Senior Officer - Fund and Business Development

Global Green Growth Institute, Sri Lanka

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
12th May, 2021

Job Description

  • Based in Seoul, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an intergovernmental organization founded to support and promote a model of economic growth known as "green growth" which targets key aspects of economic performance such as poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. The organization partners with countries, multilateral institutions, government bodies, and the private sector to help build economies that grow strongly and are more efficient and sustainable in the use of natural resources, less carbon intensive, and more resilient to climate change.
  • GGGI has a diverse portfolio of programs in developing countries around the world. These in-country programs, together with global products and services, focus on delivering results through an integrated approach of evidence-based green growth planning and implementation aligned to countries’ development priorities. The organization also focuses on knowledge development and management activities which build a strong theoretical and empirical basis for green growth, while providing concrete options and guidance for policymakers; as well as building the conditions for public and private green infrastructure investments.
  • In Sri Lanka, GGGI is working under the guidance of, and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment. The National Designated Authority (NDA), the Ministry of Environment through the Climate Change Secretariat (CCS), nominated GGGI to be its delivery partner for the implementation of the GCF NAP Readiness Support. Aimed at building resilience of the most vulnerable sectors and communities in Sri Lanka to adverse effects of climate change by strengthening the country’s capacity and system to implement the National Adaptation Plan, the project will be implemented by GGGI in close coordination with the NDA.
  • Reporting to the Program Lead/NAP Team Leader, GGGI is looking for a Fund and Business development Senior Officer, a new fixed-term position to assist the implementation of the Sri Lanka GCF NAP Readiness support project.


  • The Fund and Business development Senior Officer will provide technical support to the Government of Sri Lanka in setting up a comprehensive adaptation finance and resource mobilization mechanisms which will enable and scale up adaptation finance. S/he, under close supervision of Program Lead/NAP Team Leader, organizes program activities and provides day to day technical support internally as well as to NDA, CCS, focal government counterparts in the context of the “hybrid team”. The position maintains effective program reporting and communication internally and externally in line with GGGI corporate policies, standards, and protocols.


Purpose of this position is to support the project team to establish comprehensive adaptation finance and resource mobilization approach to enable scaling up of adaptation finance by:

  • Carrying out an assessment of the financial needs for long-term adaptation planning with recommendation on restructuring the existing funding process for an effective channeling of funds across sectors according to adaption priorities.
  • Supporting the establishment of a National Adaptation Fund including assessment of current policy and legal provisions and requirements to setup a fund, governance structure and operational modalities.
  • Development of mechanism for alignment of national and international funding to support climate change adaptation interventions including strategy for national climate change adaptation research fund, a window within existing research funds.
  • Engagement of private sector for adaptation actions including assessing options such blended finance approaches and/or service markets that accelerate the uptake of climate-smart technologies.


  • Advise Country Team and NAP TL with evidence and data driven substantive inputs and analyses on program activity development, implementation and assessment
  • Collaborate with other country teams, units and divisions of GGGI on identified joint activity opportunities to ensure integrated delivery as “One GGGI”
  • Maintain active professional relations with government of Sri Lanka and other key stakeholders to capture and integrate their changing green growth needs and manage “client” expectations.
  • Promote green growth and the GGGI methodology with the GCF and other donor community and stakeholders.
  • Advise GGGI on opportunities for engagement in the national context, demonstrating effective adaptation of the GGGI approach


  • Develop 9 provincial level adaptation concept proposals for GCF investment.
  • Prepare an updated assessment report on financing requirement (for the current NAP proposed adaptation actions), and possible sources.
  • Develop annual updated list of potential sources of finance for adaptation priority actions.
  • Prepare an assessment report on current policy and legal provision to setup a National Adaptation Fund.
  • Develop proposal for establishing a National Adaptation Fund.
  • Develop an inventory of funding resources including list of possible avenues to learn, build capacity and align adaptation planning and implementation.
  • Facilitate discussion with private sector organizations and identify possible areas of collaboration. Three to five sectors will be identified based on vulnerability of sectors and high relevance of the sector to the private sector.
  • Based on the dialogue and engagement with the private sector, support engagement by assessing blended finance approaches and/or service markets that accelerate the uptake of climate-smart technologies.
  • Organize target meeting with interested private sectors on possible alignment and allocation of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund to support climate change adaptation projects; and develop and agreed list of private sector support for adaptation interventions in Sri Lanka.



  • Master's degree in environmental/climate change policy, environment finance; natural resource management, Economics, development studies, public administration, or other closely related field.
  • Preferably 7 years of work experience in climate change policy, environment and/or finance, with least 3 years of experience in climate finance
  • Good and demonstrated understanding and experience with the Government of Sri Lanka's commitments to the Climate Change Agenda, Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). Awareness of public funding allocation to the different relevant sectors is an advantage.
  • Good familiarity, networking and working relationships with different donors and other partner organizations
  • Demonstrated ability to review and synthesize information and produce appropriate documents, with a strong analytical background, coupled with exceptional strategic thinking skills
  • Good understanding of global climate change negotiations and multilateral climate funds, different options for climate change mitigation and adaptation with deep knowledge of different GCF funding options.
  • Demonstrated experience in multi stakeholder Government of Sri Lanka planning frameworks
  • Demonstrated project management and evaluation experience in Sri Lanka;
  • Good English communication (speaking, writing and presentation) skills, including publication of written material and ability to produce high-quality visual aids; and excellent local language skills.


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