Software Development Specialist

Food and Agriculture Organization

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Experience: Atleast 7 years

Skill Required: IT and ICT

Software development and information management, Conceptualization, design, development, and testing of web-based applications and digital platforms, Designing and implementing integrated relational databases, Developing user-friendly web-based data visualization tools and dashboards, Mobile application development and oversight of contracts with service providers, Designing and developing digital repositories for digital documents and geospatial data, Ensuring data security and compliance with FAO corporate policies.

Tasks and responsibilities

The Software Development Specialist will contribute to the accomplishment of outputs of all FAO projects and components. The Specialist will support the development of the wide range of software, applications, and specific data and information management tools to ensure FAO KSA can efficiently share data, information, knowledge, tools, and experiences arising from its projects including the SRAD project. The consultant will work in close consultation with FAO KSA technical experts to lead and deliver the following:

  • Conceptualization, specification, design, development, and testing of web-based applications and digital platforms for FAO KSA projects including the Sustainable Rural Agriculture Development (SRAD) project.
  • Design, development, testing, and implementation of integrated relational databases for FAO KSA projects.
  • Development of data and information management tools and applications for data collections, processing, analysis, and reporting.
  • Development data and information discovery features including metadata, subject keywords tagging, querying, and filtering tools among others following international best practices and in reference to relevant FAO tools and facilities such as AGROVOC and AIMS.
  • Development of user-friendly web-based data and information visualization tools and dashboards including pdf reports, pivot tables, graphs, and web map among others.
  • Develop and test mobile application prototypes and overseen contracts with service providers for development and launch mobile application in line with requirements of different FAO KSA projects.
  • Design and develop digital repositories for both digital documents and geo-spatial data using state of the art digital repository tools such and DSpace, GeoNode and CKAN.
  • Development learning platform to allow MoEWA and NCVC staff and other stakeholders have access to self-paced learning and skills development resources in relevant areas of FAO work in KSA.
  • Configure services to integrate data from the different KSA projects and components services and relevant external sources and design, document and publish API to share these data with others.
  • Test, debug, and maintain software, applications, and services and address any reported performance issues and ensure security of data, software, and application in line with FAO data policy and other relevant security protocols and policies applicable in KSA.
  • Coordinate with relevant FAO HQ units to ensure adherence with FAO corporate data and information policies and efficient support of HQ for FAO KSA software and applications needs.


Minimum Requirements

  • Advanced degree (master’s or Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, or a related field 
  • A minimum of 7 years of working experience in designing, developing, testing, and implementing integrated relational databases.
  • Working knowledge (level C) of English for Personal Service Agreement, knowing one of the FAO languages is an asset. For COF, working knowledge (level C) of English and limited knowledge (level B) of another FAO language (French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian).