Sr. Grants and Contracts Officer

FHI 360, Kabul, Afghanistan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
15th April, 2019

Job Description

Job summary / Responsibilities:

The Sr. Grants and Contracts Officer will be primarily responsible for administering and monitoring subrecipients to ensure full compliance with donor rules and regulations, developing grant agreements, conducted per-award assessment and process subcontract and modification for grantees and subcontract of IHSAN in conjunction with the Innovation Fund Manager. This position will report to Innovation Fund Manager.

The functions of the position include:

Comprehensive analysis of grants and subcontract terms and conditions to ensure that the organization has the organizational capacity or can acquire the necessary capacity to successfully perform and meet contractual obligations; Prepared grants and subcontract package for review of innovation Fund Manager Standardization of administrative procedures for efficient award and sub award management; Development of grants and subcontract documents including RFA (request for application), templates and ancillary business forms; Capacity building and replication of grant portfolio management systems and best practices in award and sub award management. Expert interpretation of donor (USG and non-USG) rules and regulations;



  • Work with program team to develop the program description for Annual Program Statement or Request for Application for grants and subcontract.
  • Receive concepts, application and prepare soft and hard copy files for grants and subcontract.
  • Conduct pre-award surveys as per the FHI360 developed tools and rate the organization according to its capacity and prepared soft and hard copy files and upload in FHI360 global services website.
  • Update grants and vetting and award tracker on timely basis.
  • Prepare the evaluation documents, invite evaluation committee members for meeting.
  • Prepare meeting minutes of the technical evaluation committee and circulate in timely manner to committee members for their review and approval.
  • Inform applicants on time about their concepts and application status.
  • Prepare proper vetting documents for selected applicants
  • Follow department monthly and quarterly plans and organize her/his work as per the schedule.
  • prepare subcontract documents and do modification for IHSAN partners.


  • Develop grantee monitoring tool with coordination of program, M&E and finance team.
  • Review grantee progress and financial reports and provide feedback in timely manner.
  • Provide progress report to program team in timely manner and get their feedback to grantee as per schedule
  • Review financial supporting documents and invoices from grantee and provide accurate documents for process of payment to finance
  • Prepare projections for grants payment and share with finance for fund availability.
  • Conduct due diligence of financial supporting document and share any concern with her/his supervisor and Compliance Officer
  • Prepare grants agreement, Memorandum of Negotiation and modification for grantee and subcontract in timely manner.
  • Prepare grants payment tracker and update on regular basis.
  • Follow up with grantee for their financial and progress reports
  • Provide capacity building support to grantees’ staff

Applied Knowledge & Skills:

  • Advanced knowledge of donor (USG and non-USG) rules and regulations, various mechanisms of funding and types of award assistance (cooperative agreements and grants).
  • Strong and solid command of professional theory, techniques, practices and procedures
  • requiring comprehensive knowledge of grants principles.
  • Effective skills in negotiations, sub award management and procurement.
  • Develop grant and grow relationships with counterparts to promote specific unit and larger organizational goals.
  • Effective oral communication and business/technical writing skills.
  • Independently use technology to perform work. Ensure integrity of systems, internal controls and data, including recommending modifications for further strengthening as indicated.
  • Apply updated technology to facilitate procedures and achieve unit goals and objectives.
  • Adaptable to work environments in diverse cultural settings.


  • Bachelor's Degree or an Equivalent in Business Administration or related field.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in a grants position with international organization
  • At least 2-3 years of negotiating experience and direct management of grants.
  • Advanced knowledge of donor (USG and non- USG) rule and regulations including but not limited to USAID, DHHS, DOE, etc.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and strong ability to manage and meet multiple tasks. Read, write and speak English. Fluency in a foreign language is desired.
  • International development, healthcare, or consulting industry experience preferred.


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