World Vision, Managua, Nicaragua

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme ManagementTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
30th October, 2020

Job Description


Implement a physical and financial strategy defined in the Technical Program "Resilience to Climate Change for Water Security", which promote the change of hygienic, sanitary and environmental practices at the family, school and community level to contribute to sustainable improvement of health, in coordination and participation of institutional and community partners.


Main responsibilities

  • Carry out community organization actions and strengthen partnerships with local actors to ensure the implementation of the Training Plans promote the change of hygienic, sanitary and environmental practices
  • Preparation of Training Plans for community promoters and Drinking Water and Sanitation Committees.
  • Carry out coordination actions with local partners such as mayors, other NGOs, churches.
  • Financially and physically executed the hygiene component of the Technical Program.
  • Technical and Financial Implementation of a training process for health promoters and / or community volunteers to implement actions in communities and schools to promote hygiene and sanitation.
  • Annual training and community organization plans implemented for the WASH component.
  • Report on training to target groups prepared.
  • Mechanisms established to involve communities in a systematic and meaningful way.
  • Carry out the information gathering processes that guarantee the monitoring of the project indicators.
  • Indicators database updated in accordance with the DIP.
  • Guaranteed evidence of compliance with indicators.
  • Monitor the replications of training of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Committees (CAPS) and implementation of action to promote hygiene and Sanitation in communities and schools.
  • Guaranteed the social sustainability of the project (s), through the strengthening of the community organization in WASH.
  • Prepare monthly physical-financial reports.
  • Accountability to donors and community and institutional partners ensured.
  • Coordinate Activities with Facilitators from other Technical Programs
  • Comprehensive actions in the field promoted within the framework of Education and Protection of Children
  • Coordinate activities with the HEA Area for emergency preparedness
  • Support in gathering pertinent information for emergency management


Behavior Expected results

  •  Respect and implement the Child Protection Policy. Guaranteed that World Vision is a Safe Organization for Children.
  • Respect the policies and procedures established as part of the internal controls inherent to the position. Risk in Operations has been prevented and reduced.
  • Show that the management of relationships with staff, children and youth and partners is consistent with Christian values ​​and principles. The congruence between the values ​​of the organization and the way of relating to each other is evidenced
  • Contribute to a culture of care and safety for staff. Culture of self-care and safety of staff strengthened.



  • Professional degree in Nursing, Psychology or related Social Sciences. With Studies in Public Health.
  • Knowledge of methods to promote hygiene and sanitation with the participation of the community
  • Knowledge of approaches to behavior change
  • Knowledge of administration, operation and maintenance of rural drinking water systems.
  • Knowledge in project formulation, monitoring and evaluation

Knowledge and skills

  • Domain of computerized packages in Windows environment.
  • Confidentiality and discretion in the handling of information.
  • Extensive experience in transmitting knowledge and facilitating training.
  • Interpersonal and multidisciplinary relationships.
  • Writing, analysis and synthesis skills.
  • English Language Proficiency (Preferable)
  • Motorcycle driving license


  • Minimum experience of 3 years in similar jobs
  • Experience in working on hygienic behavior change methodologies
  • Experience in working to strengthen Drinking Water and Sanitation Committees


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