Senior Staff Welfare Officer

IOM , Swaziland

Skill Required:, HR and Admin
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
2nd June, 2020

Job Description


Under the direct supervision of the Director, Human Resources Management (HRM) Division, the Senior Staff Welfare Officer (SSWO) is expected to develop and strengthen mental health care strategies within the Organization.

The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable for designing and implementing a system and approach facilitating access to mental health care, counselling of staff with specific needs and following up. S/he will develop policies and implement strategies, as well as conduct training with Occupational Health (OHU)/Human Resources Management (HRM) and other colleagues on Staff Welfare in IOM. The successful candidate will be required to travel to different locations around the world.

The successful candidate will be offered a fixed-term, four-year appointment, with possibility of a further three-year extension. No extension beyond seven years is possible and there will be no possibility of another position after seven years in IOM.

Core Functions / Responsibilities

Further implement the IOM Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy in the spirit of the IOM Strategic Vision and in line with international standards including various types of psychosocial interventions for staff and their family members, which should address (strategically and operationally):

  • Staff wellbeing, mental health and mental illness needs including risk factors, e.g. working in non-family duty stations and emergency operations.
  • The orientation and adaptation to a new environment in non-family duty station including social issues (such as work-life balance, family- work related limitations etc.).
  • Staff’s wellbeing specific needs arising from emergency operations and critical incidents (security incidents). In particular, it should address the provision of support, during deployment and perform as needed a psychological evaluation upon return from hardship or highly insecure Country Offices (with the help of modern technologies).
  • Global and local interventions to enhance staff wellbeing including peer support, team dynamics and team building as needed.
  • Provide managerial advice and consultation on various aspects of staff management processes (e.g. Recruitment, rotation, career development, downsizing, retirement) taking into account the interest of the Organization and of the staff through various stages of their professional life in IOM.
  • Ensure that all aspects and staff of the Staff Welfare service adhere to agreed professional standards including utmost confidentiality. Staff wellbeing, mental health and mental illness needs including risk factors, e.g. working in non-family duty stations and emergency operations.

Provide assessments:

  • Ensure that staff members, who have a history of mental health illness, are assessed as fit to work in the assigned position and duty station and, if necessary, share the relevant recommendations on complex case coordination with the OHU/Health and Insurance Medical Units (OHU) Medical Officers
  • Refer concerned staff for an independent psychiatric assessment in coordination with the OHU Chief Medical Officer. Proceed accordingly with the staff pre-deployment mental health preparedness protocol, in case of complex emergencies.
  • Provide guidance to the OHU/Health Insurance Medical Unit Doctors on staff with acute mental health problems requiring evacuation, on a 24/7 basis.
  • Participate, in complex case coordination, with OHU and HR colleagues as needed for staff with complex mental health/illness needs.

Provide counselling:

  • In Headquarters, provide initial counselling services to staff. If therapy is advisable, refer them to mental health specialists in Geneva.
  • Counsel or contact by e–technologies staff upon request. Follow up with and facilitate the access to mental health care worldwide of staff and family’s dependents.
  • Conduct training with OHU/ HRM on Staff Welfare issues.

Maintain close collaboration with:

  • HRM and OHU, to consistently implement across the Regions the IOM Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, in line with other similar programs in the UN system.
  • Staff Counsellors in UN agencies with similar programs, to share experiences and resources to the extent possible. He/she will represent IOM at meetings of the CISMU, especially the CISWG; be a member of the Advisory Committee of the UNSSCG (United Nations Staff and Stress Counsellors Group) and International Conferences on questions related to staff welfare issues (i.e.: Critical Incident Stress, Support to Humanitarian Aid Workers).

Maintain a proper system of reporting and documentation management:

  • Ensure that filing of cases are confidentially and rigorously organized to ensure a proper follow up.
  • Analyse data and provide HRM with yearly statistics on staff's mental health and wellbeing
  • Provide administrative recommendations relating to psychosocial situation of staff during their career in IOM (i.e. transfer, rotation) to the Human Resources Management Division and the ODG.
  • Ensure that all required Section reporting and planning is timely and accurate.

Perform such other duties that may be assigned.

Required Qualifications and Experience


  • Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Nursing, Social Work or Psychiatry or a related field from an accredited academic institution and seven years of relevant professional experience; or,
  • Master’s degree in the above fields with nine years of relevant professional experience.
  • Holds a valid license to practice or is eligible to hold a license.
  • Accredited Universities are the ones listed in the UNESCO World Higher Education Database.


  • Minimum seven years of practical experience as a counselor advising staff and employers on various aspects of psychosocial issues.
  • Minimum five years’ experience working in UN / humanitarian international organizations.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the impact of working conditions of humanitarian workers on their well-being.
  • Experience in the development of staff welfare programmes and policies is desirable.
  • Experience of mental health risks related to civil unrest and terrorism contexts is desirable.
  • Experience in liaising with international organizations and health care providers in different countries is desirable.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Familiarity with cross-cultural issues.
  • Familiarity with counselling and psycho-social interventions (team building; training development and delivering).
  • Knowledge of team building and of conflict resolution techniques.
  • Knowledge of modern technologies (tele-mental health services; online training).
  • Readiness to travel to emergency contexts.


  • Effectively applies knowledge of health issues in execution of responsibilities at appropriate level;
  • Maintains confidentiality and discretion in appropriate areas of work; and,
  • Demonstrated capacity to analyse information for decision making.


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