SGBV Specialist

International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies, Lebanon

Skill Required:, Project Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
12th June, 2020

Job Description


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world's largest humanitarian organization, with 192 member National Societies. As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, our work is guided by seven fundamental principles; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.Organizational Context

The British Red Cross (BRC) has been working in the MENA region since 2004 with partner national societies, and opened a satellite office in Beirut in 2013. The MENA & Mediterranean region work of the British Red Cross is implemented through and in close cooperation with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners in the region, currently mainly the IFRC, ICRC, Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the Lebanese Red Cross, Libyan Red Crescent Society and the Yemeni Red Crescent Society. BRC are currently engaged with programming in, among others, National Societycapacity building, livelihood and cash preparedness, Protection including SGBV and Trafficking, relief and logistics-related programmes both bilaterally and multilaterally. As a result of the increase in SGBV programme activities and needed support on SGBV and Covid-19 in the region, BRC will hire an SGBV Specialist to support the work in the MENA region. The SGBV role is required in order to provide strong technical and programmatic support and development of this file to ensure that BRC can fulfil its technical SGBV offer to the RCRCM linked to Covid-19 response and provide capacity building for NSs as needed.

Job Purpose

To provide high quality technical SGBV support to the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners in MENA. The post holder will support IFRC MENA in developing SGBV & Covid-19 technical resources adapted to the MENA context and will provide support to Partner National Societies (PNSs) and Host National Societies on SGBV risk mitigation and integration in their Covid-19 response, business continuity plans and programs tackling the secondary effects of Covid-19.

The post-holder will also coordinate with PNSs, IFRC and ICRC on the BRC SGBV MENA file, ensuring that opportunities are identified, taken forward and maximized and that SGBV risk mitigation and SGBV activities are integrated into other sectors.

She/he will support BRC in developing its SGBV MENA Strategy and framework in coordination with RCRCM partners and will identify fundraising opportunities and lead on technical SGBV proposal development supporting BRC Country Managers. The SGBV Specialist will provide technical support to BRC programs in the region, ensuring SGBV mainstreaming in the various sectors of interventions (Livelihood, cash, health, protection) and advice on how to integrate SGBV components into BRC programs, particularly livelihood and Cash and Voucher Assistance.
Moreover, she/he will support IFRC Libya and the Libyan Red Crescent Society on the related component of the BRC supported protection program in addition to representing BRC in the RCRCM Libya Sub-Protection Working Group focused on integrating protection-related components into their Covid-19 response.
The SGBV Specialist will conduct SGBV assessments in the MENA region, conduct SGBV desk reviews and situational analysis, develop SGBV Guidance, SOPs, tools and training adapted to the MENA context and will facilitate SGBV capacity building for RCRCM partners, with a Covid-19 focus.

The role will provide specialist advice and technical support to strengthen/establish SGBV capacities, SGBV mainstreaming and SGBV Prevention and response interventions with relevant national societies. In particular, it is envisaged that this post will contribute to:

  •  building programme, country office and partners’ capacities on SGBV mainstreaming and SGBV prevention and response.
  •  Building SGBV guidance and tools adapted to the MENA and County context

