Technical Officer

International Labour Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: IT and ICT

The position is part of a global team on wages and incomes and will support the production of the next edition of the Global Wage Report as well as contribute to ILO evidence-based technical assistance on minimum wages. This will include analysis of wages data, updating of wage statistics, and background analysis of global and regional wage trends, as well as implementation of ILO methodologies such as the ILO methodology to estimate the needs of workers and their families.
The position will work under the supervision of the Senior Economist who leads the Wages Group of INWORK, under the overall responsibility of the Chief of INWORK.


  • Support the technical work of INWORK’s Wages Group in the production of the next ILO Global Wage Report. 
  • Collect wage data from official national sources. The data includes minimum wage rates, average wages, and other wage indicators as relevant to the next ILO Global Wage Report. 
  • Use the above data to investigate key trends in minimum wages and average wages, and conduct quantitative analysis, using econometric methods, to provide components of analysis for the next ILO Global Wage Report.
  • Use data sources, including labour force surveys and household income and expenditure surveys, to undertake analysis of wages and household incomes.  
  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Required qualifications;

  • First level university degree in economics, with applied econometrics or other relevant field with quantitative methods. 


  • At least three years' experience in conducting quantitative analysis, in particular through the use of econometric methods, on wage-related issues. Demonstrated experience in working with micro-economic data sets, including labour force surveys and household income and expenditure surveys, and in drafting papers. Experience in using econometric and statistical software for applied work (preferably STATA, or similar). Prior experience with the ILO or another international organization would be an advantage.


  • Excellent command of one working language (English, French, Spanish) of the Organization and working knowledge of at least one other working language. English should be one of those languages.