Sustainable Transportation Analyst

Global Green Growth Institute - GGGI

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Skill Required: Monitoring and Evaluation

Explore recommendations on the formulation of policy interventions to be targeted by the project, based on the international best practice.
Identify strategic guidance on the prioritization of required investments on e-mobility infrastructure i.e., e-buses, two-wheelers to accelerate the deployment of EVs in Cambodia.
Identify, scope, and plan innovative projects in Cambodia, and/or refine and expand existing ones to reflect country needs to promote sustainable mobility
Assess on infrastructure and technology options and support to the development of sustainable mobility project in Siem Reap
Initiate data collection on emissions from the transportation sector.
Provide capacity building to relevant local stakeholders in sustainable mobility and air quality improvement from the transportation sector.


  • Engage with the local government counterparts – MPWT, MOE, PPCA, SR Municipality, Apsara Authorities in Cambodia. 
  • Effectively communicate with the AFD focal persons, AFD country project team, and other key project stakeholders such as development partners and academia.
  • Work with country teams and transport experts of GGGI to deliver Cambodia sustainable transport / mobility activities including the development of policy advisory outputs, sectoral assessments, feasibility studies and concept notes/ pilot project proposals that appeal to donors and investors.
  • Provide guidance to the project team on developing the most suitable project delivery plans and recommendations.


  • Develop, implement and manage a workplan to effectively deliver project activities and outputs against established timeframe of the project funded by AFD on air quality and low carbon transportation.
  • Produce technical outputs including data collection on emissions from the transport sector, regulatory framework and policy for vehicles emissions control, and development of sustainable mobility projects based on technical assessments on infrastructure and technology solutions in Siem Reap.
  • Develop results reporting of project activities and facilitate internal and external communications.
  • Identify and suggest strategic investment drivers fostering sustainable transport / mobility.
  • Organize and facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building programs on sustainable mobility and emission inventory use for the transportation sector.
  • Contribute to adequate monitoring of all project indicators in line with AFD and Government of Cambodia requirements.
  • Identify the target technology (e.g., charging points) size; review present financial schemes, analyze the gaps in finance required for investment for deployment of EVs in Cambodia.

Qualifications :


  • Advanced degree in transport, urban/transport planning, economics or related field with additional expertise in environmental management and sustainable development seen as an asset; additional specialization/certifications in the area of (low carbon) public transport and/or electric mobility are an asset.
  • Experience: Preference of 6 years of relevant professional experience related to international transport, sustainable mobility, public transport, low-carbon modalities, and e-mobility concepts. Of which 4 years of experience in developing projects or programs in a developing country and-or regional context, working with counterparts to develop or implement public policies or green investments related to sustainable transport and mobility.
  • Knowledge of the (public) transport sector and systems in Asia is required; knowledge of the transport system in Cambodia is an asset.
  • Track-record of professional assignments in the areas of public transport and electrification of transportation are a requirement. Additional experience in the power sector is an asset.
  • Track record of implemented or supervised hardware procurements in the public transport sector, incl. electric mobility infrastructure is preferred.
  • Strong understanding of common policy implementation and investment challenges and opportunities for sustainable mobility in Cambodia.
  • Proficient written and spoken English is an absolute requirement


  • Highly skilled in strategic planning, management, budgeting, monitoring and delivery.
  • Ability to manage complex situations and facilitate the establishment of networks and multi-stakeholder participatory processes.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, stakeholder engagement and consensus-building skills, ability to foster strong relationships with key government agencies, and understand their needs.
  • Highly motivated and results-oriented individual.
  • Flexible, responsive, energetic but humble, and able to manage multiple activities in multidisciplinary teams, while meeting tight deadlines.
  • Possess multi-cultural literacy and be easily adaptable.
  • Committed to continuous learning and proactive and mature attitude towards self-development.