Technical Officer

World Health Organization , Copenhagen, Denmark

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
14th October, 2021

Job Description


The Division of Country Health Policies and Systems (CPS) assists countries in the Region with the design and implementation of appropriate health policies and systems to strengthen universal health coverage. It works to strengthen data-driven, evidence-informed, contextually tailored health policy development and implementation at national, regional and local levels, taking an inclusive approach across the life course. The Division advocates strengthening of public health leadership, focusing on implementing policies that are people centred, promote health, prevent illness, and address the social and economic determinants of health, while fostering leadership on equity, human rights and gender mainstreaming in health. It focuses on building capacity for health systems innovation to enable the sustainable delivery of high-quality primary health and community services that are effectively linked to hospitals, and mental health, public health and social care services. To do so, CPS supports country efforts to facilitate access so as to leave nobody behind, to improve financial protection, to strengthen the health workforce, to increase access toaffordable medicines and technologies, and to promote the uptake and implementation of digital technology. The digital health flagship initiative provides technical and policy guidance and expertise on the safety and efficacy of digital health solutions; and preserving health equity, gender equality, equity and human rights as core values in their deployment. As set out in the EPW, through its work at Regional level the flagship will finalise the European Roadmap for Digitalization of Health Systems, develop a European health data governance framework through a European Health Data Governance Charter and review the use, gaps and efficacy of digital health solutions deployed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Through its work it will support countries to leverage the use of digital technologies for improving the interface between people and health services; for improving health system performance; and for strengthening critical public health functions including disease surveillance, early warning and risk assessment.


The purpose of this position is to provide senior technical leadership and oversight for the Digital Health Flagship on the application of digital technologies supporting the transformation of health systems andservices in the European Region. The incumbent is to lead the implementation of activities to deliver the strategic objectives of the Digital Health Flagship by supporting the development of regional policies in the area of digital health and providing direct support to countries in the development and implementation of their digital health strategies to improve universal health coverage, protect people in health emergencies and promote health and well-being.

Key duties:

  • Provides the Regional Adviser, Digital Health Flagship (DHF) with expert and specialized advice and technical leadership on attainment of flagship objectives and execution options, developing concrete proposals and implementation plans for concrete actions.
  • Develops and integrates contributions from across the organization for implementing approaches for strengthening health systems and public health in Member States through the implementation of appropriate digital technologies.
  • Coordinates the design, development and delivery of activities for implementing digital transformation of health services at country level with a strong focus on implementation of digital health for health systems strengthening and universal health coverage.
  • Provides technical leadership and contribution to the development and delivery of key programmatic activities and events, relevant frameworks and technical guidance.
  • Partners with national research institutes, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations and Non-State Actors, where relevant, to advance the implementation of the digital health flagship through united action with various partners and identifies and draws experts from related fields and institutions into an active network of cooperation for delivery of the strategic objectives of the Digital Health Flagship.
  • Provides consultation, technical assistance, training and support to Ministries ofHealth in the formulation of national policies and programmes intended to innovate and strengthen health systems through digitalization as well as to empower people to protect their ownhealth and prevent disease. Advocating that a human rights and gender equality perspective is incorporated inpolicies, workshops, activities by the actors normally involved in policy-making.
  • Promotes awareness among Member States and identifies opportunities for collaboration that lead to greater focus on innovation of health systems through digitalization and helps secure funding and other resource streams.
  • Contributes to the formulation of regional technical and operational guidance across all aspects of digital health.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Regional Adviser, Digital Health Flagship.



  • Essential: University degree(Master's level) in science, health or businessadministration (or equivalent).
  • Desirable: Additional university degree in any of the above fields or training in public health, health technology, digital health, health informatics.



  • At least 7 years ofrelevant professional experience including having deployed and delivereddigital technologies in health services at country level.
  • Experience in assessing, developing conceptual frameworks and policy proposals for the digitalization of public systems, healthcare delivery and public health.
  • Experience in advising on technical implementation in national health systems.


  • Experience directing the work of independent consultants and networks of external collaborators.
  • Experience in communicating evidence and policy recommendations to audiences of high-level policy makers and stakeholders and direct experiencein leading participatory processes.
  • Experience with the stewardship of oversight bodies such as steering committees and boards. Experience working with consensus-based decision-making in teams.
  • Experience in defining and budgeting projects.
  • Experience in coaching independent consultants and/orjunior staff members to carry out these projects.
  • Experience working in the European Region is a strong asset.
  • Experience with WHO and/or UN system planning and reporting processes, procurement procedures and management systems is an asset.
  • Experience working in countries of the former Soviet Union is an asset.
  • Relevant experience within WHO, the United Nations or other international organizations, as well as experience of working with or in other multi- and bilateral development agencies active in the health sector.


  • Proven skills in the design and implementation ofdigital health architectures and digital service design.
  • Proven skills in strengthening and innovation ofpublic health functions through digital means.
  • Proven skills in public health innovation. evaluation,performance measurement and assessment.
  • Proven skills in health systems innovation and strengthening, health service delivery, digitalization of healthsystems and policy developmentat country level.
  • Proven ability to provide sound policy and technical advice to institutions and governments.
  • Knowledge of political, social and health systems of countries of the European Region.
  • Knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) applied to health systems (e.g. Health Technologies, Digital Health, eHealth, health Informatics, software and digital devices used in health environments and for enabling and empowering individuals) is required.
  • Knowledge of Project management frameworks and methodologies, process reengineering, and innovation practices is required.
  • Knowledge of standard text, spreadsheet and presentation software applications required.
  • Ability to work comfortably in an international, multi-disciplinary, fast-paced environment.
  • Abilityto identify and manage one's own emotions, as well as helping others do thesame.

Use of Language Skills

  • Essential: Expert knowledge of English.
  • Desirable: Intermediate knowledge of  eitherFrench, Russian or German.


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