MIGA) and external clients (commercial banks, institutional investors, project sponsors, etc.).
  • Facilitate dialogue and advise internal clients (regional departments, sectors, country management units) and engage with external clients (governments and SOEs) on the development and effective implementation of mobilizing commercial capital for sustainable development of climate-smart investments with a specific focus on one or more of the innovative financing solutions such as:
  • Project financing for climate smart investments
  • Climate funds and ESG-linked financing instruments including green bonds and loans, sustainable financing, social bonds and loans, etc.
  • Blended finance facilities leveraging MDB guarantees, public resources, climate funds and ESG-linked financing instruments to mobilize private capital for public projects
  • Risk sharing facilities: provide practical and cutting-edge expertise related to the design, structuring and operationalization of financial intermediary facilities to develop local currency financing for key climate transitions such as for energy efficiency, e-mobility, small scale renewables etc
  • Recommend and structure credit enhancement products (including WB guarantees and loans) to enable provision of sustainable and affordable commercial financing solutions at scale and through access to new investors;
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other WBG units including IFC and MIGA with the objective of delivering the best mix of WBG products that meet the client’s needs; and
  • Disseminate World Bank Group (WBG) capabilities and products for risk mitigation and private capital mobilization at international for a and within WBG through targeted knowledge products, blogs and webinars.

Selection Criteria:

  • MS or MBA degree in finance, economics, law, or equivalent area and a minimum of 8 years of relevant work experience in infrastructure finance and investment with private sector or market-oriented financial institutions.
  • A background in investment and development banking with proven track record of working with private sector projects and governments (including state owned utilities/infrastructure authorities).
  • Strong understanding of infrastructure policies, strategies and institutions, and how they are best designed to deliver services in a sustainable manner.
  • A full understanding of project finance, structured finance, capital markets, reinsurance market, ESG linked finance, green bonds and loans, sustainability-linked debt instruments and transition bonds. Familiarity with commercial banks, bond investors and institutional investors and the key motives and constraints driving their lending or investment underpinned by proven track record of transactions.
  • Demonstrated experience in multiple sectors, such as energy, transport, digital development, water at federal, state, municipal/city levels. Strong understanding of innovative and green technology solutions such as solar, wind, mini-grids, battery storage, e-mobility, urban mobility, energy efficiency, hydrogen sub-sectors, etc..
  • An understanding of market trends and innovative financial developments across sectors and regions and an ability to translate such trends and developments to potential opportunities that could expand the World Bank’s project pipeline that is targeted to mobilize private sector financing.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of French and/or Spanish will be a plus
  • Proven ability to interact and communicate effectively with clients at a senior level.
  • Ability to work flexibly on a range of assignments and prioritize a variety of complex evolving tasks.
  • Ability to deal sensitively in a multicultural environment and build effective work relations with clients and colleagues.