Technical Officer, Data Applications

FHI 360, Bangkok, Thailand

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
30th January, 2020

Job Description


The “Technical Officer, Data Applications” provides high-quality administration, analysis, management, and facilitation of digital tools for the collection and processing of LINKAGES program data.


Help to manage LINKAGES’ mobile data collection application, called “eCascade,” which is built on Dimagi’s CommCare platform and is used by LINKAGES Thailand.
Help to manage a number of related applications used by LINKAGES to report and analyze the resulting data.
Perform modifications and adjustments to the mobile data application. This includes adjusting the questions, answer options, or other app aspects, while keeping a very close eye on the possible side-effects or implications of these changes.
Carry out administration of the mobile data application. This will include such tasks as running data exports for certain date ranges and certain sets of users; creating new mobile user accounts when we bring new users to the system; preparing new phones for distribution to users; going into older data records and making corrections to data that had been incorrectly entered.
Use Excel and other applications to determine answers to specific analysis questions about our data, and calculate requested totals.
Administer other data-related applications. This could include constructing queries and visualizations with PowerBI, running QR code generation applications to produce unique recruitment coupons; working with other data visualization applications to generate charts; etc.
Attend meetings of Thai government health ministries to ensure that our systems are represented and recognized in the ministries’ discussions about data systems and methods, and that our lessons and experiences are communicated to improve the strategies and tools that they develop.
Provide ongoing assistance and support to the partner organizations that use our mobile application. This includes training staff, helping organizations to ensure correct data entry practices and understand the correct application use, and answering their questions and providing help. Create written Thai-language materials to assist with this goal. Provide occasional face-to-face training in these concepts.
Communicate with software developers, FHI staff, or other agencies/partners that are building data applications to work with LINKAGES data to give clarification on the structure or function of our systems.
Provide input and assistance on other digital/ICT tasks and initiatives as needed.


  • Experience in solving problems with a wide variety of computer applications. Substantial experience with Microsoft Excel is required. Ideally the candidate will also have experience in the use of other tools such as PowerBI, MS Access, various web-based applications, and other computer applications.
  • Ability to apply very accurate logic in filtering and tallying data reports to arrive at desired totals. Ability to be very detail-oriented in understanding the effects of a change to data fields and configurations.
  • The ability to move frequently between a number of separate ICT skills, and have an experimental attitude, to achieve goals in an innovative environment.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills. This team member will work with colleagues on various teams to explain concepts and arrive at solutions to issues. Therefore, the ability for clear communication, warm interpersonal relations, and professionalism is essential.
  • Skill in giving clear explanation of new concepts. Ability to give training presentations to groups of people.
  • Comfortable working independently, and ability to manage high volume work flow.
  • Sensitive and sympathetic to cultural differences, and understanding of the political and ethical issues in the areas of HIV/AIDS.
  • Ability to communicate in English and Thai languages.


  • Routine coordination with FHI 360 employees and consultants, on-site and in the field and resolve problem situations with tact.
  • Professionally represent, as assigned, selected LINKAGES Thailand activities and other organizations including donors, and international and local partners.
  • Interact with implementing partners, and FHI 360 colleagues working on LINKAGES Thailand.
  • Usual office working conditions; ability to travel domestically at least 5-10%.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: BS/BA or MS/MA degree, and work experience in environments addressing complex needs that involve ICT solutions and reporting of data.


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