Senior Procurement Assistant

World Health Organisation(WHO), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Skill Required:, Media and CommunicationProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
25th February, 2015

Job Description

Description of duties:

1. The incumbent is responsible for transactional processing of purchase orders for goods.
- During the process the incumbent liaises with counterparts in regional offices or in headquarters and brings any non-conform issues to the attention of the Procurement Lead in the Global Service Centre.
- This process deals with creation of PO from an approved requisition, capturing supplier related information on the goods PO and creation of shipping instructions.
- PO is created, approved and dispatched to the suppliers/ shipping agent.
- The acknowledgement from the supplier is updated on the PO. Approved requisitions are pooled and assigned by the Procurement Lead to the different Procurement Assistants.
- The Procurement team manually check for the requisition lines assigned for them.
- If the requisition is incomplete and requires additional information, the Procurement Assistant declines the requisition lines and sends it back to the regional or HQ procurement specialist.
- If the requisition is complete in all respects and conforms with the rules and regulations of WHO, the Procurement Assistant converts the requisition line to PO.
- The Procurement Assistant, on approval of the Procurement Lead, may add additional items to the PO.
- The Procurement Assistant completes the packing information on the goods PO and checks if the supplier is also the forwarder.
- If they are, the goods PO is submitted for approval.
- If the supplier is not the forwarder then the Procurement Assistant notifies the Lead, Shipping unit to enter the shipping related information.
- Once complete, the Procurement Assistant completes the review and triggers the approval process of goods PO and shipping instructions.
- A notification is sent to the Head, Procurement Services Unit, or Procurement Lead with delegated authority, for the approval of the PO who reviews the PO and approves/ rejects the PO.
- Approval of PO triggers creation of encumbrance entries.
- The approval of the goods PO simultaneously approves the shipping instructions.
- Approved POs for non-local purchases are sent to suppliers through mail/email.
- For local purchases the PO is returned to the Procurement Specialist or Supply Officer in Headquarters or Regional Offices for on forwarding.
- The rejected POs are sent back to the Procurement Assistant for review.
- If the supplier sends a revision to the PO, the Procurement Assistant notifies the shipping unit for the amendment of the shipping instructions.
- Procurement Assistant amends the goods PO with the revisions and submits the PO for re-approval.
- The approval process for the revised PO is the same as the original PO.
- Once approved the revised POs are sent to the suppliers/forwarders for acknowledgement.
- The forwarder is notified for every revision or cancellation of PO.
- Changes to the PO like revisions/ cancellations result in reversed encumbrance entries.
- The Re-approval of PO will trigger creation of new encumbrance entries for the revised amounts.
- The Procurement Assistant receives the PO acknowledgement from the suppliers.
- PO is updated with the acknowledgement. In certain situations UNDP or other UN agencies are requested to procure or pay for goods on behalf of WHO.
- The request is tracked by a Requisition and PO is raised with UNDP as a supplier or a payment method.
- The original supplier sends the goods to WHO at the given consignee address. UNDP makes payment to the supplier on behalf of the WHO.

