Sustainable Value Chains and Investments Theme Leader

Center for International Forestry Research

Nairobi, Kenya

Experience: Above 10 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

CIFOR-ICRAF envisions a more equitable world where trees, forests and agroforestry enhance the environment and human well-being across diverse landscapes. As a non-profit science institution, we tackle today’s most pressing challenges, including biodiversity, climate, and food crises. With 40 years of experience in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we apply multidisciplinary approaches to improve lives and protect ecosystems.
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Leadership in R&D on sustainable value chains and investments:
  • Formulate ground-breaking research for development on sustainable value chains and investments, influencing policy and driving development impact.
  • Define and achieve medium-term KPIs and annual goals, contributing to institutional targets and adjusting strategies for impact at scale.
  • Cultivate transformative partnerships with research, donors, policy, and development organizations, driving collaborative efforts for thematic and institutional goals.
  • Identify and prioritize areas for the theme, potentially modifying current focus areas.
  • Ensure career and capacity development opportunities for staff, including mentoring scientists and PhD students.
  • Develop and lead fundraising strategy:
  • Lead the strategic development of project proposals and donor relationships, creating a robust project portfolio.
  • Oversee project sequencing, content, and implementation for sustainable funding, staff development, and policy contribution.
Oversight of analytical and methodological approaches:
  • Provide scientific and strategic guidance, ensuring research aligns with evidence-based development approaches.
  • Support progress along impact pathways, making research relevant to policy, private sector, and practitioner communities.
Generation of robust evidence and scientific outputs:
  • Lead the publication of high-impact scientific articles, ensuring accessibility and quality.
  • Safeguard evidence integrity and align scientific outputs with staffing and funding levels.
  • Convey scientific evidence to stakeholders through user-friendly products and engagement activities.
Deliver impact at scale:
  • Develop and implement scaling strategies, identifying critical points in impact pathways for socio-economic development.
  • Oversee business and investment case development in collaboration with CIFOR-ICRAF's Resilient Landscapes.
  • Foster integration of evidence-based scaling research and document achieved impact.
  • Work closely with relevant units to deliver, monitor, and document research outcomes and impacts at scale.
Education, knowledge and experience:
  • Subject matter authority for tropical commodities value chains.
  • Ph.D. and/or MBA in a relevant disciplinary field.
  • At least 15 years of proven experience if lacking degrees in the relevant field.
  • Expertise in forest products, tree crops, or agri-food value chains.