Senior Manager for Strategy & Risk Management

World Vision, Kampala, Uganda

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
18th March, 2019

Job Description


Provide effective development and management of WV Uganda strategy and business planning processes in order to enable the organisation to align with global expectations, track its progress, capture learning and improve its performance towards achieving child well-being. Additionally, the job holder will be responsible for developing and operating an Enterprise Risk Management system that protects organizational integrity.


Develop comprehensive new National Strategy (in line with the new global Our Promise strategy):

  • Develop and lead the process of building a new National Strategy for WVU using the standard WV “7-step” strategy development process, ensuring that a new strategy has been fully developed and approved by 31st September 2020. Work to ensure strong engagement of all relevant actors in the development process.
  • Ensure effective roll-out of the new strategy, using different communication mediums in order to ensure widespread understanding and buy-in.

Lead WVU’s annual business planning, monitoring and reporting processes:

  • Facilitate an annual strategic reflection with key WVU (and VisionFund Uganda (VFU)) stakeholders, focusing on progress in implementing WVU’s national strategy and priorities for the following year’s Annual Business Plan (ABP).
  • Supervise the development of WVU’s ABP with key stakeholders. Coordinate the quarterly monitoring process to ensure that progress towards annual objectives is kept on track. Work with senior leadership to prepare semi-annual reports on progress for submission to the Regional Office and presentation to the Board.
  • During annual business planning, work with senior leadership to identify capacity building priorities and prepare the WVU Organisational Capacity Plan (OCP). Coordinate with WVU’s Strategic Support Team (SST) lead to ensure that the SST Action Plan is integrated into the OCP.
  • Encourage and support departments to complete Departmental ABPs aligned to the National ABP.
  • Work with PQ Director and team to identify and implement enhancements to processes and tools for strategic monitoring and decision-making.

Lead the development and implementation of a framework for managing strategic change initiatives:

  • Establish tools and processes for assessing the impact of prospective initiatives on staff responsibilities and workload, and for managing the pace of new initiatives.
  • Establish a framework for managing strategic initiatives that ensures that all phases of the lifecycle of initiatives are well managed: including development of the benefits case (rationale / strategic alignment), project management, communications, change management, transition management and post implementation review.
  • Oversee the introduction of the framework.

Monitor the strategic landscape and coordinate actions with senior leadership to respond to strategic changes:

  • Design the structure of a knowledge base on the changing Ugandan landscape and oversee implementation using an appropriate technology platform (e.g. Confluence).
  • Coordinate periodic scanning of key external information sources to maintain knowledge base and further support strategic decision-making.
  • Assess the impact of key external events and trends on WVU’s risk exposure and provide a report to the Risk Management Committee.
  • Identify and assess opportunities for improved organizational effectiveness and work with unit managers to plan and implement targeted improvements:
  • Work with business unit managers to map WVU’s business processes and develop priority areas for improvement. Coordinate activities to initiate process improvement projects that follow good change management principles.

Act as an effective bridge between the National Office and the field offices, building relationships of trust that:

  • Enable change management and organisational effectiveness issues to be surfaced and addressed.
  • Facilitate communications on the priorities and rationale for change.
  • Perform a Quality Assurance role to assess the efficacy of WVU’s structures for supporting the organization’s evolving operational models, and work with senior leadership to identify appropriate opportunities for improvement.

Develop & lead WVU’s Enterprise Risk Management function - Building organisational risk culture:

  • Serve as a Risk Prime to lead WVU’s Risk Management Function, ensuring proper implementation of WVI’s Risk Management Framework in compliance with the Partnership Enterprise Risk Policy.
  • Serve as Crisis Coordinator of WVU’s Crisis/Incident Management Team function in response to major crisis events.
  • Serve as a focal point in Integrated Incident Management (IIM) analysis and follow-up actions with the Risk Management Committee.
  • Lead development (and quarterly refresh) WVU’s Risk Register with key stakeholders, focusing on the identification of top risks and risk treatment.
  • 4Lead development (and annually refresh) WVU’s Risk Appetite Statement (which is contextualised from WVI’s) in order to capture & communicate organisational risk appetite and tolerance.
  • Work with the WVU Security function to facilitate the development/update the Country Risk Rating and Security Risk monitoring.
  • Work with WVU Risk Based Audit team in planning audits based on strategic risk exposure.


  • Degree in a development-related field and/or management studies.
  • Postgraduate qualification and/or professional qualification in a development-related field and/or management studies.
  • Strategic Business Planning and Management.
  • Project Management including design, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Business Process Improvement.
  • Leadership of organizational change in cross cultural settings.
  • Capacity building and facilitation skills.
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Strong Communications skills (in English).
  • Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
  • Five years of experience in strategy & risk field.
  • Track record of engagement with an executive leadership team.
  • ature and committed Christian who can lead spiritual nurture activities.

Work Environment/Travel: Based in the National Office in Kampala. Travel will be required to field offices a few times a year. One or two short international trips each year.


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