Surveillance Sur Product & Service Specialist

Within the Network Management Directorate, "Infrastructure" manages the European infrastructure deployment projects and programmes, and aims at making the SES digital sky a reality. It develops, organises and provides European common services including network support services, aeronautical information services and the radio frequency function.

Your Role:

Your role as Surveillance Product & Service Specialist for one or more functional and technical domain(s) of the respective surveillance products or services will be to:

  • Provide support to users of surveillance products or tools (e.g. installation of new versions, development of requirement documents and user manuals, management of tickets).
  • Perform first analysis of system related trouble reports and specify change proposals.
  • Contribute to the development of one (or more) surveillance products, and to the production of system and software requirements documentation as required.
  • Contribute to the test phases of the development software; checking and preparing major software releases for acceptance testing.
  • Contribute to procurement and contract management actions (development of tender specifications and evaluation of tenders) related to surveillance products and tools.
  • Contribute to technical developments related to the surveillance products, and produce technical documentation as required.
  • Perform surveillance data analysis and develop tools to facilitate the analysis.
  • Contribute to surveillance study reports and present them to surveillance stakeholder groups.
  • Support the development of new initiatives and approaches in relation to the surveillance products and define and manage the project scope to ensure alignment with the overall strategy.
  • Prototype and assess solutions for new technologies and approaches for potential use, and provide recommendations based on thorough analyses.
  • Carry out any other task in line with the main purpose of the job.
  • there are domains transversal to several services e.g. hardware infrastructure common to the three products.

Required Qualifications, Experience & Competencies:

  • Completed university studies of 4 years in a relevant domain (e.g. Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science, Air Navigation System Engineering).
  • A minimum of 4 years’ relevant professional experience to perform the described responsibilities.
  • Generic technical competencies for Surveillance Product & Service Specialists
  • Experience in software development cycle and standard, system and software specification, software architecture, software programming, system validation, and testing methodologies, in particular for ATM Surveillance systems.
  • Experience in maintenance of safety critical software and its configuration control.
  • Experience with LINUX and at least one of the following programming languages: ADA, C, C++, Python or Java
  • Experience in ISO9001 service management would be an advantage.