Technical Adviser, RCM Border Management Working Groups

International Organization for Migration, San José, Costa Rica

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Closing Date for Applications: 
2nd January, 2021

Job Description

General Information

The Regional Conference on Migration (RCM) is a non-binding Regional Consulting Process (RCP) on migration created in 1996 at the Tuxtla Summit, in order to address, from a technical-political level, the different dimensions of migration in the region in a practical and comprehensive manner.

The Regional Consulting Processes on Migration are important mechanisms that encourage inter-governmental cooperation and collaboration on migration-related issues by bringing together Member Countries to participate in an informal dialogue of a non-binding nature at a regional level. The RCM is one of seventeen RCPs that exist in the world.

The RCM is comprised of eleven countries, including all the countries of North America and Central America, as well as the Dominican Republic.

General Objective

To support the Government of Costa Rica, as Presidency Pro-Témpore for the year 2020, in the coordination, functioning, following up and monitoring of the Working Groups of the RCM.

Specific Objectives

  • Prepare documents and matrixes (in Spanish and English) on the follow-up of the activities, goals and result indicators of the Working Groups of the RCM.
  • Monitor progress of workgroup activities, develop outcome indicators
  • Convene the call to meetings of the Working Group, face-to-face or virtual meetings.
  • To organize the meetings of the Working Group, whether face-to-face or virtual meetings.
  • To prepare the reports of the meetings of the Working Group.
  • Advise the PPT on the progress of the Working Group and propose improvement actions to meet the objectives, in accordance with the RCM Strategic Plan.
  • Fulfill any other function for the good performance of the Working Groups.
  • all the information belongs to the eleven RCM Member Countries.

Working Principles

  • Use of Results. The work products will be delivered to the PPT and RCM Executive Secretariat and shall be disseminated during the RGCM Meetings.
  • Verification of Results. For purposes of arriving at the products, reports shall be prepared based on the proposed work plan and accompanied by the respective means of verification. If necessary, the Contracting Entity may request reports outside of the proposed plan.
  • Coordination. All work prepared by the Consultant shall be developed in close coordination with the Executive Secretariat.

Reports and Deliverables

  • Under the supervision of the Executive Secretariat, the consultant will deliver a monthly report to the PPT, reflecting the result of the working groups (please refer to part 9). He/she will be delivering a total of 6 reports, one per month.

Compliance Indicators

  • Satisfactory conclusion of the tasks described herein.
  • Quality of the analysis carried out.
  • Delivery of products on time and in proper format.


Education and experience

  • Licence or Master´s degree in Political or Social Sciences, Law, Migration Studies, International Relations, Industrial engineer, Planning or a related field from an accredited academic institution with two years of relevant professional experience; or
  • University degree in the above fields with two years of relevant professional experience.
  • English as a second language required.


  • Experience in project management in the field of migration ore related areas;
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of migration projects or related areas;
  • Experience in liaising with Government authorities, other national/international institutions;
  • Operational and field experience in migration management in the country or in the region is of particular interest as it is an understanding of the complex social-political environment of the region;
  • Knowledge of migration management principles, concepts and techniques.


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