Special Skills Expert (SSE) on Economics

United Nations Development Programme, Juba, South Sudan

Skill Required:, Finance and AccountsPolicy/ Advocacy and CampaignTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th February, 2021

Job Description

Assignment Objective

The core objective of assigning Special Skills Expert (SSE) on Economic Cluster is to develop and backstop the institutional capacity of the Presidency of the RTGoNU to successfully direct the administration of peace and development process with effective reforms of public sector through transformational leadership guided by clear vision, specific mission, ethical values and strategic plans for scoring on the following core objective:
To Strengthen the functional capacity  of economic institutions with focus on trained skills of public servants to practically assist in implementing Chapter IV and the related provisions of R-ARCSS, applying high-level financial and resources management with professionalism, coordination and continuous engagement among the stakeholders guided by leadership ideals.

This objective relates to the design of activities that support government institutions to operate cohesively, integrally and technically to promote honest transparency, enforceable accountability, participation and nationalistic inclusivity with diversification of the economy. It shall be measured by the quality of provision of services in line with legal principles, regulatory frameworks, operational policies, public service code of ethics, human resource development and devolution of resources with checks and balances through the institutions of the Presidency and the Council of Ministers with its Clusters and associated specialized agencies.

Duties and Responsibilities

The SSE shall support the Office of Vice President for Economic Cluster with detailed technical capacity building and development of economic institution, especially the delivery on financial and resource reforms in accordance with R-ARCSS and reviewed laws.

The SSE shall train, coach and mentor the staff of the Office of Vice President for Economic Cluster with technical support and coordination at a high-level of 11 Ministries and related Specialized Commissions, Authorities and Independent Mechanisms of RTGoNU.

The SSE shall prepare skills training plan of actions, provide policy advice, and help in designing strategic communication on collegial consultations in the Economic Cluster and the Presidency with informed technical understanding of government’s decision-making process based on conferred powers, functions and responsibilities by R-ARCSS and the Law.

The SSE shall follow the directives of Vice President for Economic Cluster, first and foremost, for supervision of the expertise assignments on economy in coordination with GEMS Project Manager and team operating under UNDP Resident Representative.

The SSE and CAs shall be provided with efficient work facilities (computers, printers, internet service, and stationeries, etc..) through GEMS Project budget while the Office of Vice President for Economic Cluster, will provide office space with power during workhours.


The assignment is results-oriented with payments directly linked to the following deliverables/outputs anticipated from the starting date of contract or contract:

  • Inception Report and initial workplan (10 days after contract commencement).
  • Bi-monthly workplan and report of previous period (2 months after contract commencement and every two months following).
  • Draft Final Report on the results/finding and recommendations (one month prior to end of contract). Final Report on the results/finding of the assessment and recommendations for future interventions (Revised draft incorporating the feedback from stakeholders) (one week prior to end of contract).  This is to be presented to stakeholders for validation.
  • All reports are subject to review, validation and endorsement by the Office of Vice President for Economic Cluster and UNDP’s Manager of GEMS Project.

Required Skills and Experience


The SSE candidate should have the following qualification, competence, skills and experience:

  • At least Master’s degree or Advance degree in economics and relevant fields related to economy (statistics, banking, accounting, commerce, management, communication, information, etc.) is required with over 5 years of experience or bachelor’s degree in the same relevant fields with over 10 years of experience in the public sector.
  • Strong background in planning, policy designs, professional leadership, intra government relations, inter-departmental coordination and mastery of public service fundamentals.
  • Experience of capacity development and coaching of technical staff, especially at leadership level and middle administrative level.
  • Knowledge of mandates of key national and international institutions at bilateral and multilateral levels partnerships.
  • Competence in computerized office applications, data basing and visualization software, including faster adaptation of new updates on e-governance.
  • Professional command of written and spoken English with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Timely delivery on the assignment in operational environment of pressure with risks from both expected and unforeseen situations.
  • Good knowledge of gender and youth issues with gender mainstreaming approaches.


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