Specialist in Social Protection

International labour organisation(ILO), Yaounde, Cameroon

Skill Required:, Media and CommunicationPolicy/ Advocacy and CampaignProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
11th October, 2015

Job Description

Specific duties

- Provide and coordinate technical inputs and policy advisory services to the Ministry of Labour, national social security institutions, other governmental ministries and institutions, workers and employers' organizations of countries, with a particular emphasis on rights-based public social protection schemes and programmes, including contributory social insurance and non-contributory benefits. This includes the design and implementation of affordable and resourced social protection policies reflecting ILO principles as per Recommendation No.202 on social protection floors and Convention No. 102 and other international labour standards consistent with the ILO's work at country level and contributing to Poverty Reduction Strategies and UNDAFs.
- Develop and coordinate the implementation of a subregional strategy on social protection including on the extension of social protection through national social protection floors which is aligned with the regional and the West Africa regional approach. Work with other social security specialists for the development of a regional strategy is essential relates to the regional planning and the HQ's coordination team for Africa.
- Develop and implement joint partnerships and programmes with the regional organisations such as UEMOA, CIPRESS and other subregional groups, other UN agencies, development partners, particularly in relation to the promotion and implementation of national social protection floors
- Promote and apply ILO tools and inter-agency social protection assessment tools (ISPA) as part of the SPIAC-B, co-chaired by ILO and World Bank and encompassing all development partners
- Provide advice and promote the ILO's social security standards among key stakeholders and provide technical support to those countries wishing to ratify ILO social security Conventions.
- Contribute to coordinating and securing the country inputs to the ILO Social Security Inquiry and the global database on social protection.
- Develop and maintain a network and platform of exchange with social protection practitioners in the sub-region in close collaboration with the other Africa regional social protection specialists and HQ social protection platform.
- Initiate, design, supervise and conduct analytical and policy-oriented research on subregional and national social protection programmes and policies which will serve as the basis for the formulation of relevant national social protection strategies; translate global and regional flagship publications of the ILO on social protection, namely the World Social Protection Report, for its application to the subregion and to reinforce the visibility and engagement of the Office.
- Provide technical support and advice to directors of countries offices and DWT specialists on: the integration of social protection issues into their respective work programmes to respond to the defined needs of constituents as expressed in the DWCPs on the development of ILO's knowledge base on social protection in the region, and advocacy and promotion of social protection floors; and the development of partnerships and mobilization of resources with development partners at the country level.
- Design country-level, bilateral or multilateral technical cooperation projects. Liaise with donors and potential partners with a view to securing TC resources and expanding the ILO's capacity to undertake social protection related activities
- Identify, review and document relevant information pertaining to initiatives extending social security, achievements, extending fiscal space and assessing financial affordability and the impact of varying social security systems targeting both formal and informal economy workers within the subregion.
- Coordinate and advise the implementation of social health protection extension strategies towards universal coverage and emphasize the revised role of community based and micro-insurance schemes already in place towards their reform and possible integration on the affiliation and delivery to support national universal health care strategies.
- Build and maintain close liaisons with governments, workers' and employers' organizations, UN organizations, research institutions and non-governmental organizations involved in the field of social protection. Develop a roster of social protection experts/consultants.
- Represent the ILO at international, regional and national meetings.
- Carry out other relevant tasks as may be assigned.

These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

- Design and promote a wide range of special subject-matter-related programmes, This involves re-analysis of complex or conflicting data, statistics, information or policy guidelines in a manner requiring the advanced application of principles of a recognized technical specialization.
- Develop and review an institutional framework, in which social partners can best improve, implement and evaluate efficient and equitable ILO action programmes.
- Provide policy advice to ILO's constituents on institutional strengthening, the application of ILO standards and the promotion of technical cooperation activities.
- Formulate and submit project proposals and seek funding.
- Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project activities.
- Undertake technical advisory missions independently or in collaboration with other technical specialists.
- Conduct seminars, workshops, technical meetings and training courses.
- Prepare draft recommendations and guidelines for discussion and adoption as ILO recommendations on related technical fields.
- Write manuals and training guides on related topics.
- Disseminate information on action programmes through publications and press releases as well as ensuring representation at donors' meetings, international, regional and national fora and advocacy campaigns.
- Monitor and coordinate research carried out by junior technical officers and external collaborators.
- Provide technical inputs to office documents (sectoral meetings, technical committees, conference reports).
- Participate in tripartite reviews on technical cooperation activities and international meetings and conferences.


- Advanced university degree in economics, social sciences, actuarial studies, legal or other relevant field, with demonstrated expertise on social protection issues.


- Eight years of professional experience in insurance, employee benefits or social protection issues at the national level or five years at the international level.
- Experience in designing, supporting the implementation of and assessing social protection programmes is a key asset.
- Experience in the design and/or management of development programmes or projects is an advantage, as is relevant experience in a field duty station.
- Experience working with tripartism and ILO constituents would be an asset.


- Excellent command of French and good knowledge of English.

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