The SGBV Specialist will actively support staff in the implementation of programmes ensuring that interventions are in accordance with agreed standards, statutory obligations, donor requirements, partnership agreements and community-driven priorities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support IFRC MENA on SGBV & Covid-19 (40%)
  • Support IFRC MENA on SGBV& Covid-19, working closely with IFRC MENA Protection, Gender and Inclusion (PGI) Officer and leading on the SGBV file of the PGI section;
  • Review the IFRC MENA EoPA SGBV related components and work with the team, supporting them to operalize it as requested and needed
  • Participate actively in RCRCM Covid-19 MENA coordination forum as needed and agreed with IFRC
  • Review Natioanl Societies, IFRC and Regional Covid-19 Response Plans, provide feedback, input and technical support related to the areas of expertise of SGBV including identifying entry points for SGBV related work
  • Review National Societies business continuity plans/operations and provide feedback and technical advice on mitigating SGBV risks related to Covid-19, Provide technical advice on how to adapt activities to address the needs of SGBV survivors in light of Covid-19 and provide guidance on integrating SGBV considerations and activities into the long-terms response of various sectors tackling secondary effects of Covid-19
  • Conduct rapid desk review and situational analysis of main SGBV risks related to Covid-19 in the MENA region and per Country (increase in SGBV as a result of the pandemic; barriers in accessing life-saving SGBV services related to Covid-19 etc)
  • Review Global SGBV & Covid-19 related guidance and tools(GBV AoR, IASC, RCRCM, GBV IMS and others) and support IFRC MENA in operationalize it as needed, adapting it to the MENA context including:
  • Integrating SGBV considerations into Contingency plans
  • SGBV Referral pathways
  • SGBV Risk mitigation measures into Covid-19 response programs
  • SGBV Key messages to be integrated into Risk Reduction and Community Engagement activities
  • Collaborate with IFRC CEA officer (currently seconded from BRC) integrating SGBV considerations and key messages into CEA and ensuring that CEA activities and information can reach SGBV survivors and persons at risk of SGBV
  • Creation and leading of a MENA SGBV RCRCM Network
  • Review and adaptat SGBV training modules for Covid-19 response in MENA, integrating SGBV into existing Covid-19 related trainings and facilitate trainings or training component on SGBV

Technical SGBV Advice, support and guidance to BRC operations in MENA (30%)

Develop and conduct SGBV related assessments and evaluations (with a Covid-19 lense) in the MENA region as needed
Support BRC MENA team at all stages of Programme Cycle Management including programme design and implementation of SGBV related interventions ensuring that they are adaped to Covid-19 contex
Monitor funding opportunities related to SGBV and support the MENA team and fundraising department to develop funding proposals when opportunities arise
Support PMEAL and learning activities on SGBV where needed

Advise on best practices for integrating SGBV, including prevention and response activities that respect international and humanitarian standards and commitments, across various sectors and programs that BRC supports in MENA with a particular focus on Cash and Voucher Assistance, Livelihoods and Health (integrating SGBV& Covid-19 cosniderations and risk mitigations)

Engage with the Regional GBV sector to develop BRC’s network on GBV in MENA and in selected priority countries including Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Yemen
Stay abreast of key SGBV related developments and trends in MENA and share periodically with the team and during BRC MENA regional meetings
Provide technical advice on SGBV on the BRC supported protection program in Libya in coordination with IFRC Libya and PNSs
Represent BRC in the Libya RCCRCM protection sub-working group and provide technical support required to ensure that protection is integrated into the Covid-19 Response of the National Society
Support BRC’s efforts to position the RCRCM as a relevant actor to prevent and address SGBV by developing relationships with key donors
Work proactively with ICRC MENA and BRC SGBV Advisor on identifying areas of joint interest, collaboration and potential support on sexual violence in MENA contributing to the development of BRC-ICRC partnership on sexual violence
Coordinate with PNSs, IFRC and ICRC on SGBV in MENA, ensuring that opportunities and entry-points for SGBV work are identified, taken forward and maximised in a coherent and coordinated way across the RCRCM in MENA.

SGBV Capacity building of National Societies in MENA to strengthen their approaches to SGBV (30%)

  • Develop or adapt tools, resources and training on SGBV for the COVID-19 MENA context including (but not limited to)
  • Basic SGBV Training for frontline staff and volunteers working on the Covid-19 response: key concepts, guiding principles to work with SGBV survivors, Safe Identification and Referrals of SGBV survivors and basic psychological first aid
  • Advanced SGBV training for programme managers and sector specialist on SGBV mainstreaming and risk mitigation with a Covid-19 focus in light of long-term secondary effects of the pandemic in MENA
  • Support the development of learning activities and products on SGBV & Covid-19
  • Build the capacity of BRC and Partner National Societies relevant staff/volunteers on SGBV mainstreaming, integration of SGBV into other sectors interventions and SGBV-focussed programming in MENA
  • Facilitate training and assist partners through coaching activities when required including through remote training due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • Build a SGBV capacity building Action Plan for relevant National Societies, including baseline knowledge assessments, training and mentoring plan tailored to their needs.


