Technical Officer

World Health Organization

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The incumbent is responsible for the overall operational management and coordination of the Regional Artemisinin Resistance Initiative (RAI) Regional Steering Committee (RSC) and supports the RSC in fulfilling its mandate through strategic engagement with RSC constituents and other stakeholders. The incumbent provides day-to-day guidance for staff of the RSC Secretariat.


Under the supervision of the Coordinator - Mekong Malaria Elimination (MME), in collaboration with the RSC and guidance of the WHO Representative, Cambodia, the incumbent will perform the following duties:

Organization and functioning of the RSC meetings:

  • Prepare, develop and disseminate the draft meeting agenda in consultation with RSC and other partners;
  • Oversee all administrative and logistical arrangements;
  • Disseminate meeting minutes and key decision points to RSC members, national CCMs and other stakeholders in a timely manner. 
  • Good governance of RSC. 
  • Ensure all proceedings follow applicable guidelines and uphold standards of good governance practice;
  • Facilitate and support activities of the RSC Chair and Executive Committee;
  • Oversee and manage operational budget, CCM funding agreement, as well as the independent monitoring panel (IMP) activities, in compliance with applicable financial policies of Global Fund and WHO; Oversee the performance of RSC Secretariat staff to ensure efficient and timely delivery of secretariat support. 
  • Oversight activities and RSC subcommittees. 
  • Facilitate the recruitment of technical assistance/experts as necessary to support the RSC oversight role (including RSC independent monitoring panel);
  • Coordinate all oversight activities based on an annual workplan and budget;
  • Oversee consolidation/dissemination of oversight/IMP reports and other programmatic/financial data;
  • Liaise as necessary with principal recipients, subrecipients, national CCMs, WHO and other partners to obtain support for oversight activities;
  • Oversee the coordination of other RSC oversight activities (e.g. Executive Committee meetings, oversight visits, ad hoc reviews, etc.);
  • Support/facilitate the constitution of working groups; record, monitor and support implementation of RSC decisions and recommendations. 
  • Funding Request development & funding allocation. 
  • Oversee and coordinate, in close collaboration with national CCMs and other stakeholders, the development of funding requests for the Global Fund; oversee and coordinate the process for RSC selection of subrecipients (calls for proposals, etc.); coordinate inputs/endorsements from CCMs and other stakeholders on RSC decisions.

Communication, constituency engagement and strategic partnerships:

  • Relationship with CCMs and other constituents
  • Ensure regular and timely information exchange with the national CCMs of the five RAI countries;
  • Ensure and support representation of national CCMs at RSC meetings;
  • Oversee and facilitate nomination and/or election processes for RSC constituents; engage with CCMs and other stakeholders at the regional- and country-level to ensure a broadly shared understanding of the RSC.
  • Strategic partnerships and harmonization. 
  • Facilitate RSC engagement through direct representation, partnership-building, and coordination;
  • Support information-sharing and dissemination of relevant technical guidance/strategic documents in close collaboration with WHO regional offices, MME programme and country offices;
  • Support regional- and country-level harmonization and alignment efforts through engagement with other donors e.g. Asian Development Bank, Gates Foundation, President's Malaria Initiative/United States Agency for International Development, etc.; identify opportunities for alignment of RAI/RSC activities with other partners (WHO, Asia Pacific Loan Market Association [APLMA], etc.) and facilitate joint planning/organization of meetings.
  • Communications and media.
  • Oversee the RSC Secretariat communication processes within and outside the RSC network;
  • Identify and respond to opportunities for communication around RAI and RSC; support the RSC to align with and contribute to other partner advocacy and communication efforts surrounding the regional malaria elimination agenda (e.g. WHO, APLMA).

Required Qualifications:


  • Master's level university degree in health-related fields, management, social/political sciences or international relations or studies from a recognized university.     



  • Minimum 7 years relevant experience in programme management, development and planning, including some international exposure.


  • Knowledge of process management, stakeholder management, networking and organization of administrative and management principles and practices.
  • Knowledge on epidemiology and data analysis.
  • Knowledge in contracting, grants administration, management systems, operational procedures and financial management.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Global Fund process.
  • Ability to contribute to the development of norms and standards.
  • Capacity to plan and conduct operational activities with technical elements.
  • Ability to establish harmonious working relationships as part of the team, adapt to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and maintain a high standard of personal conduct.

Language Skills:


  • Expert knowledge of written and spoken English.