Strategic Partnerships and Project Development Advisor

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Suva, Fiji

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationMedia and CommunicationProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
23rd August, 2015

Job Description


I. Strategic Partnerships

Be ORO’s Focal Point for Strategic Partners and Resource Mobilisation by performing the following duties:

• Establish a sponsorship/donor strategy for ORO;
• Develop partnership and engagement plans in accordance with the established Strategy with donors (bilateral, multilateral, private sector, public sector) including those donors that have been traditionally active in the region and partners and foundations;
• Secure relevant funding for identified opportunities promptly in accordance with project and programme needs;
• Manage donor relationships and ensure donors are fully informed on ORO’s business, its programmes and projects by coordinating communication with the respective parties;
• Engage potential donors in developing ideas for new projects within existing programmes or new initiatives;
• Manage resource mobilization by working closely with the Regional Director (RD), Regional Programme Coordinator (RPC) and Programme Heads in identifying opportunities, prioritizing programme needs and through engagement with potential donors, develop proposals from initiation to set-up stage;
• Manage and expand relations with donors and strategic partners throughout the project implementation phase to ensure delivery in terms of results and outcomes; remain engaged in the monitoring of progress;
• Establish and maintain links with Australian members and partners and advise RD on the development of institutional/country status and role;
• Engage also with Governments that are potential donors;
• Work with Pacific Island Countries and Territories on developing new initiatives and projects for funding;
• Manage and monitor ORO’s funding portfolio (ABC List).
• Engage as necessary with Head Quarters in terms of information sharing, guidelines and acceptable IUCN practices.

II. GEF Project Agency

Be IUCN Oceania’s GEF Focal Point by performing the following duties:

• Build IUCN ORO’s GEF Portfolio;
• Keep IUCN Oceania Team informed on GEF portfolio and processes;
• Provide all necessary planning within ORO in preparation for IUCN’s accreditation as a GEF Project Agency;
• Support the development of the IUCN project portfolio for submission to GEF;
• Lead all management aspects of ORO’s GEF Project Agency activities;
• Provide advice at the strategic and operational level to IUCN Oceania Programmes and IUCN Members on the development and design of eligible GEF projects.

III. Project Development

• Work with the RD, RPC and the programme teams to identify significant opportunities for project development and in addition, coordinates and implements the following in terms of project development:
- Proposal development, submission, relevant follow-up;
- Securing of funds;
- Establishment of projects;
- Transition of project into a programme portfolio.

• Interpret, summarize and communicate contractual obligations and ensure that relevant compliance measures are in place;
• Develop appropriate partnership and funding modalities for involving key partners interested in developing and implementing a coordinated approach to environment and nature conservation.

IV. Institutional Support

• Participate as an integral member of ORO management team in meetings;
• Provide overall input into ORO programmes, projects, activities and initiatives and offer advice on emerging initiatives;
• Participate in Global IUCN bodies as required.
• Any other duties as reasonably required of you by your employer
• Ethical, Social and Ecological Responsibilities

This role requires the following ethical, social and ecological responsibilities:

• Respect for people from different nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, religion, gender, sexual orientation as well as the young and elderly;
• Responsible for exercising utmost care and judgement to ensure the assets belonging or entrusted to IUCN are not misused or wasted;
• Avoids all instances of conflict of interest in one’s dealings;
• Commitment to help conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure the sustainable use of resources;
• Adherence to the IUCN Code of Conduct.


• A postgraduate qualification in a relevant discipline, such as Environmental Science / Management, Development Studies, International Relations, Governance, or a Master’s in Business Administration.  
• At least 8 years of work experience, inclusive of experience in project development and implementation.  
• Established proven track record of fundraising.  
• 3 years’ work experience in a senior organizational position.  
• Proven experience and ability to work in an international, multicultural and multi-perspective environment.  
• Knowledge of development and environment issues and complexities related to the Oceania region.  
• Strong communication skills in written and spoken English.  
• Capacity to interact effectively with a wide range of people at different levels including donors, the private sector, NGOs, and government officials.  
• Proven experience in making presentations to large and/or influential audiences.  
• Highly motivated and results-oriented individual.  
• Proficient in the use of computer applications including MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Email, Internet and have the capability to learn other organizational applications.

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