  • Ensure regular communication with relevant BRC teams in Beirut and London offices.
  • Produce monthly SGBV MENA report and share it with the SGBV Advisor
  • Periodically develop evidence-based SGBV learnnings including best practices and lesson learned in MENA
  • Proactively engage with (support and learn from) other RCRCM SGBV colleagues
  • Ensure compliance with BRC relevant procedures, SOPs and guidelines.
  • Participate in relevant internal BRC meetings, development forums, workshops, courses, etc.
  • Be available and willing to carry out short missions to the MENA Region (e.g. Syria, Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen) as required (up to 30%) to conduct the above-mentioned tasks


University degree or humanitarian qualification in human rights/humanitarian law, international relations, gender, social work, psychology or other relevant field-Required


  • Relevant professional experience in GBV roles-Required
  • Experience working with and/or reporting to major donors-Preferred
  • Experience in humanitarian operations-Required
  • Experience in RC/RC movement-Preferred
  • Experience in working on protection and/or GBV in conflict-related and/or displacement contexts-Preferred
  • Experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating GBV-focussed programmes-Required
  • Substantial experience in providing technical advice on GBV programming-Required
  • Experience in designing and leading vulnerability and GBV needs assessments and needs analysis-Required
  • Experience in partnership development and relationship building with local partners
  • Substantial experience in GBV capacity-building, both face-to-face and remotely-Required
  • Experience in providing technical advice/ working on GBV& Livelihood/cash programs -Required
  • • Experience in providing technical advice/ working on GBV& MHPSS/Case Management programs-Required
  • • Experience in providing technical advice/ working on GBV& Health programs-Required
  • • Experience in supporting policy and advocacy work-Required
  • • Experience in developing and conducting research and learning on GBV-Required

Knowledge, skills and languages

  • Strong understanding of GBV issues within conflict and displacement settings in MENA and the general humanitarian sector-Required
  • Strong knowledge of GBV/Protection related Minimum Standards and International Commitments-Required
  • Good knowledge of GBV case management guidance's and practices-Required
  • Knowledge of working with the GBV Information Management System (GBV IMS)-Preferred
  • Understanding of International legal and policy framework on SGBV and MENA specific context-Required
  • Knowledge of diversity and inclusion issues-Preferred
  • Strong communication skills, including ability to prepare and present concise oral and written reports, briefings, updates and other documentation-Required
  • Strong capacity-building and training skills--Required
  • Teamwork & commitment to the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement; integrity & personal conduct; sensitivity to diversity; interpersonal skills; resilience; friendly.-Required
  • Have a positive attitude, proactive, resourceful, hardworking, trustworthy, mature and able to maintain confidentiality at all times-Required
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure-Required
  • Planning and analytical skills, with proven problem solving experience-Required
  • Self-sufficient in computers (particularly Excel, Word, Sharepoint)-Required
  • Ability to establish priorities, plan, coordinate, implement and monitor work plans
  • Excellent relationship-building skills and diplomatic skills to influence long-term change and help collaborative working relationships with partners across the RCRCM (including ICRC, IFRC, National Societies) and beyond-Required
  • Strong organisational skills including accuracy, consistency and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances-Required

Ability to develop and maintain effective remote working relationships with counterparts in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity-Required
Languages Fluency in English and Arabic-Required

Competencies and values

  • Meticulous attention to details; Accountability, Integrity, Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • National Society and customer relations
  • Creativity and innovation


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