2. The incumbent is responsible for transactional processing of purchase orders for services.
- During the process the incumbent liaises with counterparts in regional offices or in headquarters and brings any non-conform issues to the attention of the Procurement Lead in the Global Service Centre This process captures the steps associated with evaluation of approved service requisitions, creation of service contracts (internal or external), approval of service contracts, revising the service contracts and issuing the first payment request on signing the contract.
- This process is triggered by the event of "Service Requisition approved".
- The outcome of this process is a signed service contract.
- The above process starts with the service Procurement Assistant receiving the notification regarding the approved service requisition.
- For Internal Services (example: a request for printing or translation) the approved requisition will automatically create a service contract for approval. In case of external service requisitions, the service Procurement Assistant evaluates the service request based on WHO policies.
- Once cleared, a service contract with the proposed service contractor is raised including details like service type, payment terms, deliverables etc.
- Service contracts are sent to the Head, Procurement Services or the Procurement Lead with delegated authority, for approval.
- The approver will either reject or approve the contract.
- If rejected, the approver will specify the reason for rejection and will return the request to service Procurement Assistant responsible for the service contract.
- The requisitioner is notified when the service contract is accepted or rejected. On approval of service contract, the funds are encumbered with the contract amount specified.
- The signed copy of the service contract for local services is returned to counterparts in headquarters or regional offices. Contracts for non-local services are dispatched to the service contractor/provider for acceptance.
- The service contractor may agree with the contract or may request for revision of the contract.
- On receiving the revision request the Procurement Assistant will evaluate the request and amend the contract which may require re-approval.
- If the change requires the original request to be modified, requisitioner will be notified of changes required.
- Requisitioner will amend/revise the service requisition which will be submitted for re-approval.
- The revised contract is again dispatched to service contractor/provider following the previous stated method.
- If service contractor accepts the contract, contractor will sign the contract document and return the signed contract to the Procurement Assistant in the Global Service Centre.
- If payment on acceptance has been agreed with the contractor, then a payment request with payment amount and the contract details will be submitted to the finance department.

3. The incumbent is responsible for the recording of receipt of goods indicating ownership of goods by WHO.
- This process captures the steps associated with the receipt of shipping documents, customs clearance of the shipped goods (inventory, expense and asset items).
- This process is triggered by the event of receiving the notification from supplier informing "Goods Ready for shipment". The above process starts with the "Goods Ready for shipment" notification from supplier.
- On receiving the notification from supplier, the Procurement Assistant will update the goods purchase order with the information that the goods are ready for shipment along with the date.
- Consignee, requisitioner and shipping agent are notified when goods are ready for shipment.
- The items dispatched by supplier are received at the port.
- The correct status of receipt of the items will be recorded.
- Once the items are dispatched by forwarder, they also dispatch the Shipping Advice (SA) and other clearing documents to the clearing agent with a copy being sent to the shipping Procurement Assistant and to the consignee.
- The receipts of the shipping documents are corded.
- On receipt of the shipping documents and goods, clearing agent obtains customs clearance.
- Once the items are custom cleared, the cleared documents are sent to Procurement Assistant.
- Procurement Assistant updates the purchase order with the information that the items have cleared.
- The goods are then delivered to the final destination. Once received, the goods are inspected for missing or damage items, by the consignee/Inventory Unit based on the type of item received (expense or asset).

4. Period close - The incumbent assists the Lead, Procurement in the GSM period closure procedures and reporting.
5. Participate in working groups in order to improve standard operation procedures in the service centre and participate in policy working groups when required, working together with team and counterparts to implement new policies.


- Essential:  Completion of secondary school education or its equivalent.
- Desirable:  Certified training in procurement or a related subject area.


- Knowledge of procurement procedures of WHO.
- Technical knowledge of types of supplies and goods purchased by WHO for headquarters, Regional offices and field projects.
- Ability to work independently.
- Ability to use computer systems pertaining to the treatment and processing of procurement, namely the Global Management System.
- Ability to handle and prioritize a high volume of notifications, transactions and reporting needs.

WHO Core Competencies:

- Communicating in a credible and effective manner
- Knowing and managing oneself
- Producing Results
- Fostering integration and teamwork


- At least 8 years of relevant experience of which at least 2 years experience of procurement in WHO or another international organization preferably, where goods or services procured are in line with WHO requirements.
- 6 years with a relevant first level University Degree.
- 5 years with a relevant Advanced University Degree.
- Advanced knowledge and experience using Oracle e-business suite and/or similar ERP systems.
- A sound knowledge of best practices of procurement and guidelines provided by IAPSO or other leading procurement entity.


- Essential:  Expert knowledge of English both written and spoken.
- Desirable:  Knowledge of French both written and spoken.


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