State Coordinator

Center for International Forestry Research

Odisha, India

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The job holder will be responsible for spearheading the delivery of TOFI’s Program Delivery Model (PDM) in the state, establishing, fostering, and working closely with the state’s TOF Innovation Platform. This will include working with key state-level implementing partners and other stakeholders to identify, prioritize and pursue TOF expansion opportunities; spearheading the development of state-level annual work plans and ensuring their cost -efficient implementation, overseeing and managing the state’s operational budget; liaising and networking with a plurality of state- level stakeholders; identifying and mitigating risks and operational bottlenecks; and ensuring the delivery of key project activities and outputs as they pertain to the state level.
Duties and responsibilities:
  • In coordination with the ACOP, lead and supervise the state project team to rollout TOFI’s Program Delivery Model—the core focus being to work with stakeholders to identify, prioritize, and pursue promising public and private good leaning TOF expansion opportunities —while ensuring oversight of all technical and operational aspects of the project, including planning and implementation.
  • Convene and facilitate successful functioning of the state’s TOF Innovation Platform (IP) and conduct monthly/weekly meetings with relevant state departments.
  • Liaise with local govt institutions, relevant private sector companies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), so that they engage effectively in support of TOFI’s objectives.
  • Oversee state- level project financial management and reporting on project deliverables.
  • Extending support to field staff in execution field activities, farmers selection, input distribution, data collection, cleaning, monitoring, and submission.
  • Lead organizing project workshop, training and other capacity development program, network development, knowledge sharing for mutual learning and all TOFI initiatives.
  • Work with COP/ACOP on the development of the annual implementation plan, budgets, and other project deliverables.
  • Support the rollout of the project’s Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Plan; Gender Analysis Plan; and Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Plan, with spearheading the capturing of Activity Location Data.
  • Preparation and maintenance of records and draft reports vis-à-vis state level activities as per TOFI Program.
Other Responsibilities:
  • Take reasonable care of own occupational health and safety and that of others as obliged by ICRAF’s Safety Policy; and cooperate with ICRAF in complying with requirements under any statutory health and safety provisions of relevant country laws.
  • Identify and take action to mitigate potential risks within the work area.
  • Follow and encourage others to adhere to ICRAF policies and procedures.
  • Mentor junior team members & provide guidance.
  • Other duties commensurate with the role as agreed with the supervisor.
Education, knowledge and experience:
  • Master’s degree in agriculture, Horticulture, Agroforestry, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Social Sciences, Natural Resource Management etc.
  • At least 5 years of field experience in implementing donor -funded projects and or/development programs, with a demonstrated experience leading a team to achieve development results.
  • Previous working experience in CGIAR centers/international organizations in Rajasthan or other Indian state is preferred.
  • Proven experience with Rajasthan state officials, ICAR institutes, is highly desirable, to support strategy development, implementation plans and decision making.
  • Strong skills in conceptualization, communication, and reporting .
  • Fluent in Written and Spoken English and Odiya. Knowledge of Hindi is highly desirable.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and networking and interpersonal skills is critical for this role.
  • Fluency and residency in the language (reading, writing, and spoken) spoken in preferred state is essential.
  • Familiarity with standard software packages (MS Office)